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  1. I'll take the foreceps please. Send over preferred payment details please. Thanks.
  2. His effort and achievements are outstanding. But he’ll only get it because he is “Black”. Even though his mother is white. You have to see that black lives matter and that the German machinery that powered him there means nothing. The same machinery that powered Messerschmitts and panzers that tried, at the height of a world war, to crush the same empire that he so desperately craves a knighthood from. I would say that in one way or another, that makes him a traitor. Black, white or silver.
  3. Yes, there are stacks of younger folk who can't and never will be able to do what I can do. And I love it. It means that I'm worth more as working person each day.
  4. Podcasts only now for me, up to 70hrs a week.
  5. Its quite an achievement to win that many titles. Then again its also quite an achievement to have such ridiculous hair.
  6. A van sales company that I do a few jobs for can’t buy vans quick enough. People are even taking them un-prepped, there’s such a demand. Small delivery firms are new in thing around here.
  7. Trouble is, mate, people in Europe in general lack the minerals to “ have a go”. It took a bloke on a criminal re-educational course with a whale tusk and two chefs with chair to quash London’s last two terror attacks. If we had the license to carry in Britain then we’d have sorted it decades ago. But if they keep us frightened then they can control us easier.
  8. Is it not worth keeping your dog on lead in a known dangerous area? Just saying.
  9. I didn't notice on the radio programmes...
  10. People need to start taking responsibility for their own feelings. Or maybe just grow up.
  11. One ping only please. I never thought I’d see the day.
  12. I’d be interested in taking your kit if it’s still available please. Could pm over your payment details? I can collect over the weekend.
  13. Volvos don’t die. They become donors for other Volvo’s.
  14. Apply a small patch at the back, use super glue to bond the edges with a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda over the top.
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