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  1. Thanks it has a bit of history of who used to own it so means a lot to me
  2. That is guys for all you help and messages much appreciated
  3. Thanks for that I’m still stumped though haha
  4. I will get them in the morning and put them up
  5. Hi guys hope you are all well ! . I’ve been given and old sxs 12g in pretty good condition and was wondering if anyone could give me any idea of the make . All I can se is that it’s been made in Spain and engraved on top of the barrels is words the english game gun . Thanks for everyone’s help 👍 Paul
  6. Thanks for all your replies everyone I’ve bought a pair now they look good and are comfortable
  7. I think I will be getting a pair
  8. Thanks yellow bear I’m not sure what to do yet as I’ve had a couple of pairs of jack pyke boots and always treated them and looked after them and lasted me about 18 months before they split and leak Which ones have you got cannon ?
  9. Has anyone used grisport boots ? I’m looking for a new pair , my old jack Pyke boots have finally given up
  10. Aluminium quad tool box mint condition hardly used 44”x13”x16” £100 located Stratford-upon-Avon
  11. Now sold thanks to everyone that has looked
  12. Now £100 posted needs to go Now £100 posted needs to go
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