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  1. Cornish lad

    What am I hearing?

    Still plenty down here at the moment (Cornwall ) seen 9 last night out foxing, once again 3 all together
  2. Cornish lad

    What am I hearing?

    Here them quite regular on my patch certain fields they like sometimes you get 2/3 together making your possible noises this is using my thermal spotter and nv scope to confirm ?
  3. Cornish lad

    What am I hearing?

  4. Cornish lad

    No cob maize

    We have tried sorghum on several occasions and more hit and miss with weather when growing down here ,last year would have been brilliant with all the heat but you can get caught out with the wrong summer with this here in cornwall maize is far better growing temp wise .Growing kale is fine but issues are that the ground has been heavily growing commercially cauliflowers for the last 5years and we struggle with club root 😡😡even to the point we have planted utopia which brights said was club root resistant ,when they saw a sample they changed there wording for it
  5. Cornish lad

    No cob maize

    Thanks for that reply ,I just wondered if the maize had any damage from the badgers or deer looking for the cobs or they left it alone ??
  6. Cornish lad

    No cob maize

    Hi ,I know the Game season has only just finished ,but Iam looking ahead for working out our game cover for next season .Has anyone tried the no cob maize I think it's called foxxi ,apparently it doesn't in a normal summer produce cobs ,the reason we're maybe looking at this maize is to not have the badgers /deer knocking it down to get to the cobs which we have a problem here with .prefer maize over kale as we have acres and acres of cauliflower s grown on our shoot ,have anyone out tried this maize any feedback would be great thanks in advance
  7. Cornish lad

    White Stuff!!

    Bl----dy mad down here in Cornwall snowed heavy and we don't normally get it had to abandon our shoot this afternoon 👎👎
  8. Cornish lad

    White Woodcock

    I unfortunately shot one around 10 yrs ago same white wings ,it had come back for 3 seasons and on the first season our syndicate said we would leave it alone ,it used to come back to the same piece of valley every year on the 4 season a little further away I was a back gun facing into a bright sun Woodcock back was called I saw the bird flying towards me took aim fired and killed it. , to say I was gutted is a under statement ,haven't shot a woodcock since
  9. Cornish lad


    That's correct starve it of air job done
  10. Cornish lad


    Clear nail varnish applied often keep covered warts dropped off in two weeks
  11. Cornish lad

    BREXIT - merged threads

  12. Cornish lad

    Pigeon watch cert holder

    Any news on the polo shirts ??
  13. Cornish lad

    mullion cove cornwall

    Plenty too see in helston guns ,tanks all outside they repair a lot of mod weapons ask to speak to Rommel main man in the gun shop knows his firearms👍👍
  14. Cornish lad

    Passports after Brexit

    Hi guys looking for some opinions on the what's best todo , my passport runs out in may 2019 ,now have no holidays planned as yet but just wondering what I should do regarding renewal as in most places require a min of 6 months being on your passport to travel with apart from I believe the EU . Now if we leave the EU with or without a deal (which I hope we do ) obtaining a passport could get a bit more difficult regarding changing from EU back to British ones as regards time taken possible , have anyone else given any thoughts to this scenario Thanks in advance
  15. Cornish lad

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    Hi please put me down for a couple 44/46 chest