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  1. So as pointed out above the key thing is gun fit, a 20 bore is an ideal walk up gun and silver pigeon are great guns (I and a lot of my friends shoot them).....Generally as a 'new' shooter you'll be shooting at the target and not giving the bird the correct lead. Go shoot some sporting clays ideally with an instructor over your shoulder and I'm sure it will make a positive difference to your hit ratio.
  2. Hi Chris_S second dibs please if not sold to the above as I should be passing Guildford this week. Cheers Dave
  3. hmmm although now found this....which says only the "occupier" can loan the gun to the non-cert shooter https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/answers/legal-answers/borrowing-and-lending-guns-50443
  4. I thought you can lend it.....found this on shootinguk. Your friend can take advantage of the exemption from the need to have a certificate at Section 11(A) 
of the Firearms Act 1968. All of the following criteria must be satisfied: The borrower of a shotgun may 
be of any age. The lender must be aged 18 or 
older and have a certificate in respect of the shotgun. The borrower must be in the presence of the lender; that 
is in sight and/or earshot. Use of a shotgun must comply with any conditions on the certificate held in respect of that shotgun. The purpose of the loan is only for hunting animals, shooting game or vermin or shooting artificial targets. The lender must be a person who has the right to allow others to enter the premises for the purpose of hunting animals or shooting game or vermin, or a person authorised 
by them in writing.
  5. Hi Barry, I'm not sure what you're looking for but I'm a lefty but have recently bought a Right handed Silver Pigeon that I shoot really well....It's not got a big cast and i can get on the rib well. Have you considered giving right handed stocks a go in case you can't find a left handed gun ?
  6. I've got a slab of Fiocchi 3 inch Magnums 19g number 6s that are no longer needed as I've sold my .410 These are great cartridges £60 (just cartridges have them for £84 plus delivery). Would swap for a slab of 12g fibre wad 28g-32g clear pigeon, Imperial game or similar. I live in Brighton and would need to see your Shotgun Certificate Many thanks Dave
  7. Never seen that many magpies but even down on the south coast I'm seeing more jackdaws than ever !!
  8. prem1234

    Lamps x 4

    Could I have the other tracer 140 please ? All the best Dave
  9. Can I have a black and green pair and a black and orange pair please ?
  10. Have a look at this site....they are reasonably priced and well made. I've bought off of them for a few years especially for my growing son as i pretty much have to buy a new shooting outfit every year https://walkerandhawkes.co.uk/
  11. prem1234

    Long shot

    Yes it's a real shame.....The police spoke to my mate who has a Landie and said be extra vigilant as they are being stolen and broken down for parts....I hope he get it back in one piece.
  12. So I've RFD both ways...my local shop charged me £25 to pick it up and £40 to send..... When I picked up the £25 was for paper work and handling charges, they unpacked the shotgun in front of me and gave it a once over etc and then did the paper work (writing on my license and doing the email to the local firearms office etc. When sending they did the same which included inspecting the gun and packing it and included the shipping charges etc. But for my shop I transferred the guns to or from them they then sent to the RFD who did like wise so I did not need to send my license etc.
  13. Nice video and great shooting.......
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