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  1. Let me check if I have 25 or 30mm. They are high or extra high and no use to me at the moment
  2. I’d really appreciate any recommendations for cerakoting in the Northants, Oxon, Beds, Herts and Bucks area. I’m looking to get some done and think recommendations are worth asking for. Thanks in advance James
  3. I haven’t received mine and haven’t had a reply to my PM asking about it. Can you let me know what’s happened please?
  4. I’ll take a pair 1x Black/Green 1x Black/Orange not too fussed if you’ve run out of one colour. message me you Bank details and I’ll transfer it and send you my address.
  5. Are these still for sale? It the price for the pair or each?
  6. Keith I would consider it for a decent offer, get in touch if you are interested. James
  7. Thanks Edd. It's probably my most useful vehicle that gets used for all sorts of stuff. I've priced it to sell, it's never been a farm or builders truck and feels like it will last forever but it's not a mint condition, lovingly polished every Sunday kind of truck.
  8. 54 reg Mitsubishi L200 Warrior pick-up 2.5td 130k miles 11 months MOT I've had this pick-up for a couple of years for shooting, tip runs etc. It comes with the canopy shown in one of the pictures below. It had the head gasket changed at 127k miles and for the last MOT had new brakes lines fitted and an emissions treatment. Has General Grabber AT tyres all round. A few small niggles just being listed for complete openess: Rear tyres are down to about 3/4mm, Small dent in front drivers side wing, Front fog lights knackered - glass gone and housing corroded, electric
  9. Are these 3” chamber and steel shot proof?
  10. Is the Laurona you have up for sale proofed for steel shot (HP steel - fleur de lys symbol)?



  11. Jeep Grand Cherokee is worth looking at. If it’s only going to be used for low mileage use get the V8 and joy the sound. The 4.0 straight six is indestructible and the purchase prices are low because the big engines put people off
  12. There are markings on the barrel, you might have to take it apart to see them. Sometimes it clearly says in lettering “proofed for steel shot”, others will have a small fleur-de-lys symbol alongside the other marks (various other proof marks and numbers like 12-76 showing its 12 bore and 76mm chambers).
  13. Is it proofed for steel shot being 2005? Sorry if this is obvious, I’ve only had much older and much newer guns
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