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  1. No its not a karma sutra position I have a old MK wall plug socket that is old with the screw vertical and not horizontal I feel I need to change but the problem is Its a newly decorated wall and I dont want the spoil it but ripping out the back box. Does the sparkies on here know of outlets supplies that still selling old style sockets. Mine is working fine its just yellowed our time Thanks
  2. Id fund Corbyn and bring more Syrians in and we can fund them coming off the boat with wads of cash
  3. Im a materials buyer at work. I would hazard a guess 99% of nuts and bolts are imported. I only buy A4 stainless there mega cheap
  4. is it a 2 way or 3 way divertor valve ?
  5. We have one at work used as a monitor for site info etc and is maybe 12 months old and its broke down twice....! PSU replaced twice.................! I would take a massive swerve on Hisense. Maybe we got one that was assemble at 4.30 on a Friday afternoon but has spent more time not working than working
  6. Debbie Harry after seeing her live. I was 15
  7. No Thanks Turkish, I'm Sweet Enough
  8. After reading the topic posts of the love hate of hamilton I was wondering if when the UK bans all petrol and diesel engines cars will it be the end of petrol driven cars in sports in the UK ? I personally think they should ban petrol cars from the sport when the ban comes into force and use battery powered cars The skill will be driver and not a team or teams that have billions to spend on engines and using fuel that produces 30 bhp more than than others use with there 2015 mercedes and ferrari driven cars.......... !
  9. Can we post pictures of gun shops then ?
  10. Bradford is the place you want to visit. Plenty of curry houses and taxis to see all the attractions
  11. Tommy Robinson's book “Mohammed’s Koran” Worth a read !
  12. jonno 357

    Road Studs

    Factory is down the hill from Queensbury to Halifax on the right. Boothtown area. Still has the tree in the factory grounds. Place looks run down now and falling in bits. Not sure but I think the patent rights on cats eyes has expired now so the Chinese can make them at a fraction of the UK costs Spoons down in Happy Fax named Percy Shaw's
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