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  1. would love to be able to look at this gun been looking for a 20 semi for a while, only trouble is maybe a bit to much. plus with this lock down life not easy, i have owned one of these guns in the past but in a 12g nice guns, i shall keep a eye on this add, maybe if you dont sell we could do a deal. Mennis
  2. yes all serial numbers are same on both barrels, same as on gun seriel number behind top lever on stock Baz
  3. yes you can get them but will cost have no idea howe mutch but i would think from £600 to £900
  4. Mike still avalible if your interested, nice gun in good condition, Mennis
  5. Hi is this gun still available

  6. Hi is this still available

  7. could you tell me what weight this gun is i have a felling it will be to heavy for me, bad shoulders baz
  8. looks a nice gun, but i think it could be to heavy for me, have a week shoulder, but you could reply with the weight and date of manufacture i live local and could be interested Baz
  9. Denis would like to have helped but have bought two gunmark sable shotguns, these are the same as the AYA No 2 thay are side lock case hardened ejectors one has 25 inch barrels and the other has 27 half inch tegue multi choked barrels both way 6.5 pounds, one was made by Arietta the other by Garbi, these guns wear made for gunmark and are all identical the two i have could be a pair if not for the difference in barrel length, i also have never came a cross one of these guns that is multi choked, so i got a real bargain there, just cost me £400.00. sorry i couldn't help Baz
  10. yes sad to let it go, by the way i am from essex, been up north for last 48 years, i was from Orsett baz
  11. Hi Is the 20b still for sale?


  12. Did you get some more photos because thats to differnt guns on the add mate

  13. I have a set of Teague chokes for sale skeet/ skeet, quarter, half, three quarter, 5 chokes in all. Also teague tapered key and teague box, some have never been used the only ones that i used were the skeet, and the quarter, will fit all Beretta 12g guns that take 2 inch flush chokes and the same with some Benelli guns, looking for £90.00 or near offer, will post. these are the standard teague choke and not the special ones that they make, that's why they will fit all standard threaded Beretta/ Benelli guns. no use to me now have got 20g gun. Mennis
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