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  1. Went out yesterday over on One of my farms just to have a look around as I haven’t been over there for awhile and he’s planted three fields of poppyseeds just wondered if anyone has ever shot over This before and had good numbers The fields are normally really good with loads of flight lines But bit worried with the choice of crop that’s gone in
  2. Cheers guys for getting back to me going to wait until A couple of gun shops open and I’m going to have a look around and see what I like 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. I have got 177 anschutz and My 22 is a sako
  4. Hi all just wondered if anyone could help me out I am looking to get some new scopes for my 177 and 22 rifles and I don’t know what ones to go for At the moment I have got hawke scopes but just want something a bit different someone did recommend to me leupold vx-freedom Has anyone got the scopes Or recommend any think else looking to spend no more Then £300 Would really appreciate your advice cheers guys
  5. Nice looking polecat Hope you catch loads of rabbits In the up-and-coming season and Macca72 how much do you want for your ferret finder/collars only if jonty Is not interested
  6. Hi mate I would’ve took them off your hands if you wasn’t so far away it’s not like you can post them to me lol just wondered if you had any ferreting equipment ie longnets ferretfinder for sale good luck finding a home for Ferrets 👍🏻
  7. Paul123

    Ferret finder

    Hi mate a bit off topic but Do you know anyone who want to sell a Ferret finder mk3 I’m just after the collars but will buy The set for the right money just thought I would ask Cheers
  8. Hi there is the pick up Still for sale if so could you pm me your number as I am very interested cheers
  9. Hi all just wondering what is taking so long to get this mess sorted out as it didn’t take long to ban it And it really is dragging on now has anyone got any information or know what is going on and what the next step is to get this sorted out I have read a few of you have got individual licenses Are they needed for pigeon shooting as I haven’t applied for any licenses as I was just waiting to see what was going to happen but it’s taking so long Any information would be great cheers
  10. Hi all I have just been informed from the 25th of April you will need to have a license to shoot pigeons/crows I didn’t believe it so I googled it and a guy called Chris Packham popped up He’s the guy that wants to ban all country sports has anyone else heard about this
  11. Well done mate glad to hear someone is getting some shooting Great bag my spring drilling hasn’t gone in yet I hope I get some good results like that Will be going out on the weekend to have a look getting desperate 🤣
  12. Where abouts are you ?
  13. Hi there very interested in the rangefinder what is your best price including postage
  14. Hi all been watching my permission for quite awhile now over in the Oxfordshire area haven’t seen many pigeons But today as it’s a nice day I thought I’d take a walk with the dog Walked in the woods shot two Woodies had a look on the rape fields One or two pigeons And had a look on the cover crops about the same Spring drilling hasn’t started in my area yet So I’m hoping the pigeons will get on that as I am itching to get out shooting Is anyone else struggling with the pigeon situation or is it just me 🤯😱
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