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  1. Jbob

    Gun Auctions

    Tbh I would agree with this. I was lucky with my 22RF in that it was a steal. I know of an AYA sxs going for £50 privately. Thats got to be worth look 🤔
  2. Jbob

    Gun Auctions

    I found this with my local auction. You do have to sift the wheat from the carp. I bought my Brno Mod 2 at auction for the princely sum of £18 inc commission. That was a good buy and has made for a lovely project gun. All the other stuff is either good but fetched very good prices or rubbish fetching ...........good but silly prices.
  3. Ive had the same chokes in my gun since i bought it (CYL&1/4). Its a multi choke. I do take them out for a clean but they same ones go straight back in. I did experiment once and changed them. Couldn't hit a barn door, probably me more than the chokes and the gun. Still changed them back though.
  4. This is a very good point. Im with CCC3. I mainly clay shoot but it covers me for more should I wish to do it and country pursuits too which is.
  5. Useful video and may answer some of the questions you have.
  6. Jbob

    Ammo safe

    Basic B&Q home safe. https://www.diy.com/departments/smith-locke-8-5l-cylinder-mechanical-safe/1761459_BQ.prd FEO more than satisfied. Bolted beside my gun safe. There is a larger one if you need to store lots of ammo. Mines just for RF so I find 8.5l enough
  7. No probs. I forgot these shops in the area with good reps http://www.bluefoxglade.co.uk/ https://www.laddsguns.com/ and UK gun repairs http://www.####.co.uk/
  8. Some clay grounds and shops local to me that might be worth adding. http://www.cart-ridge.co.uk/ http://www.shootingincornwall.co.uk/ http://www.highviewclayshoot.co.uk/ shops: https://www.ianhodgefieldsports.co.uk/shop/index.php and a small shop but the owner is a good gunsmith and very helpful http://www.tamarfieldandstream.co.uk/
  9. Everything I've read and watched suggests they are a good buy and punch above their weight. Like I said I will be interested in your thoughts if you go ahead and buy one 👍
  10. They are just up the road from me. I must confess I haven't been to see them yet but based on the above reviews I may well find a reason to visit next time I'm passing (which might be soon).
  11. Ive done both mounted at floor level and above skirting. The feo signed both off with out question. The above skirting install sat on bricks and bolted the cabinet to the wall. The floor level ones were easy as there was no skirting luckily. Bit you could cut the skirting quite easily if you wanted.
  12. I'll be following this thread. I saw them advertised last year and thought they looked very good. Some really good reviews on YouTube too. It seams if you do buy, buy from a UK dealer and not straight from China though. If you do take the plunge please post a review as I'm of putting put one of the fixed mag scopes on my .22rf
  13. Yep. At that point I had some hill Billy banjo music running through my head, not sure why but it seamed appropriate
  14. Taught me not what to do 👍🙊
  15. Couldn't agree more. From his video it's clear has a PhD in mental health *cough*
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