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  1. Just logged on to 3 sites to check that all is ok, which it is. Try a reboot as suggested. FB
  2. My bro and I used to buy a box of .177 for 3 old pence. (A very long time ago). When the fairground people turned up at the local park we headed to the shooting stalls. The stall owners had some old Diana's that had a small piece of tube braised on the front end of the barrels to accomodate a cork, which was then fired to knock the prizes off of the shelves.The corks just weren't man enough with the clapped out rifles, but with pellet assist, did the job ok at 6 feet. The stall owners often used to remark that the boxes of liquorice allsorts had a small hole in them? Didn`t affect the taste though.
  3. Flyboy1950

    Wasp sting

    That brings back memories, my Nan used to use it in the cotton washes in the old gas boiler on a Monday morning to keep the whites white. If I remember it was in a cube about the size of a snooker cue chalk, except she kept it in a cotton bag. Boiler used to steam the Christmas puddings as well, minus the dolly blue of course. FB
  4. Flyboy1950

    Wasp sting

    The nest foam works a treat. I had a wasps nest in an old green house, that was about about the size of a rugby ball. I gave it a long blast of foam (from around 10 feet away, and it instantly began to dissolve the nest, the wasps were sticking to the foam, returning wasps were also sticking to the goo. Less than an hour later no problem. Go get em. FB
  5. Flyboy1950

    Wasp sting

    As said before can be very serious for some and even fatal. Knew a farmer that died besides his tractor some years back, he had forgot to take his eppi pen. Was gone before help reached him. Stay safe, it`s dangerous out there for the unwary. FB
  6. I have ordered one one these from the evil bay this morning. Even though the blurb says it wont work on Win 10, my pal who has one says it will with a small app down load. Also works on the more modern mobile phones. Not teaching my granny etc etc, there are two bore sizes, I have ordered the 5.5mm. 133089880066 Hope this helps. FB
  7. An uncle of mine had a particularly aggressive hive that he had to euthanize. Must have been about 1980. He was renovating an old house and was using a Kango hammer on the walls inside. The bees ganged up on him, his wife, two children and two rottweiler dogs and chased them through the house and down the road, they definitely didn't like the noise of the hammer action. They were stung to high heaven and when I saw him in work on the Monday morning his face was all the colours of the rainbow. He looked like he had gone 15 rounds with Mike Tyson and lost every round. Sad thing was they were his most productive hive. He told me he put a dish of petrol in the bottom of the hive overnight to do the job. Rotties wouldn't go near the remaining hives after that. FB
  8. This is an old article but explains the situation exactly, even strawberries .https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/features/forbidden-fruit-5353568.html FB
  9. Have you noticed that commercial cut roses are no longer scented also. I think a lot of it is due to the EU restricting varieties.
  10. The question was "can I drive with an expired MOT". We all know about the extension given, but that wasn't the question was it. FB
  11. As I understand it, you are allowed to drive your vehicle with MOT expired, to a booked MOT appointment only. Your test examiner should be able to confirm this. FB
  12. Flyboy1950


    Inherited mine, a bit of fettling with new wooden jaws and a bit of grease and oil and its good for another 100 years. Use it a lot more than my engineers vice. FB
  13. Still got a load of stuff in my garage that hasn't been used in years. Used to get as much height as possible in the Mendip hills and once had a return chat to a guy who said he was in Russia. Pretty good for a car roof areal and a 4 watt rig. When Mr Thatchers govt decided that the UK had to be FM and not the American AM and a licence had to be purchased, it effectively killed it Didn't think many were still using it these days as mobiles are now so cheap, you can talk/see world wide and be secure. FB
  14. I too have a 452 American with a SAK moderator and it can be a tack driver. I do not wish to antagonise any of the previous posters as the info given can and may be valid. I have a number of shooting pals who have various manufactured HMRs and there is no doubt that after 20 or so rounds the accuracy can drift. Most of us now carry a pull through and use it a couple of times and hey presto back to normal. The HMR is a dirty round and a quick pull through isn't going to hurt. I no longer bother doing strip down cleans with copper cleaner or patches. As a matter of fact at the end of my shooting sessions, I am doing the same thing with my CF rifles as well. I look forward to hearing what the final outcome is, good luck with your experimentation. FB
  15. Sadly weather stopped play. Flight scrubbed. New date to be set.
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