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  1. Kids singing 😫
  2. Spyderco UKPK great knife and non-locking. Almost the same as the Byrd tern above but with a round thumb hole, so feels nicer to use.
  3. Aren’t these the expats that didn’t bother to register in Spain? One of the reasons being that they didn’t want to pay income tax whilst working cash in hand over there; so if that is a reason and similar was being done in the UK I think most tax paying people would want the same thing doing.
  4. This one? pinned on ‘guns and equipment’
  5. So does petrol, but that doesn’t stop millions of us climbing onto a motorcycle and putting our legs either side of a tank full of the stuff.
  6. It’s relatively cheap to convert any existing combustion engine to run on hydrogen in terms of money and the environment. Many councils are running former diesel dust carts on it. The governments around the world banning new hydrocarbon engines in a few years has played right into his hands, people are now thinking the only option for a (new) car is electric - great marketing by Musk.
  7. A bloke I work with for a puppy at the start of lockdown as we were all working from home. I called him a few weeks back to chat through some stuff and he goes “just got to let the doggie day care take the dog”. My reply was “but we’re working from home” His reply was “yeah, but, you know.” Err, no I don’t know! Crazy!
  8. Gu5


    I used a company called Stirlingbuild a few years back. Were really great, I bought the wrong size so they sorted that. Then the rechargeable batteries didn’t charge in the blinds (we have two) after a couple of years. I called about buying new batteries and they said it’s probably the solar panel, so they just sent two new blinds. Also, it’s wasn’t detailed in their manual, it’s possible to link all remote control devices through the touch panel which is a nice feature.
  9. I had one all me a ‘dirty dog’ when he realised I’d been wasting his time. He now know what he is too.
  10. Just get the key safe, fill it full of epoxy and mount it solidly in a semi obvious location. Burglars will think it’s the holder of the safe key and spend time trying to get into it only to find it’s a decoy. Or put hundreds on a wall and play lucky guess 🤣. Seriously, does any police force think it’s a good idea advertising where something could be ‘hidden’?
  11. Very briefly jump the starter terminals to check the starter turns, if it spins try the solenoid, if it doesn’t spin check the brushes in the starter.
  12. How old is the quad and battery? Solenoid could be worn, or starter motor brushes. I’ve had both of these on different motorbikes. solenoid was about £15 and 10 mins to swap over, brushes were similar cost but about 30-45 mins to swap over.
  13. Gu5

    Only November...

    A former workmate has 3 on order, he reckons he’ll sell 2 to pay for his - I would really love to see Sony find a few million units and flood the market so he gets stuck with them 🤣
  14. If you have more than 1 certificate holder in your house are you allowed more or is it 5 per household?
  15. Gu5

    Mono block LOL

    I think it’s only an offence if it’s blocking a vehicle in, if the drive is empty it’s not obstruction.
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