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  1. Wash your mouth out! Greta would weep at the three freezers I run for game meat!
  2. I think we can all agree that the motives of politicians are not necessarily transparent nor in the best interests of the average member of the public. They also tend to have city-centric views.
  3. Interesting you should say that. The Octopus Agile tariff (already available and in use) tracks wholesale electricity prices and this is reflected in the price the consumer pays for electricity. Because the grid, and particularly wind power, often has a surplus at off-peak times (night), Octopus actually pays the consumer to charge their EV (or run tumble dryer, or charge power wall etc.) Furthermore, VTG (vehicle to grid) can allow owners of EVs and powerwalls to charge cheap (night) and then sell back to the grid at high peak (4-7pm, for eg.) Likewise using car to power house at peak time, avoiding high tariff from grid, then charge car at night. Those who have solar can combine EV battery, power wall (which may in future use repurposed EV batteries) and VTG to flex their energy use to improve self-sufficiency or just minimise costs. These scenarios do not require the owner to run back and forth, plugging in cars and setting timers, the tech and software already exist. There is huge potential already and yet we are only on the bottom rung of the ladder. Re-read this thread in 10years, maybe even 5 years. I think it will be amusing, unless we all got killed-off by Coronavirus. For those who talk about cobalt, lithium, shifting pollution, hydrogen is better, slow charging, limited battery life, battery-swap doesn’t exist yet, etc... ...do a bit of digging and test your opinions. Lies and misinformation are being spread by all “sides” but the most honest/least dishonest seems to be the pure electric option (as opposed to the “self-charging hybrids” and hydrogen/hydrogen fuel-cell options). While the naysayers stand stand on the sidelines, sniping and moaning, the visionaries and smart investors (look at Tesla stock/company value) are quietly getting on with proving them wrong. Flight will be a big hurdle, which is why I’m all in favour of any non-oil based fuel for vehicle use: we are going need the remaining oil for planes.
  4. Already exists. Google Nio battery swap. Currently only in China but EVs are in their infancy and development is moving fast. There is a lot of misinformation about EVs out there, both positive and negative. Most of the negatives are being solved and some are just myths. I have been guilty of perpuating a lot of a lot of these myths as I had a very sceptical view of EVs . Ironically, in the process of fact-checking my opinions, I’ve come to realise that there are a lot of smart people and a lot of money working to advance the tech. It’s much more advanced than I had realised, though consumers won’t see the “petrol/diesel parity” for a few years yet. I don’t own an EV but now I find myself looking forward to the day when I do. I’m not really sure why I was so entrenched in my opposition to them now.
  5. It is difficult to guarantee that the scope will have enough adjustment as the top of the rifle's action is not always true to the bore (eg barrel droop.) I have had no problem dialling to 600m and beyond with 223Rem, 20inch barrel, 77gr bullets, using a Vortex PST with a 30mm main tube n a 0moa mount. However, using a scope at any extreme of its adjustment range is not ideal so, since you are going to need mounts/bases anyway, why not get a 20moa base/rail or use the Burris Signature Zee rings (or better yet, XTR) and get up to 40moa extra elevation (depending on ring separation.) BTW, the XTR are pricier (often around £60 secondhand, though) but include a set of inserts and are very solid, whereas the Signature Zee rings are lighter weight, cheaper but don't contain the offset inserts. Both are kind to scope tubes.
  6. What an extraordinary game. 31:0 at half time to a 38:38 finish. Johnson timed that side-step perfectly for Scotland's last try. England did well to dig deep and engineered that last try under pressure of the clock. Seems grossly unfair that Scotland (and Italy, for that matter) are at the bottom of the table. Makes you realise that you aren't safe at halftime (as I'm sure many Welsh supporters like me thought we were) even with a sizeable lead. God I love rugby
  7. I was there with my Dad and son. Wales won 22:9 Fantastic day, great memories that get a bit blurry for events after the game (my Dad took my son home before shenanigans got too disreputable!) The Irish were magnanimous (and sloshed) in defeat! Wish I was in Cardiff tonight! My prediction of a close game was wrong, though penalties certainly played a roll! Da iawn, pob!
  8. Shame about the roof, though it's understandable Ireland want it open. Would have made for a better game closed. I'm sure Ireland will have taken notes during the second-half of the Wales/Scotland game and noted the strong Welsh defence but also the effectiveness of well-placed grub kicks and chips by the Scots to create opportunity. The game could go either way and I'm sure it will be close. Maintaining discipline will be crucial: the game could be won by a timely penalty (or drop goal, for that matter.) Cymru am Byth!
  9. It has all the vowels in alphabetical order, if that helps?!
  10. Pics now it's off the rifle- unsurprisingly the Optiloks have left no marks :
  11. Hi, I'm near Swansea, if that's any help! As for postage protection, I have ample suitable boxes and padding (they are strong scopes, too!) and would post insured, of course.
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