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  1. Got a magpie nest just 20 yds from my back door (in the city) and cant do any thing about it. Just watched the 3 branchers being fed by their parents. Last year I was able to lure them down onto my patio and got them with the air rifle but no such luck this year. Shame as we have now got about a dozen house sparrows and hedge sparrows about. Fodder for the above. FB
  2. As in my previous post it`s because the case is produced on the WMR production line. After the priming compound is spun to get it into the rims the cases require neck sizing again and normally with centre fire cartridges this isn't a problem as no primer has been installed, but the amount of heat required makes it extremely dangerous to attempt on the HMR, so they dont. The HMR case because its so small and thin is then formed "cold" and this is where the problem comes. On purchasing new HMR cartridges I check each and every cartridge in my car, in the car park. If I find less than say 6 in a box that has splits of any kind I tend to accept this, if more, I get them back in the shop. Normally they open a brand new box from a different batch and I check them till we are both satisfied. I personally think that we have to accept that this is a problem that isn't going to go away, but as the round is so good we will have to live with it, but being aware of the potential problems. FB
  3. Don`t get too hung up on split cases after firing, this can be perfectly normal and will not affect the shot unless you are unlucky and get a hang fire. I understand that it is because of the sizing of the cases, they cannot be re annealed after the priming compound is spun into the case base and are then needing to be neck sized for the HMR bullet (The process as I understand it uses the same machinery as the WMR round from which the HMR is a wild cat off shoot) until it needs neck sizing. Just check for splits in the neck and shoulder on new boxes and use them first. Splits in the neck and shoulder when taken from a warm cabinet to a cold and damp field will allow moisture to ingress into the case (changes in air pressure and humidity, cartridges may be subject to this several times journeying to and from the field having not been fired). I have had several over the years where the powder solidifies into quite thick lumps that do not fire. Recent purchases seem to be better than in the past but I still check on purchase of new boxes. This is just my take on it. FB
  4. Here in Bristol the council has spy vans (as well as the DVLA vans) that drive around finding "Offenders" which they then pass on to the DVLA clampers. Just lately they have been around the students accommodation area, always a rich source of untaxed and un MOTed cars and I have also seen a Lorry clamped that was used for laying brick driveways.
  5. Only between the ears. FB
  6. Boom and Bust, usual Labour swansong.
  7. John Christie was hanged at Pentonville Prison in 1953 for the murder of 8 people. The film 10 Rillington Place was a drama/ documentary on his crimes. It is because of a major miscarriage of justice in this case when Christie gave prosecution evidence against Timothy Evans, that he was hanged in 1950. This eventually led to the suspension of capital punishment for murder in 1965 and a posthumous pardon for Evans in 1966. As for the gun makers I hope they get what they deserve inside. Problem is as I see it the Police have no idea just how many of their guns have reached the streets?
  8. Yes you will get quite a few after firing. Check all your cartridges on purchase and see how many split necks you have. Its been better in recent years but use those first, you don`t want to keep split necks in stock for too long, the powder may well get damp, as mine did! FB
  9. The barrel should be free floating but with the Hogue stock but they do tend to rotate slightly. Plenty of videos on YouTube about how to bed the action and that usually sorts it out. I did my 308 Hogue stock a year ago very easily using a 2 part epoxy putty, cost probably less than a quid and it makes a huge difference and it hasn`t budged since. Only 2 bolts hold the action onto the stock and you have to make sure that you dont epoxy the bolts into the pillar posts. Resist the temptation to take apart after 24 hours just to see how it is getting along, leave as long as possible. It was very suprising to me just how little bedding compound was needed. I have deliberately not gone into the method here as it is pretty straight forward. Look for the Redneck method of rifle bedding. It can be as easy or complicated as you wish. I just wanted to make sure the action didn`t move and it`s as solid as it could be There are also videos on trying to stiffen stocks but I haent found the need to do this as it may make the overall weight of the rifle to much for a sporter.
  10. Lovely picture, illustrates why they are called "White Ghosts" around here.
  11. +1 for the Lorus sports. Superb time keeper, on the pips every day. Only time I have to alter it is if there isn't 31 days in the month or the Autumn and Spring time changes. Battery seems to last about 5 years. Mine cost me about £22.00. Whats not to like? FB
  12. Pity all the above organisations couldn't all pull together to resolve the medical letters debacle that is still ongoing, concerning Firearm licenses that underpin the General Licence. No firearms, no control. Just saying. FB
  13. Flyboy1950

    243 needed

    One of the rifles I use is a CZ550 in 243. Super bit of kit. Well worth a look, I love the set triggers which come on the CZ range, not to every ones taste I know, but you can use the trigger in its normal mode. FB
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