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  1. Ditchman, while you are getting a few sensible and informed answers here, most are regurgitating old myths and ill-informed opinion. You would get better advice on an EV forum like this one: SpeakEV I got an EV for rather selfish reasons, rather than any noble environmental concerns (though there are genuine benefits, despite the naysayers). It has, to my surprise, been a revelation. For your purposes, an EV should be ideal.
  2. Also interested in what network/unlocked. What memory capacity and what is the current battery health report in "Settings"? Thanks.
  3. That's exactly why I went for their "Go" tariff. Easy compromise without having to nag wife/kids about timings of usage nor buy loads of tech kit to save pennies over the pounds I'm already saving. Edit: For anyone who wants to switch, if you use this referral code you get £50 off your bill (as do I!) share.octopus.energy/blond-sage-128
  4. As per my post above, negative pricing already occurs and those on the Octopus Agile tariff get paid to use power at those times. This is a fact, so you don’t need to envisage it. You can download the OctopusWatch app if you fancy monitoring the prices “live”, out of curiosity. On Octopus’s website you can also download the previous year’s prices for your area (hour by hour- so make plenty of coffee!) to get an idea of hourly costs and how they vary. These negative-price periods are rare, however, and to get the most out of such a tariff requires more involvement than my fa
  5. Octopus Agile already has negative pricing periods ("plunge events") where Smart meter users can make (a little bit of) money by using power. Eg. Charging up a power wall or equivalent (like a re-purposed old EV battery array) for use in peak periods (4-7pm) You should Google that (both source of lithium and battery development) You can recycle/repurpose EV batteries (see above) more than you can oil. There is a lot of misinformation about EVs, smart meters etc. People seem to be happy to regurgitate this stuff without actually fact checking or doing their own research
  6. We have second gen smart meter. It's been good and we've saved money on Octopus Go tariff.
  7. Thanks and we'll done! Could I have the small gillet for my teenage daughter, unless you think it would swamp her (she's 16 and likes things to be on the loose side.) Very Happy to donate to RBL!
  8. Are the red and the dark green (?) North Face Jacket's waterproof? Would you do a discount for the pair?
  9. I reported this user- he approached me in response to my wanted ad for a PRS stock. This is not an unusual modus operandi; it happens on other forums. They PM you giving an email address of their good friend who is selling just what you want at a low price. You can do your own detective work and have a bit of fun with them too. Pictures they send can be searched for and foto-forensics will help reveal photoshopping (in this case the metadata/exif info revealed that Photoshop CS6 was the last-used program to save the images.) I found the original images were li
  10. Dear all, I’m looking for a Magpul PRS Stock (prefer Gen 3) with all original fittings as it’s going to be used for a Ruger Precision Rifle.
  11. I'm looking for a 5/8UNF (5/8x18) bridge for a Wildcat Evo moderator.I would swap for my unused 1/2UNF bridge.Thanks.
  12. Wash your mouth out! Greta would weep at the three freezers I run for game meat!
  13. I think we can all agree that the motives of politicians are not necessarily transparent nor in the best interests of the average member of the public. They also tend to have city-centric views.
  14. Interesting you should say that. The Octopus Agile tariff (already available and in use) tracks wholesale electricity prices and this is reflected in the price the consumer pays for electricity. Because the grid, and particularly wind power, often has a surplus at off-peak times (night), Octopus actually pays the consumer to charge their EV (or run tumble dryer, or charge power wall etc.) Furthermore, VTG (vehicle to grid) can allow owners of EVs and powerwalls to charge cheap (night) and then sell back to the grid at high peak (4-7pm, for eg.) Likewise usi
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