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  1. I’d be interested in taking your kit if it’s still available please. Could pm over your payment details? I can collect over the weekend.
  2. Volvos don’t die. They become donors for other Volvo’s.
  3. Apply a small patch at the back, use super glue to bond the edges with a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda over the top.
  4. Pistol p

    oil tanker

    Job done, 9 minutes. Chickin n taters in belmarsh tonight.
  5. I love films. But generally they are either good or tosh. And there's a lot of tosh out there.
  6. If you can't afford to have it then don't expect others, especially the remedial government, to pay for it. Kids, cars, houses, gential diseases, wars, immigrants and dogs included.
  7. Pistol p

    oil tanker

    Open fire. What's not to like?
  8. Looks like typical french build quality to me. This isn't an uncommon failure on Renault vans.
  9. Auxiliary belt tensioner can fail on these, it’s alway best to use the OEM Volvo part.
  10. Pistol p


    Perfect example, I can't work out preemptive text either.
  11. Pistol p


    For a minute there I thought this post was about a new member of parliament. I can’t help you with technology I’m afraid, both my computer and phone are made of would.
  12. Its dependant on what you're burning and when in what type of chimney/flue.
  13. And then, eventually that day came, and I heard my dad’s voice in my head, “ Don’t go tattooing yourself boy, it’ll make stand out if you don’t...” . My Dad served in the Royal Navy after the war and had the time of his life, some of which was in gaol for fighting. Not surprising as he was a middleweight fleet champion. However whilst inside and being quite the artist, he tattooed a number of blokes with a needle and ink. But he would never have a tattoo. “ It would always make you stand out if you got in trouble with the MPs.” However this summer in just about every pub garden I
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