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  1. Congrats, well worth the wait. Happy shooting 👍
  2. That is a beaut. My brother has an MG midget and my dad has a rather nice MGB GT (1.8) and TF. As you can tell they are MG fans lol. Lets hope we get a nice summer to get them out of the garage.
  3. Pal of mine is constantly complaining he cant get a gun to fit. He has tried monte stocks, adjustable stocks. He has now fitted a trap stock to his browning and about to order a custom high rib to fit onto it. I have no idea if this will work but time will tell. He likes to shoot sporting and DTL.
  4. My thought exactly. Signing it is a declaration that you have checked it and happy with the contents. Send it back unsigned, tell them whats wrong with it and wait for the corrected copy to be sent back.
  5. Luck is one thing you need. My boss was 1pt ahead of me going into the last GW. I scored 59 and he scored 58. We both finished on 2102 pts 😂 I hope we have some more teams next yr too and maybe a continuing thread for some laugh too.
  6. I have been trying to chase you down in HtH since easter but couldn't quite catch you. We also swapped places in the league too. Im pretty happy with 3rd in HtH and 4th in the league. Was a great season. Cant wait for next season.
  7. Jbob

    Playing with guns

    Based on this I will have to stop playing wild west games with my daughter. Shame I have finally got a convincing dying act now 😂
  8. Jbob

    Playing with guns

    Im in this camp. They are playing cops and robbers with props. I pointed my cap gun at my brother numerous times growing up playing cowboys. If this is wrong then lets ban laser quest, paint ball and airsoft. If we all start picking fault in pictures like this we may as well give up now. On a positive point least they haven't got their fingers on the trigger.
  9. I notes the paragraph mentioning logs being kept and being able to prove your actions to NE officers or police. Seams we will have to dress as a wurzle and sit in the field with straw in our hair. I guessing the other licences will be in much the same vain. Try non lethal methods to scare them then use shooting as a last resort while keeping a log of your actions throughout
  10. Some one will correct if I'm wrong but you sit the target on the bead to see it. If you pattern a shot gun and place the bead on a dot 60-70% of the shot goes above the dot and the remainder below. Least thats what my lanber does. Problem I have is sitting the target on the bead, they dont hold still long enough 😂
  11. I listened to radio 4 and took from it that Mr Avery is not looking for a ban on shooting vermin just to sort areas of legality in the GL. Thought he some well. Both parties (wj and ca) were disappointed to rep from NE would speak. I don't think it's all doom. Let's wait and see what's released by NE on the 29th
  12. Thats a very good point. I hadn't thought of that. 1200 litres doesnt really sound a lot in the grand scheme of things. Say you use it over summer to just for hot water the you may be looking a approx £750-1000 a year? £250 a quarter? I think I worked out that wood pellets would cost something similar. However the RHI payments could be put towards paying that (if you happy to write off the idea of getting the boiler paid for by government) and let the government pay for running the boiler. The problem I have is my wife has been diagnosed with Fybro and I want to be able to keep the house at a steady tempurature and have sufficent hot water all day long. My dad has had an oil Combi boiler fitted last yr and is raving about how nice the winter was. I pal of min said dont go for a combi but have a condensing boiler. Hes a plumber and doesnt like combi's. Do you have any research on them thats made you want to go the wood pellet route or is it just whats more common locally so the obvious choice? Thanks again folks for all the usefull input. I only want to this once and so want to make the right choice. The wife would go with whats cheapest option so she can spent the rest of the money on a new bathroom though.
  13. Thanks of the input so far guys, it's much appreciated. Mains glass isn't an option. Oil is going to be a cheaper in stall. I only need the boiler and the tank. The only concern I have with oil is the volatile nature of the price. I had an oil fired Rayburn in my last property. The wood pellet option is attractive with the rhi payments. Storage for bulk buy isn't a problem. I would use my log shed to store bags of pellets. I done mind a little labour to fill the hopper but the work I do at the moment with my wood burner is getting tiresome. How much oil do you get through? We live in an 3 bed ex council 1955 block built semi detached on the edge of Bodmin.
  14. Hi folks My wood burner has developed a leak between the back boiler and the fire box. I have been advised that it has reached the end of its life and need replacing. I have been told it could be repaired but I have decided I don't want this system to heat my house and supply hot water anymore. To much hassle, too inefficient and too much money to keep the house warm. I am considering an external oil combi boiler but will need a tank installed as well. Alternatively I am considering a wood pellet boiler. This is the expensive option but it does provide something nice to look at if you chose the right model and is a bit more eco friendly plus there are the RHI payments to consider which are a good incentive. Does anyone have any experience with wood pellet boilers? Any installers on here? Does anyone have any advice on running costs and how well they heat the house etc? I would like a system that I can run easily and provide good heating. It needs to be responsive and easy to control. All thoughts welcome.
  15. This is true. Notify the FEO at the start and end of the period your hold your mates gun for. I my case it was the police who put them on my licence. We just had to notify them when I gave them back (when he got his ticket back )
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