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  1. This all comes down to poor Health and Safety. I don’t suppose these folks have ever heard of a DSEAR inspection in their lives. We moan and groan about the HSE but that explosion wouldn’t happen here.
  2. Some Middle Eastern militia of sorts isn’t getting their ammunition quota this month.
  3. Pistol p

    Formula 1

    I don’t think the under plank would have passed scrutineering. Schumacher got punished for less at spa in 94.
  4. Easy remedy. Don’t speed. Be responsible. I got done badly once for it, wasn’t happy about it at all, but I was speeding. I don’t speed now, they will never get me again. That was 22 years ago. They won’t get me again.
  5. Seen this lot before, back in the day they were called Nazis. Typical of the BEME, all national socialists out for their own causes.
  6. Pistol p

    Formula 1

    Haven't seen it yet, just got back from some real racing at a BRDC meeting at Brands Hatch. An excellent day. I would imagine Hamilton will win and there will be some drama of sorts. There has to be for people to watch it. As for black lives matter, how about yellow lives, Lewis? The Chinese own mercedes and sign your paycheques.
  7. Pistol p


    There’s an excellent podcast covering this film by Dan Carlin called Hardcore history addendum, it includes a phone chat with Tom hanks who spends time explaining the variations on the real Story and the Filming process. As an addition Tom hanks is also in the middle of filming a new docu series similar to band of brothers. It’s going to be about the 8th army airforce based in east Anglian from 1941 to 1945.
  8. Pistol p

    Today's weather

    Sitting the garden with a bowl of ice at the moment, there’s a warm wind that’s as good as the Canary Islands here.
  9. Pistol p

    Bad break

    I took my mum to hospital with broken ulna and radius bones in her left arm. The doctors set, re broke and rest the fractures three times over nine hours and she didn't make a fuss at all. Fair enough she was on gas, but she was home and happy that night no trauma. Shes 90 next week and hard as concrete.
  10. If you try to catch him, wear some eye protection at the very least.
  11. Yes please, can you fire over payment details and address please. Thanks.
  12. Keep that Toyota. Don’t mug yourself off on anything too new.
  13. It doesn’t both me to wear a mask, if it helps to slow and rid us of the virus to all the better. I wear a mask everyday at work, three different types to be honest, if I didn’t then it would make me ill. I can’t “wish away” the fumes, itS part of my PPE. You don’t have to wear a mask pal, but I’d suggest asking your witch doctor or flat earth chums what they think is best. In the mean time if you want to be a div, stay home and enjoy your crayons.
  14. These boots are now sold. Many thanks Rimfire.
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