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  1. Anyone tried the Laksen shooting gloves as they have a fair range to choose from 👍
  2. I don't suppose you still have theses for sale ? regards
  3. Is there not one in the Private Sales ?
  4. Good evening all ! I am currently using a Browning B80 semi auto when I am walking around a farm and I find it a bit clumsy to carry ! do you good people think I would be better with a sxs for rough shooting cheers darren
  5. Ok does anybody know the overall length of a Browning B 80 please ?
  6. Have a tape measure 👍 Dont know the length of gun overall 👍 ( but thinking 30" barrel) dont know standard height of gun cabinet 👍 If I knew all the answers I would have not asked the question 👍
  7. Will a Browing B 80 fit in a standard height gun cabinet ? 👍
  8. Better to get a refund than being told ' it must be lost in the post ' just saying !!! no offence intended 👍
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