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  1. So I've RFD both ways...my local shop charged me £25 to pick it up and £40 to send..... When I picked up the £25 was for paper work and handling charges, they unpacked the shotgun in front of me and gave it a once over etc and then did the paper work (writing on my license and doing the email to the local firearms office etc. When sending they did the same which included inspecting the gun and packing it and included the shipping charges etc. But for my shop I transferred the guns to or from them they then sent to the RFD who did like wise so I did not need to send my license etc.
  2. Nice video and great shooting.......
  3. Welcome to PW from just a bit further along the south coast....
  4. That's totally out of order by that company moving is stressful enough.... I'd tell them to stick it and try and find another company or man and a van or hire a 7.5 tonner and do it myself with friends/family help. Either way I'd leave a very bad review on google etc explaining exactly what they've done !! What a disgrace !!!
  5. Yes totally agree with the above !! He says Labour can be the caretaker government while people can decide their future !!! It's already been decided !! He is such a ****!!
  6. Nice looking stick......is this still for sale ? Many thanks Dave
  7. that looks really good... 👍
  8. a lovely gun and an amazing job and finish 👍.....
  9. Acorn Chiropody & Podiatry in Peacehaven east of Brighton !!
  10. Blimey.....that's amazing.....it went to new owners in China !!
  11. sounds good....a very nice twist on a classic !! 👍
  12. A very good afternoon there...well done 👍
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