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  1. Pistol p


    Any reason why it has to be a crew cab?
  2. Divvy people will create a divvy environment.
  3. Apparently they were warned not to go near the island as an eruption was imminent. You can't tell some folk.
  4. I'll take the fleece please. Can you pm payment details please. Thanks.
  5. If send that amount of money, always send £1 first to see if the transaction can be trusted.
  6. Who is the game bag made by? I know it’s sold but it looks pretty good for future reference.
  7. An excellent few hours of entertainment, best watched in the cinema for surround sound and the dark to hide your leaky eyes.
  8. I love Christmas, the whole experience. As an old ***, I can now make up for the Christmas’ I missed as a kid.
  9. Pistol p

    Climate Change

    The planet will be fine but the humans will perish. Which isn’t a bad thing, have you seen the state of some of them?
  10. Pistol p

    London bridge

    Yup. But now they get compensation from the government or some wonky insurance based in a foreign land. Either way he is now a martyr to at least 89 other unwashed mugs. But you and me will pay for it.
  11. Pistol p

    London bridge

    This picture has raised my spirits massively this morning. Two bystanders giving that wonky faced mug the good news with a fire extinguisher and a Narwhal tusk!. Love it, good on them. Ahh, simple things please simple minds.
  12. Pistol p

    London bridge

    Confirmed dead. Fake bomb. Nice. who will pay to look after his 4 wives and 22 kids now?
  13. Pistol p

    The Truth

    I’ve always found that’s there’s a large grey area between a lie and an exaggeration.
  14. SMK make some excellent anchors.
  15. Can report that it was a very good watch, very entertaining.
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