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  1. picture of 5 ,part of total 17 trapped last week, total703
  2. finally out after the greys now the game season is over 35 shot
  3. having the same trouble contact address, my Stanley 0.5l soup/stew flask will not keep it hot for 4hrs.
  4. all sorted out now , thanks for PMS.
  5. hi jaymo , I don't know if iam missing the post your on about, but the only one ive seen from the north west I replied to just before Christmas and missed the sale but iill carry on looking . hi nick , is it 3 shot or 5 shot.
  6. as above wanted , north west England prefer ftf .
  7. hi steve , you mention the site your trapping is tidal do you intend to set the trap on the banking or on a raft, we use both methods and use the small round tins of the smelliest cat food you can get , slightly puncture the top of the can and place it under the trap towards the back in the tunnel , we usually get a few weeks out of each can .
  8. I definitely think the numbers are dropping in the area that I shoot, which by the way is the same as yickdaz even shooting 1 or 2 of the same farms , my opinion is this has been gradual decline over the years in this area ,we can still go out on winter rape and shoot 40s 60 s odd hundred when conditions allow but its getting harder to find the pigeons ,not 10 mile away I have one farm that has 100acres of rape during last winter I didnt shoot more than 75 pigeon all winter on this farm since combining the rape not even bothered setting up on the rape stubble nothing about ,the pheasants on this farm did more damage to the rape than pigeon,the estates that's local to my area have always done the organised roost shooting at the end of the game shooting every wood big or small would have guns in and it would last for 4-6 weeks every saturday up to 10 yrs ago they would last for 6 weeks, now your lucky if the guns will stick it out for 3 consecutive Saturdays for lack of pigeon,thats my opinion yickdaz a bit different and both shooting around the same area.
  9. George looking forward to more of your pictures of the bags of pigeon also looking back down memory lane, the picture of the massive bag and the hi-lux ,its a fifth generation hi-lux made from 1988-1997 the must have veichle at the time fantastic motor that could easily do 200,000mls with normal servicing I also had the 6th generation hi-lux but no comparison
  10. hi pokey, whats the problem with your magtame timer, apart from not working .
  11. thanks for all the replies and suggestions the farm that has the field as only been growing rape for the last 2 years and we have a good relationship with him , suggestions on about leaf damage that's the point theres no leaf or stem even when ducks have grazed it hard in the past on the other farms you can still see some part of the plant , hopefully we can come to some agreement .
  12. one of the farmers on the shoot is adamant that the pheasants are hitting the growing rape along side of the wood that we have our biggest pen in , we have in the past had trouble with ducks grazing the rape around the ponds that we release a good number of duck on and come to some financial agreement with the farmer, but never had trouble with the pheasants doing damage to the rape.its the first time this field has been put down to rape and it is visible the lack of growth along side of the wood / penside ,ive watched the birds at different times of day from first light to late afternoon and only seen them crossing the rape to grass fields daddy long legging and old rape stubble not yet worked in ,shoot captain is saying slug damage ,anyone else experienced this.
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