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  1. I watched Dave Carrie pattern a Gamebore Steel load in #4 shot at 40yrd and that didn’t look to bad. Maybe #3 shot are way to low on the pellet count
  2. But what about follow up shots on pricked birds.At least with lead you do have some margin of error.
  3. I did a lead Eley Pigeon HV 32g #6 comparison,' as the steel failed quite quickly after 35/40yrds with only a few pellets on a m'sq piece of cardat 50/55yrds, the lead pattern at 50/55yrds was equal to the one shown previously for steel
  4. You won't get any argument from me, i'll try and get the rest of the patterning i did so it's readable or write down the results. I think steel spells the beginning of the end for some shoots with birds more than 30yrds in distance. It's a game changer for all the wrong reasons. I assume 20 bore and small will be next to useless
  5. This is through Teague 1/2 choke. Eley VIP Steel EcoWad 32g #3 35y/30m Total pellets in the circle 48, 13 on the pheasant it would have killed it ! Got some lead comparisons but on cardboard not that easy to see. Did some 40, 45, 50, and 60y shots but much after 40yrds where rubbish.
  6. Oh dear oh dear oh dear..... heading down the road of Certificates Of Competence, a race to the bottom.
  7. I went beating a fortnight ago and two of the guns had a day in Wales where they were asked to shoot one drive with steel of there choise, both said that "extreme bird shooting is finished with steel, they just don't kill over 40 yrds
  8. Older than me we reckon These all from my father’s “Unused cupboard”
  9. Used a few of them back in the 80s, great shop Brackley Gunsmiths. The full plastic cartridge was the one i tried to find a picture of in another thread, 99% sure they're Rottweil.
  10. Here endeth the debate. I've patterned 32g 3s at 50yds and your 15yds out of range 40yds is absolute max. in steel
  11. Rottweil or Winchester If my memory serves me correcting made a complete one piece plastic case completely waterproof apparently , about 35 to 40 years ago. My father and his mates all used them duck shooting over local stone quarry's
  12. I brought a couple of boxes of Eley Ecowad 32g 3s, worth noting no.3s need HP proofing. I put 2 in a glass of water for 24h one crimp down, one brass down, and 2 Eley HV in the same, excessive i know but just as a test, all let water but i would not have used the Ecowads very tacky. My wads did need water to degrade completely as when they dry out they stop degrading one took 6 to 7 weeks to disappear completely on the lawn (may to june this year)
  13. Might be a different story if they'd got wet and not used, the cases are definately not water/moisture tight
  14. I guess we all just avoid using the new company.
  15. Couldn't hit a cows **** with a spade with the damn things😔 used the original clear case one for everything, they were the reason I changed to Eley Pigeon Select and HV. Needed a chimney sweep to clean the barrels to.
  16. Yep post your finding please, got a twenty going to Teague in November so will be interested to see what occurs. I usually shoot 24g/25g and 28g in 6s through full and 3/4 but have been given some Blackgold 30g 6s and 32g 4s and 5s a new experience for me
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