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  1. Yes av been told that I want extended chokes for mine so looking at getting them.soon The gun is basically a Beretta
  2. I like it shoots well the adjustment stock is great so can get a gd fit I have been out on clays and pigeons not put 1000s of carts through it yet but so far so gd for the money you can't go wrong
  3. Was a great day as always and very well organised from John and the guys at Forrest experience Deffo need to go back again
  4. Hi theres another Scottish shoot soon if ur interested
  5. Hi there's a Scottish shoot if ur interested soon
  6. There's a Scottish shoot if ur interested soon
  7. Hi there's a Scottish shoot soon if u wanted to go
  8. There's a Scottish shoot if you would like to come
  9. Need to get out more for practice had a great time as always guys that ks for coming and yous yous again
  10. Aye fine for me need to be home for 4 as I am working on a Sunday so an early meet would suit me
  11. Scottish members clay meet more than welcome to join us
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