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  1. Great.... at least while she was affiliated to those divs we knew where she was. Now nobody knows where this clown is heading for. Talk about staggering from one crisis to the the next....
  2. Pistol p


    ANPR is only as good as the number plate on the car it sees, wether its your one or my one. Number plates are easily removed and refitted. And are easily negated by an errant "Green, bag for life" carrier bag that can get stuck over either back or front plates. Keep Britain tidy etc...
  3. Sending via any courier for me hasn't been an issue. Receiving though is a totally different issue. We can only trust one of our neighbours as the other will leave teeth marks in a package believing it has chocolate inside. There some real state sponsored divs around my way.
  4. Pistol p


    Its a shame. I don't know where I'm going to go now to get my high powered air rifles with double springs that can take out a rabbit at 200 yards.
  5. Pistol p


    While these companies are being encouraged and sponsored by the world governments (same governments that tested more than 2100 nukes, irradiating the planet), they'll do just as they please. Its the new religion folks and it aint going away.
  6. Pistol p


    Just got the email message. Luckily I've shifted a bulk of my kit. Shame though as it was handy due to the ease of advertising.
  7. Pistol p


    Take their parents and meter out the same as the sheep got for punishment. if they both appear, then the grand parents will do. **** kids come from **** parents.
  8. Pistol p

    No easy life

    Real men. Could you that? Don’t think I could or want to.
  9. This book came up recently on al Murray and James Holland’s podcast ‘we have ways of making you talk’. They took a reading from 12 books over Xmas and highly recommend this one. I think I’ll have a crack at some of spike milligans wartime accounts as well.
  10. This easily resolved by waiting two and a half years and buying a completed one at a local car boot sale for 50p. Viz toptip.
  11. Yes please , send over payment details please.
  12. The guy used to sell the bangers on this site too. The guy used to sell the bangers on this forum too.
  13. There’s stacks of guns and kit for sale under the hunting, sporting and shooting categories on free ads. I’ve sold a lot of kit on there recently. I bought a bulk of “ bird scarers “ off of free ads last year. Cheap and effective.
  14. I’ve got one of the above. It excellent value for money, but a pain if you set up near thorn bushes.
  15. Great shots. This planet is wasted on us.
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