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  1. No one, I got it home and just put the one on that I had, if it’s somewhere near then I’ll go to my local fitter and get it measured properly, if not I’ll play around a bit more until I’m happy before going to see him.
  2. Army and navy 12 bore, Boxlock non ejector and a W richards case bought at auction today. apologies for the black tape but it’s just holding a temporary butt pad to work out the required extension
  3. Well in the end I’ve picked up a nice army and navy Boxlock non ejector from halls, paid £140 all in and I’m very pleased! It’s a tad short but I’ve a nice block of ebony looking for a good home in the garage! pics to follow once I’m home
  4. I don’t actually, apparently they’re like rocking horse droppings with hens teeth in...
  5. If you’ve already got a scope and have £650 to spend have a look at the bergara b14, you should be able to find one brand new in your budget and they’re amazing rifles, outshoot most custom builds!
  6. A set of lee .303 dies with full length and neck sizing dies, factory crimp and bullet seating die. £30 lee quick trim case trimmer with .303 die £10 100+ once fired ppu .303 brass £15
  7. After looking at the catalogue there’s nothing there that really takes my fancy anyway but thanks for the offer!
  8. As above, in excellent condition with 2 small marks on the tube but the glass is spotless. £375 posted
  9. They’re cracking scopes, just I’ve moved to a tract and need to pay my dad back haha
  10. That’s why I’m wary of auctions as the majority are to far away to travel to with the risk of coming back empty handed, and I will not buy sight unseen. ryedake is only a 90 min drive so I think ill have a drive down and I know enough to pick up most faults so feel fairly safe about it....
  11. Brand new and never used .22 hornet dies by lee full length sizing die bullet seating die factory crimp die Powder scoop case holder £30 posted
  12. Thanks for the tip, I’ll have a look now!
  13. People need to let me know where these unicorns are! move been looking for about 2 months and there’s nothing of any note for that sort of money in my area
  14. Evening all, ive been to look at one of the above guns and I’m tempted to buy it, I can’t find any obvious issues, the barrels ring, wood to metal fit is good, no chewed screws etc. Clean bores and a reasonable fit, but would benefit from a small extension. it’s a Boxlock non ejector and I can get it for £370 does this sound reasonable?
  15. I don’t know what it is but the bsa’s just aren’t catching my eye...
  16. I thought that would be the general consensus, if anyone has any leads on a nice English gun for sub £250 then let me know please
  17. Morning all I’m interested in getting this gun from a local shop, I’ve noticed this gap between the stock and action and was wandering how much of an issue this is and if I should walk away? ive not been in to look yet as it’s still an hour drive away. jamie
  18. As above, in excellent condition with 2 small marks on the tube but the glass is spotless. £400 and willing to post. open to offers.
  19. As above, in excellent condition with just 2 small marks on the tube as can be seen in the photos, no scratches or marks at all on the lenses. £450 posted
  20. County Durham mate, I’m happy to post though County Durham mate, I’m happy to post though.
  21. As above excellent condition, 1 small mark on the tube as seen in the photos, lenses immaculate with no marks or scratches. only selling as I’ve upgraded to a more tactical type scope. £450 Ono
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