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  1. Lee Loadall 12g, complete with all powder and shot bushings, resizer, spare wad guide, original paper work and instructions, in original box. This is the mark 1 version with the alloy base, not had much use, and still in very good order. £40 delivered.
  2. I have a Spanish Master side by side shotgun which I bought brand new from a gun shop in Norwich in the mid seventies, and the gunsmith told me that they were made by Ugartechea. It's a very plain gun with a bright steel action with no engraving at all, non ejector and half and full choked barrels. It's given good service as general purpose gun on a smallholding for pigeon and rabbit control. Have recently used it for a bit of clay shooting and sometimes after a lot of shots the right barrel does not fire due to a very light strike from the firing pin.
  3. Just been reading the posts about the Bowman reloading press and wondered if anyone had a copy of the instructions they are prepared to share. I contacted Bowmans recently and they said they would send me some but what I actually received was a sales leaflet that didn't tell me how to use the press. Am particuarly interested in how to adjust the threaded rod for the crimping die.
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