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  1. Lots of badger hair shaving brushes on the evil bay. FB
  2. I love it. The Hogue stock is not to everyone's taste but the more I use it the more I like it. FB
  3. I have 4 CZs, .22, 17hmr, .223 and a 243 also have a Howa 1500 in 308. Not necessarily purchased on cost, the 223 was the only one 2nd hand and is a tack driver as are they all when I do my bit. All utterly reliable. The only one I suggest you buy new would be the HMR as you cannot know if the previous owner has had a problem with the poor quality of the ammunition in the past. Only reason I got the Howa was I didn't want to confuse the bolt of the 243 and the 308 when heading out as I store bolts and rifles separately. FB
  4. Lots of good advice already given so wont go over that ground again. Make sure you get a lady solicitor, she will be very cognisant of the **** your other half will level at you as hearsay. Pal and myself had to do this and she protected our interests big time. Good luck. FB
  5. RIP to a remarkable man, much loved. My thoughts are now with the Queen who has lost her lifelong partner, friend and adviser. Thank you for your selfless service.
  6. Looks a lovely range of pcp air rifles.
  7. I purchased one about 3 years ago and found a few problems with it. I returned it and even after it was returned there was still problems. The biggest thing was that the barrel alignment with the scope cut outs were not parallel to each other which resulted in the barrel pointing downwards about 4mm over the barrel length. I took 3 more from the supplier and they were all the same. opened all the boxes in the shop and they were all down cast. He told me he was returning them all to SMK. I had hoped to recommend them to the young shooters in the club I have run for 30 years but sadly at th
  8. I am no expert but I seem to remember that about 50 years ago I was building a R/C transmitter and one of the pots wouldn`t throw a servo properly. We soldered a resister of the correct value either end of the pot track and that sorted it. I guess that you would need a 5 ohm one. Shouldnt do any damage trying this but as I said I`m no expert, try at your own risk. Hope it helps. FB
  9. Try Henry Kranks, should find every thing you need. FB.
  10. Using your credit card, purchase needs to be over £100.00 I believe. Have used this in the past ok. FB
  11. Perhaps Jamesrb90 if you posted where you are, you may get some offers of assistance? good luck, dont give up just yet ATVB FB
  12. I agree with Dougy, old laptop batteries are a good source, I rescued a dozen from 2 old laptop batteries and 10 were fine. I use them in a variety of torches. They also are also of a good quality. F.
  13. Welcome to the club, have been on the run for over a year, daren't go home just in case the plod is watching. FB
  14. I sure hope this link works as it is relevant and I have lived on the Bristol channel all my life and never knew of this. https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-gladding-at-watchet-1969-online?fbclid=IwAR26UwPwspNwyd4yjq7rZXE9Nr-8wK7TXrrZxCuR6hgulJgDu3GxeanmX3E Enjoy.
  15. I have been having the same/similar problem with logging into my Windows Live Mail account for the last 4 days to get my Yahoo mail. Fortunately I have got a duplicate account on the Webb for Yahoo Mail and so I am able to get my mail there but I cant use my Live mail folders to store new mail. The annoying thing is I know my password, as that hasn't ever changed and is stored on the computer, but it still wont accept it. Any suggestions welcome
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