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  1. I would also agree but how long will it take to sort out? I’m not sure how many shoot pigeons etc but if everyone applies for individual licences, I can see a major backlog coming....
  2. Thanks for quick replies and the suggestions folks. I’m going to have to go and raid my brother in laws tool box for a pin, borrow his vice and take my angle grinder with me aren’t I? I was hoping for a “so and so sells em posted for a quid” type reply but sadly not to be. H
  3. 30 I think, but 45 degrees I believe works best in a vacuum so I take your point.
  4. Hi basically I’ve lost the little dowel that should fit in to the top of the rifle and the bottom of the mount to stop it creeping along the rifle after continuous use. Where can I get a suitable replacement? I’ve tried using a pellet but of course it’s soft lead and doesn’t work after a while. Thanks H
  5. Indeed, you will not be shooting into trees with a 22LR as at 45degrees elevation they can travel a mile!
  6. I just had to look up West Mercia as had not heard of it. I am now educated and think it would be Warks that got the raw deal, however I have no idea. While doing this I see that West Midlands police are a possible future partner for Warks. I can only this as a bad thing, metropolitan and rural police forces have little in common.
  7. hwr

    Myxi in hares

    Haven’t shot hares because they’re are so few around here, however happily recently they are a few more which is nice to see. I used to shoot a lot of rabbits but almost none to be had for the last 6 years.(Northants) Article in the paper this morning saying they think it’s jumped species and if you find any hares with Mixy to email d.bell@uea.ac.uk University of East Anglia With the location and if possible a picture of the infected animal .
  8. I've seen those, are they any good does anyone know?
  9. Thanks to all for your answers, ultra you've been busy! H
  10. Thanks B22rf are they of a similar size to a meteor or a bit heavier? H
  11. Hi there The question is in the title really, he has use of a co2 powered multishot but I was thinking of getting a break action. BSA meteor springs to mind ( all puns intended) but wondered if there was anything better/ lighter out there nowadays? Second hand is preferable as don't want to spoil the lad. I did do a search but without much luck. Thanks in advance for any advice. H
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