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  1. My mate won't like me for telling all, we went lamping last week, scared loads of foxes, turned out he must of knocked his very expensive scope on his very nice 223 and missed all but 2. This was very unusual as over the past few years I have rarely seen him miss. Means theres a load of charlies out there won't be so willing to get lit up next time!! would have been better if we had left the lamp behind!
  2. CAN being the operative word, there is stubble everywhere which all CAN hold birds but we all know it all don't. Thats where the recon pays dividends and local knowledge!
  3. Well it gives you nice blisters when you strim it on a hot day and the sap mixes with sweat and sunshine, stay covered up and use chemical control and machinery where ever possible. Mind you you gotta watch you don't set up on a wasp nest this time of year, a couple of stamps on the foot peg of the hide pole and out they come, worth keeping an eye out for bees too although a nuisance Id prefer them to a wasp nest!!!
  4. Alrighty I'll keep a beady eye on em then, cheers
  5. Do you have much success once the peas have been harvested? I had a look today and there were a handful drifting about. Last year I shot a pea field a few times but once they were off so were the pigeons!
  6. Ive just had a couple of weeks away from work, spending a bit of time with the family blah blah blah. However on Wednesday last week I managed to score an afternoon shooting wile the missus took the kids out with one of her mates. I wasn't sure what had been cut and what hadn't so a quick call to the farm manager pretty much decided it, the peas were about to be cut and the pigeons were on em the evening before. I drove very carefully the 20 minutes to work picked up my gear and drove down the track to look at the many scores of pigeons lifting of as I drove round, yeah right, a handf
  7. This is an interesting project and one I have been thinking about for a while, we have a small wood on the farm but mature oak, hornbeam and ash which are reaching for the sky. I have often watched the birds curling around before diving into the trees and thought it would be great to be at height and shooting. There is a you tube of guys shooting out of a really high tower in a wood and it looks great and something a little different. I have studied the trees in our wood and even the highest ones are pretty thin up top, I can still just about climb with my saw so pruning out isn't a prob
  8. Thanks all, I admit I would rather have picked up 101 but sometimes you can't pick em all. Another added bonus is that I was using my relatively new A400 extreme, maybe a bit overkill but it worked well all day with 30g 6's not one glitch, it was its first real outing as I have been using my old o/u on clays and sort of fell back in with it. So I was over the moon to be using the new gun to good effect, got the long barrels on it so it takes a bit more poking over the net but it did the job at the end of the day. Got another day out on Saturday weather permitting and they are drilling
  9. Is there and easy way to put pics from the iPhone on here, I tried and the files are always too large, gotta be an easy way?!
  10. I had the best session of my short pigeon shooting career so far yesterday, shooting over freshly drilled peas, we ended up picking up 94 with a few more, the dog much to her annoyance, was unable to retrieve. A mixed day with sunshine and a few showers but lovely in the sun when it shone. We decided we should call it our first 100 bird day, not sure if that works as we picked up 94. The birds were a bit off and on but the bag grew nicely through the day, had some larger flocks come in which confused the shooting but also had some cracking shots, long ones, short ones quick ones and a h
  11. I understand not everyone would or ever will fully endorse what I have done, however I have never put any feeders anywhere near our boundaries, only way inland on the estate. We have always had a few pheasants and the year was fairly good for natural breeding, I am not in a position yet to be putting any down, financially or in terms of labour. I was happy to put some feeders smack in the middle of the estate, fortunately thats where a 10acre wood is, so its a great site. I did read through the old ABC of shooting and whilst maybe not the bible, it states that a few feeders away from nei
  12. Well past the end of the season now and back out on the pigeons, but what a cracking first year of feeding up a rough farm shoot. We have a small wood in the middle of the farm and a set of old settling ponds which I have ben slowly attending to. Last year I tried feeding up the wood using some plastic tubs with spring feeders, unfortunately it was only a very short time until the squirrels had demolished these leaving me furious. So before the season I rang our local scrap dealer who was only too pleased to get rid of some old gas canisters, 13 -15 kg size. Take the top off fill with w
  13. My rotary uses a motor from an old Discovery, its worked really well back on the peas last year, I just think the smaller 12V don't last especially when the cold hits em and they have had a bit of use, (they were only a tenner each!) I am sure the rotary will cope with extra length arms, its more a question of whether it actually draws the birds better by the pair on the rotary being further away from each other, I am struggling to see that it would as they only need to be seeing that movement?
  14. exactly Jdog and thats another good reason, In my opinion to use these lightweight thingies
  15. Ive been out the past couple of weekends over rape, my buddy bought a couple of silo sock hyper flap pigeon decoys to go on my rotary,he said "give these a go and see what you reckon" I was impressed the first outing we shot 26 before the cold got to the battery and the second outing we shot 21. I am shooting like a complete "curse" at the moment so the bags should have been bigger but once the fog lifted last week they were committing from a long way out, in my my limited humble opinion they definitely do the trick and I now own a pair of these strange looking deeks. I think I need a
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