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  1. Ah reading about the galling issue really has put me off big time, I might fall back on my plan to just save up for a tx200.
  2. I'm a lot like Marvellous Marvin Hagler except I am slim, Caucasian and no good at boxing (; Uh thanks I'll be sure to check for that. Needn't I worry it is apparently aimed at juniors? I've seen on here that a lot of blokes use them and had no idea, is it a lot smaller than full size?
  3. Uh, anti galling mod? Ah google sent me to a forum explaining it grinds when being cocked open. How do I know if it's had the mod done? Also just read it's marketed as a junior rifle, is that a negative? I like light guns but also like 'em full sized because I'm not small and have long arms.
  4. Got a deal from my favourite shop for a HW99s, basic hawke scope and mounts for £235, can't wait to get it now its behind the counter with my name on it. Thanks for the advice and opinions fellow shooters, pigeonwatch is tops
  5. I had no idea! How would one go about giving the money in that scenario, I hate to be distrustful but isn't it seriously dicey?
  6. Ah man, Oldham is out of my reach and I reckon RFD costs would push £50ish. I think I will go for a HW99s for now and then obtain a TX with a decent scope when I am better off but thank you for showing me the ad; what a pretty gun. Does anyone know what is best for the HW99s out of .177 or .22? I am only target shooting and will most likely never use it for hunting anything ever but if .22 runs smoother I will go for .22.
  7. For sure? I thought I read on a forum that they moved the lower end rifle production to china. I'll be buying the HW99s in that case, seeing as it comes with sights I could use it while I saved for a decent optic. Tx200 will be in the pipeline though (; Livefast123 that deal does sound great but I think I need the security of a shop purchase also RDF fees would bump up the price, also I can't view the page as I'm not a member but could you tell me his location, just in case? (if it isn't already sold).
  8. Thank you for your advice, I've actually had a sudden change of heart and this cheap air rifle idea has spiralled out of control I was researching the HW99s and discovered it isn't even German made, which was when I discovered the British made Air Arms TX200, which is so pretty I decided I have to own one regardless of it's price (400 local to me). Weeks of saving ahead, hoping to get it before summer is over!
  9. Thanks for your input secretagentmole, I've spotted a HW99s at £215 and now I am torn between the long drive for the Hatsan or just getting the HW from a far nearer shop. Do you know much about the HW99s? Would it be an obvious improvement in your opinion\?
  10. Had a look in my local but didn't see anything that really took my interest within £200, I'm thinking that driving for that Hatsan might be the best option. I was quite interested in a Remington express priced around £150 but I'm not honestly sure the quality of the gun would actually be £80 better than the Hatsan. Does anyone have an opinion on Remington airguns?
  11. Thanks for the opinions guys, debate is always useful. I'll mull it all over before I go to the shop this weekend and buy something. I'm not even sure what they have in stock but hopefully I'll be able to compare a second hand Weihrauch and a new hatsan then make up my mind. I got to say that when I was growing up my dad gave me a Gamo with some scope. I think it cost about 130 back then all in brand new and it was great for targets up until I broke it (my fault entirely), so I won't be quick to dismiss a hatsan when I do compare the two!
  12. Also I'm pretty sure Kia have a 7 year warranty. I would literally pick the Kia if that's true. Regardless when it comes to guns (of which I don't heavily rely on to work every morning) I take your point and I will probably push for a well looked after looking Weihauch if the price is right.
  13. Oh man, a used BMW? I would prefer a new anything with my luck!
  14. £35?! That's crazy. I forgot to mention that my budget was around 150 ish maybe upto 200 if its worth it. What model is the Hatsan? The deal you got sounds perfect for me.
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