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  1. We made these for one of our customers a few years back and he cladded the rear half with shiplap timber looked great when finished. Just look a lot nicer than weld mesh ones.
  2. Seems to be a common thing with Clive at the moment,not replying my mate got a delivery from him a couple of weeks ago, and I also see he’s has replied to someone on nightvision forum on the 19/9/20. Not that this may help you but I think he’s still trading just not available to us guys.
  3. Hi.  Hope this is of interest  

    There is a nite site wolf for sale on the airgun forum uk. £180  

    Link https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php?threads/nitesite-wolf.293012/

    you will have to be a member to view I think. 

    Cheers Nigel. 

    1. mmbeatle


      i have the new rtec model brand new £275 delivered 

  4. Hi can I ask. What sort of shot count at 30 ft/lbs. how old is it, and why you selling thanks Nigel
  5. Thanks lads for all the interest and comments. They are a great tool for the right sort of job. The gun is now SOLD and has now got a new home thanks Nigel
  7. Reduced price. Now £160.00 Baikal Hushpower 410.
  8. You would think I should know. Only had it 18 mths. That's what you get with rushing. Yes it is a Baikal. Thanks lads.
  9. Hi Ken. Any idea on the age of the gun and why are you selling it. Cheers.
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