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  1. so you dont actually need a signature just tick the box for them? sounds weird.
  2. Thanks bud that is brilliant. I couldn't find a printable version. So just fill it in Staple it and send it away and their happy enough?
  3. ok that would be great have you a link to the forms by any chance. Im also in Northern Ireland not sure but think they may have separate gun laws.
  4. Recently a friend of mine new to shooting bought a CZ .22Lr. He was at home trying to do the Online application and said it was very hard. I asked him if he didnt just get the paper version and he said the gun shop just told him to do it online and it was easy. I tried my local gun shop which is rather small but he had no paper forms either. just wondering if the forms have been done away with? I dont really understand either how your supposed to get signatures for shooting on land etc through the computer? Any advice would be great.
  5. £18 for the last one posted.
  6. 4 left. Also prices includes free tracked delivery.
  7. Hawke Shot Saver was bought and lay around for a while never used. £60 or Best Offer.
  8. Byrd Knife BY16PS. I have 6 £20 each. Let me know if too dear not sure of price but £20 would be cheaper than anything i found. Comes in Packaging Brand New.
  9. What size is that? Quite a strange looking gun! Is it accurate?
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