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  1. Well that seems to be unanimous, many thanks folks👍😃
  2. So folks which wellies are the warmest? I’ve the Chamaeu neoprene which are ok but the rubber has a shelf life of 10 years and not they're that warm in the foot part.
  3. My mistake, it’s under consultation, as pointed out by others. So we all do need to respond to it. Question is, what’s the driver behind it? I’ve seen no information proving gun crime is increasingly performed using legally held guns. Is it just a case of ineffectual government coming after gun control for pr reasons?
  4. Under-18s 'will be BANNED from shooting air guns without an adult' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8982521/Under-18s-BANNED-shooting-air-guns-without-adult-new-plans.html This is catastrophic for the industry
  5. This summer I think I’ve seen more nesting pigeons than normal in house gardens etc. So I am expecting to see large flocks when they start mass feeding. Weather is a bit mild yet though I think.
  6. That was my thought, he’s had a sgc over 30 years. Clays, rough, game, pest. What else are you going to use it for? Anyway thanks for all your replies. H
  7. Morning OPP I agree, I think that’s a good idea. To be honest what else can you legally use one for? However where’s the question coming from and why, it smells of authority creep to me. Cheers H
  8. Friend of mine Oxfordshire way was filling out forms today, said it asked what he would be using his guns for. My answer was “ shooting.” I always thought that it was your right to have a SGC but you need permission to have a FAC. Am I correct? I’ll be calling BSAC tomorrow but just wanted your opinions. Thanks H.
  9. I would suggest that a Pita loft safe would either put you off going out shooting or discourage you from replacing gun quickly, so the cupboard would be best.( not understairs one)
  10. I can comment on the non fac. Its a wonderful piece of British engineering. Thumbhole type beautifully balanced and lighter than German alternatives.
  11. Thanks for the pellpax tip might be useful in the future.
  12. I feel this is a sad reflection on how present police forces feel they have to police. they have “to be told” I would thought common sense would prevail, if you are protecting food stocks. In reality, most are townies and to them guns are only used by robbers! Courtesy would suggest you could notify them of loud bangs esp. at night as more people are at home than normal. However always beware of setting a precedent. Also more people are about in the field exercising than I’ve ever seen before. Safe crop protection and wash your hands! H
  13. Just got a Kenwood off eBay with a mincer, bought the sausage nozzles and some casings. Had a go this afternoon, blew the motor on the Kenwood😏, should be on speed 4, not 1 apparently🙄.( too much torque I guess) Anyway borrowed another, had a hell of a time putting mince mix through a second time to fill the casings. Any tips people, do I just buy a dedicated sausage machine, or one of those syringe stuffers? I wanted to make low salt, low fat, coarse meat sausages, ended up with puréed ones. The flavour mixes weren’t bad though, so it’s a start.
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