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  1. Scotland but they can be posted so not really that important I wouldn’t have thought
  2. Looking for some 20gr vmax 17cal if anyone has any around cheers
  3. And of what concern Of yours is what anyone does In there own home with rifles whether it be safe or not this is what’s wrong with shooting, we will crumble from the inside as people seem so interested in picking fault with others
  4. If you didn’t think you were a smart a** then you wouldn’t have commented in the first place
  5. Oh god the pigeon watch police are here 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s loaded with dummy rounds I use for testing, the rifle has been poor extracting Sold
  6. Selling my nikko Stirling diamond long range to fund a rifle been on my .17rem and been a great scope locking zero stop turret, side focus and illuminated mil reticle £160 in post
  7. Hawke vantage 6-24x50 AO IR Bought this at start of lockdown and mounted it to a rifle for 1 day before I stuck nv on it, it’s never been used only sat in the cupboardCracking little scopes, I actually find the vantage glass better than sidewinder £90 posted
  8. Up for swap for some hornady once fired 204 brass or sale at £15 posted
  9. full length, seater and factory crimp Only kept as a backup set so lucky to have loaded 20 rounds, no shellholder or scoop in box £20inc postage
  10. Was working mate never had time to cancel eBay listing, it’s gone now
  11. Yes there fantastic bits of kit, I wish I didn’t have to sell but no point in it sitting in the cupboard when someone could have a cracking scope
  12. Comes with the weaver/ picatinny clamps, if you have weaver bases or a rail on your rifle this will drop straight on
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