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    Shooting, land rovers and carp fishing.
  1. The carp porter by prestige can handle rough terrain. One of my carp syndicates is accessed across a field and this is regularly ploughed! nice thing about the carp porter is it folds up flat and will fit in a car. I also used mine to carry 5 days worth of camping gear, food, clothes etc. from the car park to the camping area at the download festival, best part of a mile and a half, it has managed 3 years worth of that as well. That is challenging terrain and with my Mrs going too, heavily loaded!
  2. It is made by a company called Prestige, and the model is carp porter. They also do powered carp porters if you have the budget, they have a really good reputation also. http://www.carp-porter.com/
  3. Hi all, new to pigeon watch but from what I've seen so far a truly informative forum. Looking forward to gaining and sharing knowledge and experiences with you all. I've been shooting for over 30 years now, pigeon decoying for the last 6 years or so, but still of the opinion that you cant know it all.... Regards Dave...
  4. The difference in colour on the fud's is the difference between the hen (darker ones) and the cock birds. It says on the fold up tabs that go underneath.. Have done the mod on a few of mine with 1.5 mm stainless steel tig welding rods, works great, a little movement in a breeze. Going to do the other 20 with 3mm welding rods soon..
  5. Gents, check out carp porter, they arent cheap but will outlast the one mentioned previously several times. How do I know? Along with my longterm shooting habit, carp fishing is the alternative addiction. I've had the same carp porter for 9 years or so, my carp gear weighs an awful lot more than all my pigeon shooting gear. Fortunately though I have the farmers blessing to drive my landy anywhere on my permission. Otherwise the carp porter would have a second job to cope with...
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