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  1. Hi Martin, several things from my experience: Are you judging the range correctly? I think range is a factor that we all struggle with in certain situations. They could be a bit further out/up than you think, and you may indeed be missing behind or the shot might not even be viable. But they might actually be a bit closer, meaning you're putting too much on them. Next time you're in your spot, have a really good ponder over it. Maybe pace out the distance from a certain tree to your shooting position, then try to get a realistic gauge of the height of the tree, remembering that as yo
  2. Definitely Brian's bird but you could have edited the sound of his gun shot out to claim it 😂 Sorry you've got the lockdown. Welcome to what we've been through for a month in England, try and stay sane 🥵 Are you getting the same as we've had, i.e. pest control/fowling/rough shooting still allowed or is it just all kaput?
  3. 5 minutes after reading that and I'm still scratching my head trying to think of an answer!
  4. Just a point to note for anyone looking at this post and wanting to have a fiddle with their TRVs. This is advice given to me by my plumber: You see the little pin which has been revealed by unscrewing the TRV cap... DO NOT pull it up! If you do it may well come out and you'll have a flood on your hands! That pin can indeed get stuck in the lower-most position, thus meaning cold radiators. The highly technical remedy applied by plumbers, after years of advanced training is..... give it a good few whacks on top with a sturdy spanner! That very often frees it up and it will rise up aga
  5. My opinions, from a modest amount of experience in the rental market: When you rent out property, you get out what you put in, the same as most other things in life. If you have the mindset that "it's only a rental" and you put a shabby property to market, you'll get shabby tenants and everything that comes with them. If you make the effort to present your property to the market in a condition over and above any similar ones available, you'll get top dollar for it and will be less likely to end up with a bad tenant. There are always exceptions to that rule, and usually those who've
  6. Hands up everyone who is the best in the world at what they do. Ooh, no hands. SSSSHHHHH!!! You can literally see the rope hanging from the tree in some peoples' comments.
  7. Maybe it would be if you set yourself up in a hawthorn hedge that had some trees with ivy growing up them, and you mounted several flappers in the hedge.... maybe put a bird table in your pattern... two loaves of bread out on the rotary, upwind?
  8. You shouldn't be looking at that bit anyway
  9. Three victims this afternoon: jam packed with haws jam packed with ivy berries nothing much except a few of what looked like small acorns plus some bird table kind of seeds and a bit of mushy stuff which smelled like bread, so I presume that had been in someone's back garden. I don't usually roost shoot this time of year but compared to Jan/Feb I'd say there were about half the number of birds I'd usually see in this location. The dogs enjoyed their dinner
  10. https://www.gov.uk/honours People who don't follow F1 closely have absolutely no understanding of the dedication, sacrifice and plain hard work it takes for a driver to even GET TO Formula 1, let alone win races... let alone win a world championship... let alone win SEVEN world championships. When a knighthood is awarded to a sportsperson, it is for carrying the British flag to the highest level in their sport. Lewis has done that, with bells on. Many people try to detract from his achievements by saying "It's not him, it's the car". Even if you have the tools you still hav
  11. I was out on the shoot from about 10 till 2:30 today. Loads of oak in the woods, still a few acorns to be found but not a pigeon in sight except the very odd single or pair passing over the top. Certainly didn't put any up off the ground. I was back up there feeding in the dark this evening and the resident herd of roe deer are walloping the stubble turnips that are supposed to be growing for the sheep to get on soon; rabbits rooting round in my straw piles for wheat; fox scarpered along a hedge as I came round the corner. But no pigeons clapping out of the trees in the two plan
  12. I clean mine before its MOT, mostly to carve the layers of mud off so they can check the rust is holding up OK. I clean it before it goes for any repair work as well as I think garages treat your car with less care and respect if you give it to them in a state.
  13. I'm not dispersing pigeons in any great numbers at all when I tour around the drives I keeper on our syndicate. Only usually a handful get up out of the game covers when I drive past, if any at all. They're somewhere! Maybe they've migrated? They could, of course, have succumbed to crow-vid-19 Taxi...
  14. There's about 25 acres of stubble turnips drilled into a couple of meadows in the middle of the patch that I keeper. It was drilled quite a bit later than is typical, I think. Early on, it was getting a bit of interest from the pigeons but I haven't seen any on it for months now. Maybe it's attractive when the leaves are young and fresh but not after it's sat a while? Maybe they just prefer something else. The shepherd will probably put his flock on it within the next month but if any survives during the leaner part of the winter I'll be able to tell if the pigeons are using it, I'm u
  15. Are there any representatives from the shooting organisations following this? Speak up and tell us if any action is being discussed (irony intended). The matter really does need investigating further. There are so many questions to be answered.
  16. My 2 pence worth: It's definitely a buzzard that got shot in that film. They can look very similar to crows from a distance when accelerating with fast wing beats but watch just before the shot, it sets its wings out to soar and that's no crow. Not crow behaviour through any of its flight captured on that film. Unless the shooter was extremely well camouflaged, a crow would have jinked away long before the shot... think how canny they are at spotting a bloke raising a gun! You can see as the bird falls it's not black but dark brown mottled with paler colour. Buzzards can vary a l
  17. 😂 some of you guys should try running a business selling your services to clients. If you think these stories are bad wait till you rely on making a living out of dealing with the variety of ****tards mentioned above!! We're surrounded by MILLIONS of them!!
  18. Well that's dinner screwed.....
  19. Can you expand on that opinion a little more?
  20. Can you please tell me what brand of phone you have? I will buy one IMMEDIATELY!
  21. Interesting video, thanks for sharing that. I do fear though, that people who aren't shooting/hunting-oriented would immediately perceive that film as pure propaganda and dismiss it in the same way we perceive the antis' social media output and Packham et al's tirade of lies. On the plus side, at leats there has been a decent effort made to cover this subject from the point of view of the people involved in deer management so all credit to them. OK I'll have a look ,thanks.
  22. OK from who/where did you hear of this happening? I'm interested to do a bit of digging on it that's all, if I can find out any more I will
  23. Although the tactic you've described might "work" as such, I wonder if it would ever be possible for them to roll it out nationwide and have any sort of detectable impact on shooting overall? The tactic relies on woodland owners wanting to sell in the first place and I can't imagine there's huge amounts of woodland changing hands all the time. It also relies on them having a rather large bank balance, or being able to secure a whacking great mortgage or loan! Do you have any more details, such as an example of where this has taken place? Maybe this was just one targeted assault towards
  24. Feather-perfect, beautiful bird and a beautiful shot
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