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  1. that looks really good... 👍
  2. a lovely gun and an amazing job and finish 👍.....
  3. Acorn Chiropody & Podiatry in Peacehaven east of Brighton !!
  4. Blimey.....that's amazing.....it went to new owners in China !!
  5. sounds good....a very nice twist on a classic !! 👍
  6. A very good afternoon there...well done 👍
  7. A good read.....sounds like you've got a good head of pigeons in that area....hopefully still around the next time you're there !
  8. another great report and very good 3 hours shooting for 122 birds in that wind.....
  9. welcome to PW.....hope you get the range passed !!
  10. prem1234

    Knife crime.

    Yes the Knife crime seems to be getting out of hand but you don't see Tesco's etc removing kitchen knives off the shelves etc. Unfortunately it sounds like those peoples have narrow minds rather than having the capacity to really understand the issues and it's not your craft that's contributing to the death toll... What I say to myself is do i respect their opinion or hold them in high regard ? If no let them get on with it and think what they like as I'm not interested in their bigoted views.
  11. Yes sounds good Edd.....certainly it will get plenty of attention where ever you go in it 👍
  12. So normal things like full main dealer service history is very desirable.....check the history as it should be serviced every year but often people do it at two year intervals due to the low mileage they've done. So things to look out for are shocks wear out prematurely due to the 'mag ride' so check for leaks/misting on shocks (you can send them to Poland for reconditioning)....before 2012 they can develop a crack in the chassis, after 2012 they put strengthening plates in, also if the air conditioning compressor fails it's can be an engine out job due to it's location and depending on V8 or V10 is a 10-40 hour job so check the air conditioning is working. If you google any of the above key words you will get more details. Also if your interested in it get it booked into Audi for a FREE....Yes FREE health check they give it a once over to see if it needs any work doing. Go to audi.co.uk and do a search on health checks..... Surprisingly for a 'super car' they are on the cheaper side to maintain as they share some components with other Audi's....don't get me wrong compared to running a Ford Focus it's expensive bu not a Ferrari or Lambo !! Good luck!
  13. prem1234


    +1 those black widows get another recommendation from me
  14. good job....wind must of been tricky today !!
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