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  1. Lewi76

    Still ms260

    Now sold
  2. Lewi76

    Still ms260

    Sorry it’s an ms 261
  3. Lewi76

    Still ms260

    18” bar
  4. Lewi76

    Still ms260

    Still ms 260 chainsaw . 2013 model . this saw has been used regularly and has never let me down . Had a new chain last September . Genuine reason for sale as my back is It used to be . £150 located in Henley in arden Warwickshire
  5. Lewi76

    Ferret finder collar

    Mk3 ferret finder collar . I need the type with the nylon collar . Thanks for any help
  6. Lewi76

    Fishing lake

    Babs2020 you would be able to take a dog but it would need to be on a lead because of deer etc being around
  7. Lewi76

    Fishing lake

    I think you can I will find out for certain mate
  8. Lewi76

    Fishing lake

    Shawn9914 you need to go it’s lovely you will not regret it
  9. Lewi76

    Fishing lake

    A very good friend of mine has a lovely lake and log cabin available for holiday let’s in Warwickshire if anyone is interested. It’s well stocked mainly carp and tench . If your interested and need to ask any questions please ask .
  10. Lewi76

    12g eley Grand Prix bismuth

    Sold to Jason g pending the usual
  11. Lewi76

    12g eley Grand Prix bismuth

    Yes still for sale Jason g
  12. Lewi76

    12g eley Grand Prix bismuth

    Henley-in-Arden mate
  13. Lewi76

    12g eley Grand Prix bismuth

    12g eley Grand Prix bismuth cartridges 50 in total 30g 6shot 67mm fibre wad £30 and I will throw in a box of alpha max that’s been sat here for a while collection only with sgc . Located in Warwickshire
  14. Lewi76

    Antler chews

    Has anyone got any antler chews for sale ?
  15. Lewi76

    20” BMX

    X Rated Quarter BMX this bike is brand new and would make a fantastic present for someone . We bought it for our son but all he wants to do is play Xbox. £90 complete with helmet and pads