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  1. Just managed to get my medical cert done aftee a five week wait! Doctor waived the fee as it had taken so long. My question is,are there any up to date proccessing times for Devon Cornwall? Phoned them today,they told me they were just waiting for the medical cert before processing,but no ideas on time scale.
  2. As in title.Just over half full. £10.00 Collection only. Newton Abbot or Exeter. A Black Powder Certificate with UN0499 listed is required to purchase this powder.
  3. flyeruk

    Rifle Slip

    Hi Yes thats no problem If we say £14.00 including postage,is that ok?
  4. As above £5.00 Collected
  5. flyeruk

    Rifle Slip

    Rifle slip, fleece lined, 52"Virtually new £10.00 collected.
  6. This is for a set of Napier Pro 9 Ear Defenders. Not used for some time as given up shooting. They come with a new set of ear cuffs and the cuffs on the defenders haven't been used. £15.00 collected or £17.50 delivered. Can collect from Exeter or Near Newton Abbot 07402 605035
  7. 3 gun Shotgun cabinet Good condition,few scratches here and there but very solid £40 Collect near Newton Abbot Devon
  8. BSA Rifle shooting bench support bags and window support bags. Both filled and in vgc £15.00 collected.
  9. 2 Jack Pyke Cartridge belts.On one of them,a cartridge pocket has come unstitched.Both have hardly been used. £10 collected or £15.00 posted
  10. Padded Rifle Slip,hardly used. £10 Collect Newton Abbot or Exeter
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