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  1. Cant stand it.Went out on Tuesday,set up on the rape stumbles,sat in my hide,it was sweltering.I had done my reconnacence,but when I set up,they all ******** off up the other end. Had another look around yesterday,but gave up,I just can't stand the heat,I wasn't designed for these temperatures. Will see what tomorrow brings,hopefully a bit cooler.
  2. Really enjoyed watching that,well done👍🤚
  3. Hopefully they will be around at the beginning of next week.Very frustrating not being able to get out there now.
  4. Went up and had a look at 8am this morning.They are coming in from the top right hsnd corner and landing in the tree half way down the left hand side. They are then feeding where the 29yard pin is situated. Thinking of setting up at the top left hand corner. Problem is,I had an operation on my wrist on Monday,had a lesion removed and now have 13 stitches in my wrist. Not going to be able to do any shooting till early next week so hoping they are still around. **** law but nothing I can do Very frustrating to say the least!!
  5. Had a long chat with my gunsmith today.We decided I'm going with 14". Cost,all in is going to be £60.00 so happy with that.
  6. Going to chat with a local gunsmith tomorrow Will let you know what he says.
  7. Thats what I was thinking.How short did you go?
  8. Just got myself the above rifle for a bit of rabbiting Its an older gun,very good condition,problem is,its as long as a broomstick with the mod on. I'm mainly going to be shooting from a 4x4 and was wondering about having it shortened. Any thoughts on this idea,and any idea on costs involved?
  9. Went up about 12.00.They were coming in from the top right hand corner,and landing pretty much in the middle. I looked at all options,apart from setting up in the middle,dont have enough nets etc for that. I decided in the end,the position I would need to be,just wasn't viable. Decided not to bother in the end as has been said,not worth the risk and don't want to lose my permission from any complaints The road is busy and there's a car park opposite which was fill with walkers etc. I'm going to wait for the other fields to be cut i have 800 acres on my perm,so will just have to be patient.
  10. Thanks,will go and have a look
  11. Bit concerned about the road.
  12. Freshly cut rape field.Measures 115mtr by 315 mtr Road on the left,they are dropping in by the pin.They are coming in from the top right hand corner.Any suggestions as to where or not to set up?
  13. Took the mossy out this morning.Have put a Hawke red dot on her. Got it zeroed in at 30 yards Really pleased with it.I used Eley Pigeon 32g fibre HV Also did a few clays,bit strange at first but soon got the hang of the red dot,its spot on. Going to be my new hide gun
  14. I recently purchased a gun from a private seller. I sent my licence,first class recorded to the seller.He filled it in and returned it,recorded The gun was taken to his rfd and sent to my rfd. I collected it from the rfd and showed my licence. A painless transaction.
  15. Just thought I would ask,how many people own the Persuader? I have only recently purchased mine and so far,really pleased with it. It's well made,solid and very smooth to use Have only shot some clays and a few rabbits with it,but already bonded with it. Wondering what other owners Opinions are of it?
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