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  1. Very briefly jump the starter terminals to check the starter turns, if it spins try the solenoid, if it doesn’t spin check the brushes in the starter.
  2. How old is the quad and battery? Solenoid could be worn, or starter motor brushes. I’ve had both of these on different motorbikes. solenoid was about £15 and 10 mins to swap over, brushes were similar cost but about 30-45 mins to swap over.
  3. Gu5

    Only November...

    A former workmate has 3 on order, he reckons he’ll sell 2 to pay for his - I would really love to see Sony find a few million units and flood the market so he gets stuck with them 🤣
  4. If you have more than 1 certificate holder in your house are you allowed more or is it 5 per household?
  5. Gu5

    Mono block LOL

    I think it’s only an offence if it’s blocking a vehicle in, if the drive is empty it’s not obstruction.
  6. Have you tried the adventure Motorcycle market? Seen little cans which can be mounted behind number plates or on outside of panniers etc. Might be what you need.
  7. 🤔 Not according to Gregg Wallace’s inside the factory program the other night...
  8. Gu5

    ferry err

    The best thing for sea sickness is opal fruits - they taste good on their way up.
  9. Or price match at your nearest Halfords - they often don’t notice the postage price so works out better than online and you have it instantly.
  10. Gu5


    But what was the Iranian doing in Iraq? They normally can’t stand each other.
  11. I was in Vegas a few years back and won a few dollars on a fruit machine, I was expecting ‘kerching, kerching, kerching’ but it went ‘buzzzz, buzzzz, buzzz’ as a barcode was printed which had to be taken to the teller desk for the cash. I was told this was due to money laundering rules as it created a paper trail.
  12. How about you get a bulk stock of spare parts to keep it going longer 🤣👍
  13. Have you booked it? When I went (years ago) they wouldn’t even let people into site unless they had tickets.
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