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  1. Has anyone any experience of changing to Smarty from 3. Seems to be fairly easy doing it on line and I can get double the download for a 1/3rd of the price of 3. Is there any downside of going to 3`s no frills network (Smarty) than pursuing 3 with threatening to leave? Smarty is part of 3 and accessible through the My3 accounts page. FB
  2. Sounds a bit like a fuse problem. If a moulded plug check the fuse bases are connecting firmly with the fuse cartridge. If a replacement plug check the wires are screwed firmly into the sides of the electrical pins. It could also be a broken wire in the mains cable, I have had this many times in all sorts of equipment like vacuum cleaners, irons etc More difficult to diagnose. Usually on the phase wire. Could also be worn/broken brushes if your disc cutter has them. Hope this helps FB
  3. Brilliant, thank you. Walker570 and Dave at Kelton. FB
  4. Don't want to hi jack this thread but can any one advise on what paint should be used to clean up the finish as ordinary paint would just burn off? Taa muchly FB
  5. Sadolin or, Sikkins would be my guess. FB
  6. Just home and not even got the tackle out of the car. Didn't expect much from a few hours on a falling tide. Very bright as expected with a slight on shore breeze, small surf big under tow and current flowing strongly from East to West. Air temperature on the cars thermometer was 22.5 Centigrade whilst mobile, heaven's alone knows what it was on the pebbles. Approx 100 rods either side of us and didn't see any thing caught and most rods had their terminal tackle hanging off the rod tips not even in the water. Not a sea gull in sight so it was pretty much a desert. Tried a ledger in close with various baits and also a bubble float using small white bait in case of a wandering bass just beyond the breaker line and into it. A small rib was fishing a couple of hundred yards off shore and didn't see any action there either. Conclusion, no sea gull activity = No fish. At least the particulate filter on the car had a good blow through and a nice pub lunch before coming home. FB PS didn't fish at West Bex fished at the Tropical Gardens area at Abbotsbury, . Even though loads of people there, there was still plenty of parking. Toilets and shop open. Car park ticket machine out of order so no one was paying for parking. Charges run at £1 per hour up to 7 hours, then £8 for 24 hours.
  7. Maybe you could ring "crime stoppers" anonymously, back that up by using a call box, that way no one could ever trace it back to you. FB.
  8. As I said west Bex in all probability on Sunday. Was thinking of packing a lure rod in the hope of a Bass.
  9. Thanks for that. I appreciate that we will be fishing a dropping as well.
  10. Probably West Bexington on Sunday.
  11. Flyboy1950

    airgun ID

    Here is a link if you are interested. https://angryangryguncompany.blogspot.com/2013/09/smk-b54-2-multi-pump-air-rifle.html FB
  12. Flyboy1950

    airgun ID

    Yes a bit more research and its defoe a B45. Notorious for going over 12 ft/lbs with over pumping. FB
  13. Flyboy1950

    airgun ID

    Looking at the colour of the stock and the mechanicals being rough I would suggest its a Chinese jobbie. FB
  14. Thanks for the reply, will look into WSF FB
  15. Hi everyone, can anybody give me any information on how the Chesil is fishing at present. I have a meet with my family from London for the first time since lockdown and wondered which marks were fishing well and what baits are working. Have the mackerel arrived yet? Thanks FB.
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