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  1. Pistol p

    HMS Belfast

    Any information you'd like can be acquired by contacting Michael Overton, he runs an association covering the Yangtze incident. My father is to be seen standing on top of the bridge in this picture taken from a pathe news reel. It was shown in cinemas, my mum saw it and commented on " the idiot standing on the tower". A year later they meet for the first time outside the same cinema in Colchester and were married for 55 years.
  2. Pistol p

    HMS Belfast

    Yes, dad did watch "some" of it. He said it was twaddle. It didn't show how the rear admiral, who was aboard to negotiate the release of the HMS Amethyst, was hiding in X turret and refused to come out. It was subsequently hit and damaged. Or how the white sheets that were draped along the sides of the ship and super structure to show peaceful intent had to be pulled down, ripped and used to stuff the shrapnel wounds of the injured crew men. The Chinese were using horse drawn cavalry and would set up a rolling bombardment, the London returned fire with 8 inch and 4 inch guns using up to 400 rounds. London did retreat with considerable damage. It eventually returned to Hong Kong to be de-ammunitioned, fuelled and sent to Chatham for damaged assessment. It was considered beyond repair and sent to Barrow-in-Furness to be broken up for scrap. The end of the "Lovely London ". 15 killed. 93 wounded.
  3. Pistol p

    HMS Belfast

    I used to love trips to the city and tours of the Belfast. My dad would wind up the curators, many who had actively served on the Belfast, by calling it "a crabby old tub". My dad served on HMS London, a superior county class heavy cruiser, from 46 to 49 when the Chinese filled her full of holes from shore artillery on the Yangtze River during a rescue mission. I've got some excellent pictures of the ships he served on.
  4. Pistol p

    plastic polution rant

    Yep. Naughty stuff that plastic. It'll be the end of mankind as sure a day. And yet governments around the world have detonated over 2600 nuclear weapons since 1945 which have led to vast amounts of radiation and global warming. I think one of them even scorched a dolphin once. But nothing about that.
  5. Pistol p

    Bruised pigeon breast

    You got shot it with shotgun mate. How damaged don't you want your pigeons.
  6. Pistol p

    Employee woes..

    A friend in employment law has always said, when possible, use your sexuality, colour, genre, age, religion, creed, disability and health as weapons in an employment dispute. Use them to your advantage and their disadvantage.
  7. Pistol p

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    If this is the height of your problems, then you've got it easy.
  8. Pistol p

    Hawke sidewinder

    I've got a sidewinder 30, 10x42 in the box if interested. £160 posted.
  9. Pistol p

    spray underseal

    If its got to be bulletproof try upol raptor, its mixed in a two pack form and is incredibly tough when cured.
  10. Pistol p

    PCP Compressor

    Thats handy to know.
  11. Pistol p

    moped scum, gloves off?

    I think I have a higher point of empathy than yourself. I agree that these moped scum should be hung at dawn and their families thrashed within an inch of their lives. My correlation come from the fact that a family member had his knee cap sliced off and then with the resulting trauma, had the remaining limb amputated. Whilst riding home from work. While trying to make a living. So life is a bit hard for him now. And so while watching the video of mugs being dispatched from scooters by the plod, I thought, because I can, **** me that looks painful. And I related that to my nephew and his fore coming troubles. Hang on a minute, why am I explaining myself to someone like you. It generally ends up in a slanging match with bad spelling on your behalf. I have no more time for you, sir.
  12. Pistol p

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Yes, we all know this. What's your point?
  13. Pistol p

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Yes, criminals generally do that type of thing.
  14. Pistol p

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Do you know, i really want to revel in this and laugh at the chavvy scum. But I can't. My nephew has just been involved in an accident where someone knocked him off of his motorcycle on the way home from work. As result he was badly injured breaking a hand, arm and leg. They took his leg off because the trauma was extensive. He is 37 with two young kids and a mortgage.
  15. Pistol p

    Waetherproof Padlock

    Chubb battleship. It'll cost you though.