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  1. Pistol p


    You can have a chat over a coffee, but empires are built over tea. I can't drink coffee, doc says its bad for my heart.
  2. Don’t give the retards the coverage they desperately want.
  3. Pistol p


    I hear theres a spare room in the Ecuadorian embassy.
  4. The filthy dog will be on loose women next week.
  5. HW97. Get one and then send it to blackmax to make it even better.
  6. Braveheart is softcore compared. I understand the historical and political history of the area , it makes the far right look like girl guides. But anyway wee wee, you’re the captain, you know best.
  7. I watched a film last month that told me all I need to know about Ukraine and poland. It was called "Hatred". Mate, have these guys got issues or what. What a rum 'ol bunch. And a majority of them are coming here.
  8. Yes, I agree mate. I'm lucky, I have a few things that many others will never have, but one stands out most. Enough. I have enough. I want for nothing bar peace and space. I have worked on flash cars, for flash people in flash houses and it means little to me. And yes, manners cost you nothing and you can't wear them out.
  9. Some kind of primitive tyre bead breaker.
  10. Or the over 2000 nuclear weapons detonated over the last 70 years.
  11. If you keep watching them then you're only encouraging them to do it again.
  12. I love podcasts. There's something for everyone. I very rarely listen to any live radio anymore, there's too much **** music and banging on about bloody football. With pods you can listen to what you want, when you want, for free. I'm listening to about 8 hours a day, learning stuff for free while working. While walking and chewing gum, how cool is that. Try the BBC sounds podcasts for stacks of choice, but you'll soon find pods to tailor to your own tastes.
  13. Unfortunately for us in Essex the roads are a mess and covered in litter. I keep getting carrier bags stuck on my number plates. Ever wondered why they really want to outlaw carrier bags? I watched an old girl in Tesco last week draping a bag for life out of the boot of the car and over her number plate. No parking fine for her. Old folks setting a bad example tut tut.
  14. Pistol p

    HW99 galling

    Blackmax definitely. Very good with his Weihrauchs and really thorough guy. My hw100 and hw97 are totally different Airgun’s now he has sorted their issues. Pm if you want his number.
  15. Yes your definitely right about that. In my job I get to drive a lot of exotic machines and the difference at speed is vast. Sitting in traffic, they are no different. I won't own a car that I can't afford to put a clutch and four tyres on at the same time.
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