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  1. Lewi76

    BSA scorpion se camo stock

    BSA scorpion se camo stock was on the rifle for a couple of days drilled for sling studs £50 collected £60 posted
  2. Lewi76

    Carp fishing

    Here’s a couple of pictures of the Lake !!
  3. Lewi76

    Heads Up

    Watching it on iPlayer now brilliant
  4. Lewi76

    Hatsan v3 flush chokes

    Cheers Steve b I will do that
  5. Lewi76

    Carp fishing

    Your better dining Lorraine mate , I know it’s stock level is good I’ve fished it . There are some big fish in there as well I’ve had 15lb snap like string
  6. Lewi76

    Hatsan v3 flush chokes

    Hatsan v3 flush chokes if anyone has any spare . thanks in advance
  7. Lewi76

    Carp fishing

    This is the cabin by the lake
  8. Lewi76

    Carp fishing

    Hi folks , a good friend of mine has opened up her private lake for carp fishing if anyone is interested I’ve attached the details . Mods please delete if this isn’t allowed .
  9. Lewi76

    Gamebore carts 12g

  10. Lewi76

    Gamebore carts 12g

    Yes still for sale mate pm me
  11. Lewi76

    Gamebore carts 12g

    These are still available guys
  12. Lewi76

    Gamebore carts 12g

    Gamebore black gold Dark storm cartridges 225 in total 8 boxes 28g 6shot 1 box 32g 5 shot £50 Ono collect near Stratford on avon
  13. Lewi76

    Petrol generator

    Hi pm your email I will get the details across asap
  14. Lewi76

    Petrol generator

    2.5 kva petrol generator 10litre fuel tank 110v and 240v works great £70 Ono collect Stratford-Upon-Avon
  15. Lewi76

    Lee load all 2

    Yes still available