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  1. Pistol p

    Old sxs

    I know of two baikals in essex.
  2. Pistol p

    Volvo XC70

    I worked for volvo for 15 years and found the xc70 to be a great workhorse. Some people like to cherish them and that can prove expensive, but as a daily runner they can be surprising economic and reliable. The usual consumables (tyres, servicing etc), are high prices at main dealers, but local garages can sort that just as well. A friend is getting 40mpg with his one, steady driving. I wouldn't worry about the panel damage, it won't stop the wheels going round. I think the only worry would be taxing it due to the engine size. £1500 is a decent price, but try your luck on a cash deal. Good luck.
  3. Pistol p

    Bit of a shock

    Do they do Airbnb there? It's sound brilliant.
  4. Pistol p

    PCP Compressor

    Im led to believe that 2 and 4 year tests no longer exist on dive bottles and all dive bottle must be tested annually now, even if being filled 13 months into a 4 year tested bottle.
  5. Pistol p

    Peltor Optime 98 Hearing Defenders

    Yes please. Can you pm over payment details. Thanks.
  6. Pistol p

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Whether you like or not, she'll be back in the UK soon. Some treacherous, religious wealthy wonky eyed mug will pay for the flight, legal costs and welfare of this dog. Sure, she'll be interviewed but nothing will come of it. And one day in the future, after another treacherous mug has been roaring up it and knocked out more kids, one of her offspring will walk into a busy underground or concert stadium with a backpack and results will be mayhem. And theres nothing you can do about it.
  7. Pistol p

    Aaron Ramsey

    Money buys you a higher class of misery.
  8. Pistol p

    John Haynes

    John Haynes has passed on at the age of 80. It's probably safe to say that we've all read or have some of his literature, and that its got out out of a tight spot every now and then. RIP.
  9. Pistol p

    My 1/6 scale RC Challenger 2 tank

    Thats proper modelling.
  10. Pistol p

    Metal moveable work bench

    Now withdrawn from sale.
  11. Pistol p

    Metal moveable work bench

    The bench is approximately 1400x900x600mm, it has a lever on the back to retract the wheels when in position. It has a sheet steel top, lockable cabinet and under bench storage. It's made from steel so collection only from the cm8 essex address due to size and weight. I can email over pictures if theres interest. £75.
  12. Small personal radios have rocketed in price over the last few years. I've got lots, the best are the Sony srf s84 range. They used to be £30, now near to £90 second hand. One I picked up recently was a Bibene p10 rechargeable DAB/FM is a small bit of kit but very good.
  13. Pistol p


    My brother has two of these that were rescued from a felled nest from 20 years ago. They live in his front room flying around and around slowly destroying his live. It a total **** hole in there. He has got a lovely nice lung condition and will argue that they are lovely creatures and don't need culling. Also, pigeons are beautiful birds that are fantastic to look at and really are taken too hard as a pest. However if i turn up with a few pigeons that have been dispatched, he'll happily take them for the pan. He's a hypocrite and retard. I've shot two jackdaws this week and will sleep well.
  14. Pistol p

    Nissan announcement and Government collusion

    Basically we're all discussing wether or not the french will or will not build a new car in Britain. I'd guess its a no.
  15. Pistol p

    Nissan announcement and Government collusion

    It looks like a move towards the x-trail being phased out global to me. Its floorplan/ drive train would be then moved into a newer existing model thus improving sales of that existing model.