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  1. Yes Southdown is open I went over there last week....I go down the 'Lane' for the sporting traps to get/keep my eye in for the game and pigeon shooting
  2. Hi Chilly1981, This selling is not on PW.....you're better of clicking on the gunwatch link and messaging the guy.
  3. Do you know if he's the home owner or a renter ? Also have you checked to see if all those cars are taxed if not report them and they'll get clamped and towed. https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-tax you can also tell if they are MOT'd....if he's seen or photographed driving them again he's in a bit of trouble https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/?_ga=2.43207596.808318670.1584720694-386310251.1581017902 Just puts a bit of pressure on him...
  4. great idea !! looking forward to the finished article
  5. So a cross between 3 and 4 depending on what shooting I’m doing. My preference is lead/fibre as I mainly shoot game and pigeon (unless land/game owner specify anything else). When shooting Duck obviously steel/plastic but I will look to go to steel and biodegradable wad.
  6. I nice write up.....and good on for getting out in this weather.
  7. Interesting reading that !! thanks for sharing
  8. hmmmm interesting to see how this ends up....
  9. custom fit guards passive at £99 https://www.customfitguards.co.uk/shooting-products You can go to them and they'll take a mold of your ear or you can go to a local place and they'll refund the cost of the mold up to a max of £30.
  10. A great write up OB....lots of detail it felt like I was with you in the hide. Thank you for sharing
  11. I use Hull Imperial Game through my SxS, my 16 year old son used them through his light O/U game gun as well....As with all game cartridges they are not the cheapest but they are kind on the shoulder....We also shoot CompX on the clays and are good value and not punchy either.
  12. sounds good JD....I'm a no.6 man as well for the Pigeons, although I do have a load of Comp X 7.5 so might give them a go next time 👍
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