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  1. What model? I work for a kawasaki main dealer and we remove new springs and fit heavy duty ones. PM me James
  2. There is a very long waiting list for an ff5 now!!
  3. How waterproof is this setup?
  4. I would be interested in the scope if you split
  5. Good shooting, what night vision are you both using out of interest?
  6. I would be interested in the scope if you end up splitting package
  7. 02jcole

    photon xt

    Ok good luck with the sale
  8. 02jcole

    photon xt

    Would you take £400 posted?
  9. I will take all the .223 reloading equipment, cases, primers and powders if your willing to post?
  10. Would you sell 1 magazine separately? Just seen he's not a pw member!
  11. The money should be in your PayPal account. James
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