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  1. Well said. I am a firm believer that the most stupid question out there is the one not asked. If you don't know or don't understand something ask someone that does! I will confess I don't everything but I'm not afraid to ask someone that does. There are many on here who have much more shooting knowledge than me but I will admit reading some of the blunt responses on this post I sometimes don't want to ask for fear getting some to the initial responses the op got. Getting more knowledge is why I joined the forum
  2. If the draper one is anything like the 18v drills I had back along stay clear of them. The drill proved to be absolute garbage and I feel bad as they where a gift from my dad.
  3. I shoot at a small clay club once a month. My average is currently 62% I know this as we keep scores and I record the ongoing handicaps. It's not competitive and we all shoot for the fun of shooting. I used to obsess about the numbers and tried to better myself but that obsession made me reluctant to go at all. I know go for the laugh and to chat with friends. The clays are second and the score is totally unimportant. Enjoy the shooting first and the scores will sort themselves out
  4. Jbob

    Best vacuum

    Another happy Henry user here too. We have 2 of them one up stairs and one down stairs. Both very good and very robust. I drove over one once and we're still using it.
  5. All joined up. Alway a good fun
  6. Didn't bother. I just waited for the GL situation to be handled properly
  7. Ive used no6 through a 12 to dispatch sheep in the past. As said before back of the head and they drop with no suffering.
  8. Ive always had very good service from D&C when renewing and applying for FAC and SGC. FEO for my area is very efficient and a pleasure to talk to. When I moved house I sent my licence in for updating, in 2 days they called and asked where the cabinet was situated, 2 days later licence was posted through my door. Can ask for much more. Keep up the good work D&C.
  9. Jbob

    Niki Lauda RIP

    Very sad news. I'm too young to have seen him race but know how dangerous the era of F1 was back then. He was driver, engineer and sportsman of the highest order and will be sorely missed. RIP Niki Lauda 🏎️
  10. Congrats, well worth the wait. Happy shooting 👍
  11. That is a beaut. My brother has an MG midget and my dad has a rather nice MGB GT (1.8) and TF. As you can tell they are MG fans lol. Lets hope we get a nice summer to get them out of the garage.
  12. Pal of mine is constantly complaining he cant get a gun to fit. He has tried monte stocks, adjustable stocks. He has now fitted a trap stock to his browning and about to order a custom high rib to fit onto it. I have no idea if this will work but time will tell. He likes to shoot sporting and DTL.
  13. My thought exactly. Signing it is a declaration that you have checked it and happy with the contents. Send it back unsigned, tell them whats wrong with it and wait for the corrected copy to be sent back.
  14. Luck is one thing you need. My boss was 1pt ahead of me going into the last GW. I scored 59 and he scored 58. We both finished on 2102 pts 😂 I hope we have some more teams next yr too and maybe a continuing thread for some laugh too.
  15. I have been trying to chase you down in HtH since easter but couldn't quite catch you. We also swapped places in the league too. Im pretty happy with 3rd in HtH and 4th in the league. Was a great season. Cant wait for next season.
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