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  1. Flyboy1950

    face masks

    Suburb offer Mel, how refreshing to see a selfless act in these days of "Looking out for No 1". PM sent with grateful thanks. Stay safe.
  2. My sister in law tried to use a credit card to purchase a replacement car at the beginning of January (because she wanted the Credit card protection) and the garage informed her that they weren`t allowed to take credit cards (by law) any more, but could take a Debit card. Interesting to know the facts on this. FB
  3. Spoilt little rich kid being led by the na**ers. He and his other half have around £M30 between them and they are not going to ever be short of a bob or two. Should be forced from the public purse and pay their own expenses, security bills and a proper rental on Frogmore cottage. Remove their titles and see how quickly their A Lister friends desert them. (Look how fast Uncle Andrews friends distanced themselves from him) So much for their green credentials if they are going to be constantly flying backwards and forwards over the pond. I bet if he had discussed this with Phill the Greek he would have had a right going over.
  4. We already have such laws. Any one committing an offence with a sub 12 ft/lb air rifle, sub 6 ft/lb air pistol or any imitation weapon, is automatically charged with fire arms offences. It is down to the individual to ensure that he/she remains within the law, what ever the circumstances. FB
  5. Flyboy1950


    Must admit that the adds were starting to get quite intrusive. Downloaded for free, Ad blocker for Chrome and like magic, have all disapeared. Also stops ads on Flee bay etc FB
  6. Flyboy1950


    Latest ALDI brochure for the special buys for 17th November shows their own brand GoPro for £49.99 if you can wait that long. FB
  7. Just returned from the war memorial in my village of Westbury on Trym. The turn out each year seems to rise with more and more youngsters, Air cadets, Scouts etc. My other half dos`nt come with me, she knows I have to be on my own. Glass raised for All the boys and girls who have kept us safe, some times at huge costs to themselves and their families. We will remember them.
  8. Thanks guys, it`s pretty much as I thought that it`s down to reactive testing. FB
  9. Thank you for your reply which I do appreciate and concur. I was hoping to keep this thread tightly on 1st hand information, not anecdotal unsubstantiated comment, more in the area of random type testing. Regards FB
  10. If the safe is to hold cartridges (assembled ammunition or factory bought ammunition ) definitely yes. If to hold the components to assemble a cartridge then no. Terminology is important to distinguish between a cartridge (assembled round) or a bullet (the projectile). FB
  11. This is an age old question that constantly comes up in conversation but has any one got 1st hand experience of having their rifle or pistol tested by the Police? I have run an airgun club for 30 years and hunted with airguns up and down the country but have never come across anyone who has had a pull for this. I am very aware of the Law and the fact that changing pellets and also a change in air temperature can have and it`s the shooters responsibility to stay sub 12 ft/lbs whatever the circumstances. Every now and again I have a purge at my range and test the guns being used as much for my own knowledge as well as keeping newbies within the law. FB
  12. I`m afraid you do have to inform everyone about the change, a real Ba** ache. Banks, insurance, Dr`s and it goes on and on. I had a similar problem a few years back when Tesco wound up their email/internet service. Luckily I had previously set up other accounts on Yahoo and Gmail. Best thing is to write down all your business stuff, (surprising how many contacts you make) and tick off each when done, (easy to forget who you have contacted when you start) you can change contact details with almost everyone on line these days but you may need your passwords to hand. Good luck. FB
  13. Not if its for a hanging basket.
  14. Agree with the previous comments, there dosn`t seem any over pressure signs on the case or primer. Does your pal full length resize or just neck size? I would seat the bullet a bit deeper, that will help reduce the pressure and give the bullet a chance to jump into the rifling. Alter the depth seating to say 5 thou off the lands, then try 10 thou. See how he gets on. Again as previously mentioned try changing the manufactured brass, they all have different internal volumes and so for the same weight of powder will show different results. I usually use ppu brass for my reloading. Interesting that with my CZ if I tried loading to the lands I could not get the 223 cartridge into the magazine, so I load to 2.20"COL which works just fine. I have also found that loading a 50 grain bullet I can use Vit 140 powder with surprisingly good results. (Not normally used as it`s considered to slow a burn rate). Careful with this reloading at home as it gets highly addictive. Good luck.
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