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  1. Ah yes, bicycles. I remember them. I then grew up, learned to drive and got a car or 10.
  2. He'll be on that " I'm a celebrity on cooking island" next week. 'Cuz ees faymurse innit.
  3. Good news. I used wd40 then spent 5 minutes trying and twisting the key in the lock. Finally a few good belts with a piece of hard wood and hammer and, hey presto, it rolled open. So thanks for your suggestions and time. Job done, pigeon pie coming up.
  4. I've been watching a sparrowhawk here today in Benalmádena. I'm up about 100ft and hes been looking for the sparrows that are dust bathing, the swifts and parakeets have been mobbing him but he hasn't given up.
  5. We've got a couple of these in the remaining council owed houses. All of them are big ol girls with at least three kids each, one has seven. The local close community has gone to pot since their arrival. No really wants to be here now, I've lived here for 48 years. I actually watched my house being built and moved in when it came up for sale 25 years ago. I hate it now. These mothers have no control over their kids, the absent fathers drop in to mount them on occasion, and then go back to their 3 bed house to sleep of their depression. Jeremy kyle would love here. But when their parents turn up to visit in their mobility cars tapping their crutches past our house ( all of them longer than me), its not hard to see that fruit never fall far from the tree. It's disturbing how these useless disgusting fat bodies are allowed to thrive. I'm probably too sentimental, its just that 80 years ago a lot of young men were about to commit their lives for a cause that would allow these type of people to exist, and they haven't even got the decency to stand up on their back legs and try to improve themselves.
  6. Hello mate, my email is mrssr@me.com. Thanks for that, I'll take a look when I'm back in the country. Thanks again. Pete.
  7. Typical, we've been given the clear to shoot and I've found that I can't unlock my gun cabinet!. Its a Bratton Sound 5 gun safe, about 12 years old. I wonder if someone with the same would be good enough to take a picture of the rear of the door, preferably the bottom lock. I do keep other valuables in there and I'm hoping something has moved and obscured the mechanism. Here's hoping as the silenced air gun needs a break. Thanks in advance.
  8. Pistol p

    F1 question

    what would Niki Lauda have done/said? He used to have a foot in both camps. Jackie Stewart has passed verdict, correctly. The race was won before it finished, the stewards handed the victory to a man who stopped racing and happily took it. It was pathetic.
  9. Pistol p

    The 1980's

    Love it. Brings back the easier years in life.
  10. I’ve noticed some of this around the spinneys on our shoot. When I mentioned it to the farmer he said it was probably badgers digging out bees. He said it’s a shame we’re not allowed to shoot them. We can, however, hit them on the head with a shovel. I laughed. He was serious.
  11. Just a nice day out together, somewhere you can both enjoy. Good memories are priceless.
  12. Yes I saw that. I want to see a magazine with English dolphins on it as well.
  13. Pistol p

    National Service

    At the age of 18 EVERY British citizen should have to do 2 years national service with either the police, fire or ambulance services. This way we would know that they existed due to NI payments, they would be competent in life saving skills and would respect themselves and others at a higher level. Alternatively we could just keep encouraging them to shuffle around the streets in tracksuits, starring at phones whilst worshipping kickball men.
  14. Pistol p

    35 Dakotas

    Thanks for that. I'm aiming to be near Coggeshall for about 2pm, hope I'm lucky.
  15. Pistol p

    35 Dakotas

    35 C-47 Dakotas will be leaving Duxford on Wednesday at approximately 1340hr. They will head to Colchester then Southend on Sea crossing into Kent passing Maidstone then Eastbourne at 1450hrs. They will cross the English Channel to Le Havre, on to Sannerville where they will deploy the parachutists and final land at Caen at 1545hrs. I can't manage to pull up the map, if someone can help I'd be grateful. It'll be something to see. Godspeed to them.
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