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  1. Hi guys ;I ve never given this any attention before ;but is there any thing to be gained shooting slugs or my normal jsb 18,3 gr pellets ?? Are you able to use these with any consistent shooting what would if any advantages be forth coming ?is any body using these in there air arms 510 fac ? Thanks in advance
  2. Cornish lad


    I could not get them to group consistently I my air arms 510 fac at all
  3. Hi Mel ,have you 2 of the Real tree material masks left ?? ,an if you do how do I pay you regards bill
  4. Hi ,I would be interested in the two mags would you sell without the adapter ??
  5. Hi ,does anyone have a single Burris signature see ring they would like to part with needed for fitting ir laser to rail ??
  6. Hi Guys, in light of this virus what are people thinking regarding ordering /rearing for next season there gamebirds ,just don't know what to do it's looking like this could keep going on for a while heard them say that even when it clears now could well come back next winter 😳😳😪
  7. Hi guys, has anyone got on any feed back on these boots ? Have used le chameau neoprene lined for my day to day boot for pens /feeding and my leather meindal boots for shooting ,just wonder how they compared quality wise le chameau have gone up in price a lot since I last brought some and thought maybe try something different next time
  8. Still busy down here in gods county ,just been out for tea and had a job to find anywhere quiet🤔🤔
  9. Hi guys , looking for some reviews on this jacket ,?? Need it for beating /picking up not shooting in ,is it what I would call a sweat box type or more comfortable when it's used on milder days like we have here in cornwall during winter ? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all looking for some feedback on buying one of these for holidays ,always just had a suitcase but just wondered about these being able to store away when not in use .i have an Aussie mate who does mega amount of travelling and swears by them unfortunately you can't buy his make in the uk (won't export ) so anyone out there using one of these ??and looking for something of good quality from uk thanks in advance 👍👍
  11. Sorry if you have already seen this but mate just told me about this German lady's afd co leaders speech on brexit in the Bundestag that's the sort of women we need to stand up to our parliament !!!!! .sorry don't know how to put the YouTube link up
  12. Well rimfire ,you missed them this year over the valley from you on the 25 march over the ponds down toward the beach .the earliest that we have ever seen them 8 in total ,myself and the farmer who's ponds they were flying /over believe they then travel on up country ??
  13. Hi ,did anything come about regarding having these polo shirts being made ??
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