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  1. Yes safety is down to the person BUT !! For example personally speaking If I was getting over a fence and was being passed anothers gun....if it was a O/U or SXS it would be accepted if broken with the cartridges out.....If someone handed me a Semi Auto there's no way I could easily see the gun was safe as it was being handed to me....Hence more of a safety concern !!
  2. Don't want to open a can of worms but if you're clay bashing then why a Semi and not an O/U apart from a synthetic stock? In my local clay ground hardly anyone shoots a semi now and if they do you're only allowed to put 2 cartridges in for safety !! Considering safety especially for a new shooter a 'broken' shotgun is viewed safer than an auto especially for a third party who would not know if the gun is safe etc. although breach flag can help. Personally I'd go O/U for the type of shooting you're doing and the fact that you are a new gun !!
  3. Personally I use flocked ones....as stated above they don't shine etc so a bit more realistic. At the end of the day it's about feeling confident in your pattern etc
  4. If it's steel how about getting some gun blue and bluing it, could do some of the other metal work as well ?
  5. Oh ok no problem at all.....and sounds like you're covered . I did buy a pellet pouch from Mel b a few years ago and which was great quality
  6. Hi Oldypigeonpopper, You can get the bags from here.... https://www.djdecoys.com/product-category/decoying/ A bit pricey but does the job all the best
  7. yes he's a lyrical genius....saw him at Twickenham on his UK tour and he smashed it....
  8. Me personally I'd go for the 69 plate as well....£6K saving and when you come to sell it in 3-4 years with that mileage I think there will be no difference on the price due to the year/plate but the condition of the truck. That was based on my purchase two years ago of a 64 plate L200....i was not worried if it was a 14/64 plate more about the service history and condition of the truck All the best Dave
  9. would you consider posting it ?
  10. windy on the south coast with some blustery gusts.....put the bins out as it's bin day tomorrow but they are still standing
  11. Yes so the original post called detailed a SBS and the general guidelines for traditional light weight game guns are that CIP recommends a choke no greater than half while the British Proof Authorities recommend no more than quarter choke. I lifted this off of steelshot.com http://www.steel-shot.com/faq-f5-3 "You can safely use 2 ¾’’ 32gram steel loads using shot size 5 & 4. If you choose to use a larger size then a higher performance steel shot proofed gun must be used. 1/2 choke can be used with smaller shot sizes, it is recommended to use ¼ choke or no choke at all for larger sizes. The tighter patterns given with steel due to its hardness means choke is not as necessary as with lead".
  12. Yes minimum size for Steel being Half/Modified choke, so as above I would think they've opened up the full choke to Half.....Can always get your local gunsmith to check just to be sure.
  13. Oh that's good....those little details make all the difference 👍
  14. Yes I know what you mean as I was after a set and did a bit or investigation a while ago and came across this site. https://www.customfitguards.co.uk/shooting-products I've not bought any from them so can't comment on quality etc but they did not seem bad value....Not sure if anyone else has used them ?
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