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  1. prem1234

    New member

    Welcome to the forum 👍
  2. Oh ok excellent so an english 7.......those Romangnola are not the kindest on the shoulder i've shot
  3. prem1234

    Beretta fixed choke

    Personally speaking I don't chop and change the chokes and generally stick with a 1/4 and 1/2 which suits me on the majority of the shooting that I do which is game, sporting clays and rough. There is the odd occasion I might swap the chokes if I'm expecting some higher/longer birds or rabbits at distance etc so it's nice to have the option. One of my guns is a 687 silver pigeon III Sporter with multi choke, although I was tempted with a 687 Game with fixed chokes I went for the Sporter due to flexibility
  4. prem1234

    sillosock flapper

    can't give you a review but we still get a discount with A1 decoys.....the code is pwmember5
  5. prem1234


    lol hearing you loud and clear ....I wonder how much per minute the number to ring them was.....or if you did get through they'd be needing your passwords
  6. So I bought some Romangnola 70mm 28G Fibre 6s and they are 2.7mm diameter so between an english 5 and 6 I believe as an english 5 is 2.8mm and english 6 is 2.6mm. On my cartridges it states the shot diameter have you got anything written on yours ?
  7. prem1234

    New on the forum

    Welcome to PW.....there's a wildfowling club in the south east that also has pigeon shooting etc. Do a search for Kent wildfowlers
  8. prem1234

    Mini driven days

    I agree with Walk570 and think that's very realistic......A DIY syndicate could work if you've got the land and a few more people interested to help run it so you could do a walk one stand one type scenario. Good luck and I hope it works out for you.
  9. prem1234

    At the Farmers Request

    Good Job PC and another great right up 👍
  10. prem1234

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    275m !! well done that man 👍
  11. prem1234

    Brady gunslips

    Is that the posted price ?
  12. prem1234

    Beaters/rough day

    A great write up......and 20 shots for 15 birds was a very good kill rate !!
  13. prem1234

    Lightweight 12 bore under and over

    Yes exactly... my lad loves it and I've been pleasantly surprised with it. 👍
  14. prem1234

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Yes I wonder if they've thought about the amount of lead shot that is reclaimed from clay grounds !!
  15. prem1234

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Trust bloody Caroline Lucas to be behind the motion....