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  1. Flyboy1950

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    No way should she be allowed back here. Her husband, who she has said she still loves, is responsible for his wife and unborn child. Let her claim asylum in Denmark. As she is about to have her child, there is no way she would be allowed to fly and the diplomatic service has said there is no way they would put any of their people in harms way to help her. Sorry but she has made her bed and she will give birth in it soon, in a refuge camp and have to take her chances. She would not be welcomed here by any right thinking person, but will never the less get all the help the loonie left can muster.
  2. Flyboy1950

    Growing Blackberry From Seed

    Good fun growing from the seed. I do have a ten year old cultivated blackberry in my garden which I cut to the floor each autumn, but it still manages to grow at least 10 ft either side of the main corm each year. As the flowers only grow on the new growth it`s not a problem. The advantage of a cultivated black berry is the fruits are always large and sweet, also they are thorn less so better when the grand children are about nicking the fruit! and not so painful on your own hands and arms when reaching for the fruits. If you let the suckers grow you find they revert to type and are a mass of thorns. Slightly off topic but I found a hazel nut (Cob nut bush) in the woods years ago that had the biggest nuts I have ever seen so I picked a load and potted half a dozen and they came on ok. But not exactly like the parent bush. Apple seeds are a good example of this in that you need a cutting from the parent to get the apple you want. Good luck, you may accidentally grow the Granny Smith`s equivalent in Black berries.
  3. Flyboy1950


    I like all previous but sometimes need a bit of other entertainment on You Tube Kitboga is fantastic sorting out "Scammers" that want to fix your computer, (the I`m calling from the Microsoft technical dept) he is obviously a real computer expert and using fake voices etc has even managed to disable their whole call centres. He is very witty and tries to explain just what he is about whilst the scammers are getting more and more irritated. 5*
  4. Flyboy1950


    Have just purchased a neoprene camo pair of gloves from Aldi £4.99. Rubber palms and fingers, camo neoprene over the back of the hand. Index finger and thumbs can be folded back for trigger control etc. Just been out in the pouring rain with them and sure enough they have stayed waterproof, unlike my jeans which have gone in the tumble drier. Find them under their fishing items. They also have green neoprene fingerless gloves for the same price. FB.
  5. Flyboy1950

    Any pharmacist's on here?

    20 odd years ago, a uncle of mine was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and given 6 months to live by his oncologist (the day he retired). He went to a Chinese medical centre that had just opened up in Bath. The Chinese Dr spent 2 hours with him mapping his eyes? At the end of this period he communicated through an interpreter that from what he could see in his eyes, he couldn't cure him, but he could boost his immune system so he could better cope with the chemo and radio therapy. He was given a bag of stuff including yew tree clippings and chrysanthemum leaves and petals and goodness knows what else? This was boiled and reduced down and he had to take some every day. After 6 months my uncle asked at the radiology centre, where were all the old guys I used to chat with whilst awaiting my treatment? He was told they have all passed away and we just don`t know how it is you are still here. He never told them of his alternative treatment. I guess we will never know if it was the homeopathic treatment or just good luck, but I don`t dismiss this stuff out of hand any more.
  6. Flyboy1950

    Any pharmacist's on here?

    I dont know if this will help you or not, but my Bro swears by it. He has an Asian Pharmacist who is also into Homeopathy and he suggested that he eats a cereal spoon full of pomegranate every day. You can get them from Tesco's (other supermarkets are available) already levered out of their outer shells. He says its better in the fruit form rather than being taken as a fruit drink. I am not looking for any flack from this post, just trying to help. Keep well, its the only thing that ****s "Big Pharma" off, keeping money out of their tills.
  7. Flyboy1950

    Humane dispatch

    Totally agree with Vince Green, although you have the most humane of intentions, discharge of a fire arm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway is a no no. and even if your injured animal is more than that, you could be theoretically charged with armed trespass and poaching unless you happen to have permission of the land owner of the ground where this is taking place. Best to ring the Old Bill and get them to deal with it. I understand that they keep a register of shooters that carry out this type of work for them, particularly around known deer crossing points and holding areas.
  8. Flyboy1950

    Can i buy an air rifle from a friend ?

    Also you need to make sure that`s it`s not on a Fire arms certificate, if it is you cannot purchase it with out your own FAC to put it to. Other wise it`s as said above. Hope you have many happy hours with it. FB.
  9. Flyboy1950

    DIY red

    Excellent job, well done. FB
  10. Flyboy1950

    Screw cutting a rimfire barrel

    Quite right you don`t need it reproofing as you are the owner. When you come to sell it however, you will have to have it reproofed. FB
  11. Flyboy1950

    H+n barracuda ft

    I still have a couple of tins of these Silhouettes. They were the best hunting pellet I ever used. Regularly taking head shot bunnies at 40 yds with my 12 ft/lb HW77K until some ******* stole it, along with another 9 tuned air guns in a targeted burglary. I keep them in case I revisit another HW77K and tune it up again. Maybe 2019 will be the year? I have been using the Barracuda hunter extreme (18.52 grains) in my HW99S in .22 and they are giving shot on shot at 27 yds (12 ft/lb rifle tuned by me) and I know Oldman has used them this afternoon in his Air arms 410 FAC taking feral pigeons out to 60 yds with no problems at all. Fine pellets.
  12. Flyboy1950

    Merry Christmas / Happy New Year

    Echo all the above. Stay safe. FB.
  13. Flyboy1950

    What to do with ammo?

    Could you not pass your loaded ammo to a pal who has the same calibres and room on his certificate to hold it for you? No cost that way. FB
  14. Flyboy1950

    "im mainly......"..Different...

    Looks like it`s had it`s first gralloch.😁 FB
  15. Flyboy1950

    Puds when you were a kid. What was your favourite ?

    Any of the suet steamed puds, both sweet and savoury. Bread and butter pudding, bread pudding and lardy cakes. Good old rice pudding with nutmeg and skin on top. At school, white bread jam sandwiches which were cut into 2 triangles, dipped in batter and then deep fried, served with vanilla custard. Roly poly pudding of course. yummy. Mum used to make the "Green`s" packets of lemon pie filling, and put extra lemon juice in. My dear old Granddad was a "Master Baker" (No jokes please) and on a Saturday morning, after his time at the bakery ovens was done, he would come home and make coconut pyramids both pink and white, Viennese shells and Belgian buns for tea. He used to bring in the freshly baked loaves and would butter the loaf, held under his arm and then proceed to cut off a slice so thin you could almost see through it. The dog would go ape until he had taken his boots off for her to lick the soles and heels so she could get at the flour sugar and spice mixture that would be caught in the treads. Very happy days.