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  1. Daz the smallest I can go is 116cm so yours will be to small. Davey
  2. Daz I’ll measure my gun when I get home if it’ll fit in I’ll take it.
  3. Daveyp

    Drag bag

    Landrover I’ve sent you a PM
  4. Daveyp

    Drag bag

    Besty the 60" is to big but thanks for the offer. Davey
  5. Daveyp

    Drag bag

    On the look out for AIM 50 drag bag or something similar if anyone is offloading any. Davey.
  6. Looking for FoxPro INFERNO Caller if anyone is or knows any for sale. Davey
  7. Hi I've got the above tow bar for sale, surplus to requirements. £140 ono, would prefer buyer to collect but would look at cost to post out at buyers cost if needed. Regards Davey
  8. Meindl Bhutan all day long, I've been wearing them for beating and deer stalking for over 5 years and there really comfortable and hard wearing. Whatever boots you decide to go with try seeing if go-outdoors sell them and if so they'll beat any price you find them for by 10%, it only takes 5 minutes of your time. Good luck
  9. Get some great mixes from these guys. https://www.scobiesdirect.com/Products.asp?ProdCatItems=Sausages:+Traditional+Mix
  10. Have you got any info on the blind GingerCat ?
  11. Cracking write up, I'm just getting in to the deer stalking myself and have been out several times with a friend off mine just watching and learning the craft. Last time out I was offered my first shot at a sika deer and jumped at the chance, after having shot it and it dropping on the spot I am now hooked on the sport. Knowing there is a long way to go and lots to learn I knew from that minute I'm going to enjoy it. DSC1 booked for next month. Davey
  12. Some good reading there Stuy I've only been shooting myself for just over a year and often come on here for little bits of info or tips, keep up the good work is what I would say to the more experienced shooters as all the new guys can take this info forward and improve their field craft and also pass it on to other shooters. Daveyp
  13. Has anyone thought of or tried to modify a golf trolley that you pull behind you to take the longer stuff I.e. Gun, magnet and hide poles I gave it a try last week and it was a lot easier than all the straps being around your neck. Yes I know before any of the negative comments start it all depends on the distance you need to travel and what sort of ground you need to get over. It worked for me. Davey.
  14. The curry guy look it up on the internet well reccomend his recipes.... Davey
  15. What sort of price would I be looking at paying for a new barrel for the above gun please guys, and where's the best place to source one. Thanks in advance. Davey
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