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  1. steyrman


    I have a Hawke Panarama 4-16x50 AOir in very near mint condition but no sunshade or box looking for a swap for a 3-12 or 4-16 mag side focus scope possible cash adjustment
  2. As titled for swap for bigger mag scope of similar value comes with special connect mount
  3. Near new £30 plus P+P
  4. I don't know about cheap I looked a few months ago £1800 each for bed and breakfast now I would really like to go but not at those prices and that was for a week only
  5. Dave had done lots of work for me he's very good and very reasonable
  6. Pns vomz or the like it's only for short distance.22 rim fire
  7. I have a Beretta Urika 2 and a Mk 1 Hatsan escort which was a lot cheaper than the Beretta has cycled without fault for 9 years and wouldn't hesitate to own another
  8. steyrman

    Gout !!!!!!!

    I've had it many times i couldn't let a feather float down on it big toe and elbow I'm sweating now just thinking about it nasty nasty
  9. Just bought 2 for the 10" Lenovo yoga from Amazon
  10. I have a Beretta urika 2 20 bore it cycles anything but have heard nothing but great stories on the Armsan 620a you pay your money and take a chance
  11. Shame as i have a viper scope I want rid of
  12. Got the t-shirt on This one didn't even see it coming he even got his mate permission at the same time as himself !!!!
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