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  1. just asking how are fellow pigeon shooters getting on in the area ,not many reports on here from shooters that were frequent reporters of there pigeon shooting forays in Cheshire, my own experience iam really struggling to find pigeon in numbers, ie 75 acres of spring sown beans / 50 acres of spring sown rape . winter rape total waste of time , heres hopeing.
  2. cracking birds and shooting, what load and shot size were you using ?.
  3. great to see , did he shoot anything ?.
  4. Lloyd , I think that's what you need to concentrate on the flush /retrieve , your not going to get that in the beating line ie plenty of flushes but no retrieves can also make him a slack hunter too many birds about , his biggest reward in hunting his is retrieve to you that's what you have to aim for . a few flushes / retrieves back on lead or car he,s still a young dog 19 mths ,plenty of trialers want to know the ground /judges before they enter trial not all dogs will hit the hard stuff. no I don't do training days but I like to run my dogs with like minded handlers
  5. Lloyd 90 nice to read your recent reports, ted coming on better on the days your out with him , ted more relaxed in his work you in your handling it seems your work is paying off.the days beating with your dog is great plenty of scent and flushes, the only down fall no shot and retrieves for trialing . can you not get any walked up shooting with like minded shooters /trialing people to shoot over your dog ,if you was willing to travel to the n/ west I could possibly arrange a day shooting over your dog in a spaniel group . I know its late in the season but if next season is better feel free,
  6. sako 243 , can you keep us updated, ive tried to join the FB page mentioned above but still waiting, THANKS.
  7. Lloyd , youre answering some of your own questions about ted , flushed plenty of birds , youre working a young dog had him out how many hours , stamina and deafness comes into it , how long would a run be in a trial then job done , don't expect to much of ted , little and often as they say every day is a training day .
  8. Lloyd no criticism intended, over the last eight /nine months you and ted have come on leaps and bounds in both learning and mistakes, now you have come to a point you have to decide trialing or shooting dog .make no mistake they are both different animals . field trialing you will always be on the very edge that's the way the spaniel is trained ,as they say a failed trialing dog can make a excellent shooting dog but not vice versa , you have put a lot of work into ted upto now go along the trialing lines he is still a young dog if he does not make it youll have a good shooting dog just don't mix them both at this stage in his training.
  9. 6 in photo but 7 in total trapped today , total 1211
  10. picture of 5 ,part of total 17 trapped last week, total703
  11. finally out after the greys now the game season is over 35 shot
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