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  1. I am not looking for any incoming flack for my post and wont reply. You can purchase from the evil bay/amazon, Baofeng multi channel transceivers from £20.00 delivered. They are perfectly legal to own and listen in on. You can programme them via your computer to set all the frequencies you wish including the coast guard emergency frequency etc etc. Several of my pals have them for emergency use only. One of my pals called the coast guard recently as he saw a boat in trouble, the lifeboat was launched and carried out a rescue. Incidentally he is a registered Ham operative but this does not have
  2. I have got the same issue with Yahoo. Even though they keep sending me reminders , I have tried to sort out the new loggin stuff but G.d only knows if its worked. Will find out tomorrow when they pull the plug!
  3. I have used Murom primers for years and found them to be totally reliable, cheaper than all the others as well. I generally buy around 4000 at a time from HPS Target rifles ltd. I use both large and small rifle and generally purchase for other members of my club at the same time. Not as far as Pudsey from you as they are near Ross on Wye. I have also used S and B before I found the Murom and they behaved faultlessly as well. I have never found a supplier of PPU primers but all their factory rounds I have purchased have been spot on, never had a miss fire or a hang fire. As Winds
  4. I was given a dozen factory 223 subsonic rounds with 69 grain soft point bullets about a year ago by a pal who works in a shooting shop and they were handed in by someone giving up. I dont know what the MV on them is but must be around 1100 ft/sec. The only clue on the brass cartridge case was R . P Just prior to lock down, I fired 5 rounds in the clubs indoor range at 50 yds. I didn't change my point of aim from my usual 50 grain SP ammo, shooting at 3300 ft/sec. From target centre they dropped about 4 inches and not to big a spread, I would guess around 3 inch MOA.
  5. Just need before and after pics now.
  6. As has been pointed out, why not just turn the barrel upside down allowing any gas escape to do just that. Fix a few legs on the bottom of the barrel to even up its level. Just need to drop the barrel over the gas cylinder. Easy to just extend the length of the gas pipe into the forge
  7. It`s the only way the media will publish their views. Pun intended.
  8. Which shop did you purchase the mounts from so we can also avoid? Very poor after sales service. Name and shame as per your email to them. FB
  9. Often used a long screw driver pressed to the ear to listen for tappet noises and as a heating engineer water flowing and pump rotors spinning. A decent length screw driver is a must to keep your head/hair away from spinning fans etc. You really dont need any thing sophisticated, a long dowel rod pressed against the ear will do just fine. I believe that the Dr`s stethoscope was developed from just this method as it was realised that sound amplified through a wooden carrier and further developments brought us to where we are today.
  10. I use the Google maps on my phone, it constantly updates and gives you options so you can divert if there is traffic congestion ahead and also gives the increased time and distance. I also use it when using hire cars abroad, don`t want to pay their stupid prices to discover they are programmed in Spanish, did that once. Tip here is to switch your mobile phone off, then on again and Google loads up with the country you are in and it's also in English. Just take a 12 volt car charger with you, job done. Remember when you arrive back in Blighty to switch off and on again or you find your rou
  11. I have used PPU brass in preference to any other for 10 years or more for reloading, 308,243 and 223. Very few issues, hardly any have suffered with neck splits and I am not overly fussy with annealing or cleaning the cases. I also full length size each case and crimp each cartridge. I also use murom primers and buy them 3 or 4000 at a time both small and large so that takes care of batch differences, not that I have found any perceived differences as I retain all my shot targets when testing. I also purchase vast amounts of PPU bullets and they work just fine as a bread and butter b
  12. There are a couple of used ones on the Evil Bay if your in a hurry. Get an alignment tool as well, then you will never need to worry about blowing the thing apart. Had mine over 15 years.
  13. Had mine years and only ever had to change the batteries. Use it regularly in an airgun club I run. Make sure you buy the Bore guide with it (If it is still available, it works great with 177, 22 and 25 steps machined into it so you can`t miss align it. Also has a flash light on the other end. I never bothered with the computer link). Excellent bit of kit, worth every penny especially if you like to tinker with your rifles and know you are safely below the legal limit.
  14. Just logged on to 3 sites to check that all is ok, which it is. Try a reboot as suggested. FB
  15. My bro and I used to buy a box of .177 for 3 old pence. (A very long time ago). When the fairground people turned up at the local park we headed to the shooting stalls. The stall owners had some old Diana's that had a small piece of tube braised on the front end of the barrels to accomodate a cork, which was then fired to knock the prizes off of the shelves.The corks just weren't man enough with the clapped out rifles, but with pellet assist, did the job ok at 6 feet. The stall owners often used to remark that the boxes of liquorice allsorts had a small hole in them? Didn`t affect the taste
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