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  1. Flyboy1950

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Good to see the fight being taken to the purps. I don`t care if one gets hurt, my only regret will be picking up the tab from the hospital treatment they will inevitably receive.
  2. Flyboy1950

    Shotgun problem

    Have you been able to determine whether or not the gun has empty chambers? Measure inside and out side of the barrels, should be the same. Is it as far as you know an ejector or non ejector. My old gun, when the fore end is off dosen`t have to try and reset both firing pins and ejector mechanisms, so that will help. Leave fore end off. Does the release lever move and you feel a positive spring loading, because if it dosen`t slide the securing mechanism free the gun can`t open.
  3. Flyboy1950

    Shotgun problem

    The middle gun that you can`t open, can you drop the for-end off? might be holding something into a locked position or you may see some thing not quite aligned. FB
  4. Flyboy1950

    "Mainly" %$&^&*()((**&..owwww !

    Homeopathic remedy, what ever gives you a headache cures the headache. In all seriousness though I would get the noggin checked out, especially as the transport problem is sorted.
  5. Flyboy1950

    223 reload

    Absolutely fine. I often ignore the cannula/indent around the bullet circumference and reload to the COL which I want. FB
  6. Flyboy1950

    Recommend sat nav for Canada

    Would it be cheaper to buy a local Pay as you go Sim Card? or better yet, borrow a sat nav from a mate who has the facility to put the North American maps on it prior to going.
  7. Flyboy1950

    VW claim

    There is an emissions software issue with my Octavia estate which the manufacturers have written to me about. I have chosen to ignore it for the previously stated reason that the performance level allegedly is much reduced after the update and also my particular engine would need some other "Hard ware" changes. I have also read of many cars that suddenly switch into "limp mode" when driving for no apparent reason, which when on motorways brings a rapid change of underwear. Also that EGR valves suddenly start to fail very soon after the updates and they are not cheap. It seems to me that as I can get up to 77 mpg and have had utterly 100% reliability (That`s tempting fate) I shall carry on as I am. Yes I did know that there was a problem with VW cheating the system, did I know my particular car was involved at the time, no I didn`t. Would I have bought the car with that knowledge, probably as it ticked all the boxes for me. I will not be pursuing VW for compensation. Only yesterday I heared that Opel are now involved.
  8. Flyboy1950

    Recommend sat nav for Canada

    Do you really need a Sat Nav? I have a Tom Tom Go with all of the worlds countries on disc, not cheap, and never use it. If you have a mobile phone just down load Google maps on to it. When you get to Canada, switch the phone off then on again, the phone will automatically download the maps of the country you are in. Job done!. Only discovered this by accident when we went to Spain earlier this year and couldn't understand why all the maps were GB, exploratory reboot, sorted! You still get all of the routing options and peripheral stuff like ATM`s garages, supermarkets etc.
  9. Flyboy1950

    Van won't start

    Usually turns out to be the battery, try jump leads and see if that will do it. Had this several times with family cars after a few days standing. Remember to depress the clutch of the non starting vehicle at the same time as you turn the engine over, this takes some of the load off of the starting engine, especially as the weather is turning colder and the oil is pretty viscous. FB
  10. Flyboy1950

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    Very tragic incident. Brings it home that we must positively identify our quarry and ensure that there is a safe back stop before releasing the round, it`s absolutely essential, at all times but we must be even more vigilant in falling twilight and night time conditions. FB
  11. Flyboy1950

    An open letter to Hannah Blythyn

    1st rate, well done Ian. FB
  12. Flyboy1950

    Cordless drill/screwdriver

    Freebie battery arrived from Austria as promised yesterday 28th, (2 days) No postage either. As said before, fantastic customer service. It seems that Ni Cad batteries are no longer being made due to some EU environmental regulation, so all will be Li ion cells powered soon. Makes sense I suppose as there are lots of kits using 3 different tools powered by the one battery. Thank you Aldi.
  13. Flyboy1950

    Cordless drill/screwdriver

    Another massive vote for Aldi stuff!!! This morning I had a phone call out of the blue from Austria to tell me that they have a number of 18 volt batteries that they have had returned with faulty drills, nothing at all wrong with the batteries and they are sending me one free of all charges including postage, will get it in a few days. Don`t you just wish all companies customer service was this good.
  14. Flyboy1950

    Cordless drill/screwdriver

    I am going to purchase the Aldi one as my 10 year old Workzone 18 volt Ni cad Batts (I had a replacement 5 years ago) are no longer available. (I have been in touch with Austria this morning). The Batts not dead yet but it`s not holding the capacity it once did, so thought I would get ahead in the game. May take the Batt pack apart and try and see what is holding it back, not hopeful as the pack still shows 18 volts in a discharged no load state. I guess nothing lasts forever. I have such good customer service from both Aldi and Lidl with their tools and electrical products (night vision monocular, Japanese grill, and a Vax carpet washer) all sorted with no problems at all. 2 Batts and a 3 year warranty, what`s not to like?
  15. Flyboy1950

    Mt Doom ready to blow..Or not..

    Another inconvenient truth that our politicos don`t want us to realise, along with all the other naturally occurring releases of CO2 in the environment. They would far rather frighten the masses and try and rein us into their line of thinking, with electric cars, solar power and wind farms. Bah Humbug.