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  1. I have sent him a link to contact you. FB
  2. I have for many years planted potatoes at the end of August /Sept, just smallish ones that have sprouted in the cupboard (big ones you can cut them up to leave sprouting shoots on). I usually re use a recycling bin filled with compost from the heap and just make sure they are watered in the event of a dry spell. My Father in law used to use 9" pots and we would have new potatoes on Christmas day! Good luck, FB
  3. I always get my eyes tested at Boots, no particular reason other than I trust the opticians there. After the test you should be given your eye prescription without asking, the only thing that is not supplied is the PD (Pupillary distance). This you can easily measure at home if you want to buy your specs online. I have used ASDA for buying glasses for years as they give you all the extras included in the basic price, even varifocals. There seems to be approximately a 2 weeks wait from ordering to delivery. I have never had a problem from them, my last glasses 2 months ago was £45.00 for varifocals in a metal frame and the same again with tinted glass sun glasses. Superb value £90.00 for two pairs of glasses. Spec savers give a very though eye test, they picked up a problem in my partners eye and she was in the eye hospital in hours. Can`t comment on their glasses though.
  4. I have recently had some new hearing aids (1st ones) and noticed a clonking from the back of my Octavia Supurb estate . Other half says it has been there for quite some time? Turned out that the bottom inch or so of rear coil spring had snapped off, though it was still lodged in the shoe. Repair effected and car is quiet again, even with the hearing aids switched on. FB
  5. Flyboy1950

    Lead ban

    I gather a reason that this lead ban is proposed is to stop lead entering the food chain, it has never been a problem in the past with the end consumer suffering with lead ingestion. I understand that some big shoots sell on their shot game birds to the continental consumers and the larger supermarkets who dont want lead in the birds. From my own point of view I would rather chomp down on a small lead shot than a larger soft iron ball bearing. Its hard enough finding a dentists as it is. From the moment that soft iron is in the bird its going to oxidise (Rust) rapidly with the oxygen in the blood and moisture in the carcass, and in a hung bird... well I just wouldn't fancy it on my menu. Its hard trying to think what they will do about the good old.22 rimfire, there must be many millions fired in this country every year, again in my own experience they tend to stay pretty much intact, though may have a certain amount of deformity (when shooting rabbits for the pot) This is my own experience particularly when shooting with subsonic ammo. I think I am right in saying that there is a small amount of antimony in the bullet mix to make it a harder projectile and grip the rifling better to aid accuracy. The same antimony (approx 4% mix) is added to air gun pellets to make them harder. I just dont see the point of stopping lead for airguns, they are the perfect tool for shooting around buildings and in barns doing vermin clearance work, a tried and tested tool developed and refined over a 100 years or more and Britain has led the world in precharged airgun technology, now we want to throw it all away . As has been previously stated a lighter alternative pellet isn't accurate enough and most likely will push a 12 ft/lb gun over the legal limit and in all probability wont fit a rotary magazine. When you consider the weight of lead, when shooting 50 12 gauge cartridges at the range or on pigeons compared to 50 airgun pellets it makes a complete nonsense to even include them. This whole business is about gun removal by the back door, not health and safety. Not enough common sense with the powers that be, A pox on them.
  6. I you want to turn a pink or white one to blue, just put an old brillo pad or other piece of wire wool at the base of the stem and the roots will take up the iron and turn the plant blue. FB
  7. I did think Hydrangea as they come with large round flower clusters in white, pink and blue. Mine has serrated edge leaves and the flower buds are only just coming. FB
  8. You can use just one moderator for both your rifles, you just have to get your FAC conditioned for this. I use my 243 Mod on my 223 rifle. My Firearms dept. just told me to send in my FAC and it was conditioned without charge. I would advise not to put your air rifle mod on ticket as you may wish at a later date to sell it to another airgun user, which if it has been put on your FAC you wont be able to. I assume that when you applied for your FAC originally you requested Mods with both rifles, so 4 slots on your FAC. As you have now only used 3, that frees you up for something else down the road. Hope this helps. FB
  9. I reload 223, 243 and 308. I always crimp all my rounds, reason being I believe you get a more uniform release pressure on firing, which aids accuracy. This is why manufactures do it, they use the least powder they can get away with to meet Saami specifications. They have to make sure ammo is safe in the oldest and the newest firearms for each calibre and that semi autos will recycle, they have no idea where the manufactured ammo will be used, so they cover their Ar--s. I have never split a neck using the Lee crimping die, it`s a brilliant piece of kit. This also helps when you anneal by hand and cannot always get the brass softened to the same consistency across a batch. I know a lot of reloaders who will have a go at me for this, but it`s what I do and I have never had a bullet stuck in the rifle when unloading when crossing obstacles etc. If you are using Lee stuff (Which l do) if you read the Lee reloading book they recommend crimping cartridges especially when hunting. Good luck with your reloading, you will find it highly addictive, just remember to be consistent with what you do and not only consult your tables in books, double check on line with the powder manufactures. FB
  10. Just paid £1.59.7 per litre in ASDA Bristol, That equates to £7.25 per gallon in old money!. FB
  11. Suggest you remove your private number. Looks a nice shotgun. FB
  12. I have always used extra strong mints (Pack of five in Aldi or Lidl for about a quid) as targets, great for kids as they explode nicely which is very satisfying and they dont need clearing up as they dissolve in the next rain. They can also eat them as a treat if they feel like it. I also use them to zero in the fields for the same reason. Great to get the children interested as they are potentially the next shooting generation. FB
  13. Could fit the barrels in a fishing rod bag, that's the usual way my pals do it. FB
  14. Love my mk 1 which I bought new. Fitted a Moderator and a rotary magazine. Only part I have ever had to replace was the filling valve at the end of the cylinder. Have only ever used dry air from a diving cylinder to refill, so no o rings needed as yet. Shoots a dream and will out perform loads of other pcp`s at my club. FB
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