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  1. I'm in a new build and my only option was to bung it in the loft attached to the joists. FLO was fine with it, but did wack his face on the hatch on the way down, must have left a bruise!
  2. I personally wouldn't do it, especially if it's been gut shot in which case they should be done straight away. It takes no time atall to gut and skin a rabbit or pheasant, I don't see why you wouldn't bother preparing them before they go in the freezer.
  3. I used them end of last season and got on really well with them. Never changed the chokes in the gun I use most so couldn't comment on it, but I was putting them through quarter and half and bringing down some screamers (for me)
  4. I cured a load I had last time and made a goose pastrami. not a lot of effort involved but it does take a while, but it was very very good
  5. I have a 12g Hatsan Luxano, and it has a really really short stock, it's been fired three times since I got it to see if it cycled lol, and sat in the cabinet since, it was one of those impulse buys and I don't want or need it lol. I'll have a look for you tomorrow
  6. Brewdog do have some fantastic beer, but I must admit the punk IPA is foul tasting, and bloody strong
  7. Should have given me a call wingman! Seem to recall last time I shot in your company I didn't do too badly 😂
  8. I used 32g 5's at the end of last season, brilliant cartridge in my opinion
  9. Geo, you can book single guns, it says so on the six mile bottom website
  10. I'm gonna have to book a day there for August I reckon
  11. Reading the field magazine earlier this evening, and saw an article about simulated game days, one venue being six mile bottom in Cambridge. Anyone been on one of these days before? It's something I'm seriously considering doing and at 175 quid a pop including lunch and dinner I'd be more than happy to go and give it a whirl pre season.
  12. Sorry for your loss, I lost my dad 7 weeks ago, and it does really bloody hurt especially how close we were. All I can say is time will heal, keeping yourself busy helped for me anyway, I started an extremely stressful job 2 days after. It does get easier. Condolences to you and your family
  13. Went the last 2 years and was thinking of going this year, but decided yesterday that me and the missus will go clay shooting instead. Quite a long trip for us, and last year it wasn't all that in my opinion, very much the same as previous years and hardly any guns
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