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  1. That`s the way to do it. FB
  2. You also forgot to mention the major fire at the Premier Inn at Cribbs Causeway that morning which shut down the Northern access from the M way to the residential/industrial areas etc heading South for most of the day. The Protesters have indeed scored an own goal in that people had to endure even more traffic pollution and blocked side streets as rat runs were trying to be used (and failed) than normal. I guess most of these protesters will be taking their families away on their holidays shortly, catching the planes that they expect to be there and complaining about the ticket prices and the rest of us prolls getting in the way. They haven't a clue about the causes and the remedies to try and change global warming. How much of their life styles would they be prepared to change? I bet they wouldn't give up their mobile phones which consume a vast amount of rare earth metal, most of which come from China at vast cost to the environment. I went to my gun club yesterday afternoon which is 20 miles from me on Mendip (I live near Cribbs causeway) Had I not had another appointment South of Bristol I would have gone home, as it was I didn't get to my club until 1900 and I had left at 1600. A lot of my shooting club colleagues, who are working trades people, had to write the day off being stuck in jams they couldn't get out of. How they described the protesters I can only leave to your imagination, needless to say they were not seen in a positive light. FB
  3. I use a freeware program called "Open Office" it does all the stuff that excell does just in case you haven't got excell. It was very easy to set up a spread sheet accounting page and have used it for years with all my airgun club incomes ,out goings and sundrry stuff on it. May help. FB
  4. Flyboy1950


    Interesting how different countries apply the "MOT test", I have just returned from a road trip around Ireland, both North and South of the border. In the North it appears that as part of the UK the first test is at 3 years, and this is the kicker, they only have about 12 test centres so you have to be booked in well before it`s due as you may have to do a bit of travelling to do to get it done. In the South the first test is at 4 years, but they are a bit luckier as they have around 70 centres to pick from. Never the less the island seems to be in a shocking state of arrears with a huge number of cars without MOT tests on them. Shows how lucky we are, that most of our garages can do both the servicing and testing and are within walking distances. It dosn`t take long to find a garage you can trust. I had a friend who had a car recovery business in Belgium and every time a car is taken to a garage for any work, its mileage is registered on a central data base, so clocking is difficult to hide and a full service history is independently recorded and if a car is sold, even if it has not reached the normal 1st Mot test point at 3 years , it has to be taken for testing before it can be bought/sold. I should explain that the Controle is Government run testing centres, much the same as in France. We have a lot to be thankful for if we did but know it.
  5. Flyboy1950


    I have several cheepie "Zeadio" bi pods from the evil bay less than £20 posted, they make 3 different heights and have used them on my rifles up to and including 308 with no problems. They are also swivel which is handy. Only alteration I did make was to put a cut down biro spring retained with a bit of garden wire to spread the retaining nipples to make it easier to attach and remove from the rifles. I have got Harris and Webley Bi pods but rarely use them, as has been said, why spend a small fortune on a Bi pod when a good quality cheepie will do the same job.
  6. Interesting project. I note that the trigger assembly is the same as on my BSA Meteor Mk 7. Same issue with trigger creep which I cured by using a longer set screw that I had to progressively shorten. I still have to find time to fettle it, but it looks like I will be able to dismantle the gun, unusually, from the barrel end as it has a cross pin behind the barrel cocking bolt and the barrel end of the compression tube has a plastic end stop with a inserted transfer port. I am guessing that they use the same internals and change the transfer port depending on the calibre barrel chosen. The Mk 7 is apparently the last of the Meteors but it is a full powered rifle. Keep the pics coming. FB
  7. This whole business is BS. When a previously convicted criminal gets the OK from a qualified psychiatrist the day before he goes on to stab a guy to death on a train, seems to me the Old Bill is expecting a bit to much from a General Practitioner, who in all fairness isn't qualified like a professional psychiatrist is, and as it is they can still get it badly wrong. As I have said before, all the shooting organisations should be working flat out on this. They can work together, if pushed as has been seen with the GL fiasco. This BS is just another excuse to try and make the public safer by removing firearms from what is arguably the most law abiding section of the community, by stealth. We who recognise the privilege of possessing a SGC/FAC are not deliberately going to lose them. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7241017/Man-GUILTY-murdering-father-stabbed-son-Surrey-train.html
  8. Just renewed with AutoAid, premium has gone up to £59.99 for the year. Covers me and the other half for both our cars as its for whatever car we are driving. Had to call them out twice over the years and service has been excellent. Last call was for my Pajero which had one of the 3 fan belts jump and took all 3 out!. Was on a restricted section of the motorway as we had just left Exeter services. The council recovery guys got to us just minutes before the AutoAid Guy.(Bear in mind this was also a bank holiday Monday!) The council lifted us to a safe area off the Motorway and the AutoAid guy worked on the Pajero for about 3 hours refitting new belts, luckily I always carried a selection of spares. Cost to me, Ziltch, just a good tip to the mechanic. Had to use Green Flag several times on the continent with an old camper van many years ago. They moved us from camp site to camp site so we could enjoy our holiday, must have been 7 or 8 moves. They then had to arrange to get the van home, so we used her as a container and brought back around 40 boxes of beer 400 bottles of wine and a load of spirits. Had to make use of the fact we couldn't drive it, didn't we! Would definitely recommend them, but have no current knowledge of them as a company.
  9. A solid 9 for me. I don`t get out into the field now as much as I would like but I don`t enjoy the culling as much as I used to. The GL fiasco hasn't helped either. I run an airgun club twice a month and a CF club once a month as well as attending my own club as a member twice a week. My main passion now is reloading for my 223,243 and 308 with the cheapest materials I can find and keeping all my results in a shoe box full of shot targets. I have recently been trying powder and bullet combinations that are not normally recommended and getting some surprisingly good results. These I wont publish as I wouldn't want to be responsible for someone else having a massive failure and having a new nose bar of a rifle bolt! I very much look forward to 3 days of shooting with my pal (old man) every now and again and giving the greys an introduction to the next life with the air rifles.
  10. Agreed, fix copper strips across the ridge tiles and forget.
  11. Looks right for Damson.
  12. As Rewolf has pointed out, "On applying for the grant or renewal of a firearm/shot gun/RFD application (online or paper) all applicants will be required to submit with their application a completed GP pro forma that has been agreed between Thames Valley Police and the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Local Medical Committees (LMCs). This pro forma can be found on the Thames Valley Police website or can be obtained direct from your GP" FB
  13. Seems like the onus is now on the applicant to approach their GP in order to get this new form filled out, (taking the responsibility away from Police). Interesting that the Police had already been in touch and in agreement with the Local Medical Committee, but no fee has been agreed? Guess the GP can charge what he/she likes, so no further forward. Once again I challenge the Shooting Associations to collectively take on this issue on behalf of shooters. They obviously can work jointly together as has been demonstrated by the furore over the General Licences. This is not a new problem and they should have been challenging this by now. FB
  14. The protesters got exactly what they wanted including the Broken Biscuit Companies limp wristed coverage. There have been all to many female terrorists and suicide bombers, so fair play to Mark Field for his actions, he didn`t know their intentions. The fact that she was wearing a green peace sash means nothing when those of evil intent have worn uniforms to purport to be Police or Army personnel. It begs the question though, as have been previously alluded to, just where was the security in all of this. It would have been an invitation only event with personal security checks before being allowed through the doors, similar to airport security with all the Great and Good there.
  15. Was he stabbed in the back? If he was, he now knows what it`s like. Either way good result. FB
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