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  1. The small claims court is useless, it's pretty much a toothless tiger, you've got more chance of taking a poop in the queen's handbag than being successful through small claims. You have to front up the initial cost of the claim, probably circa £50 - £70 for claiming that amount (haven't looked at their tariffs for ages). Presuming the judge finds in your favour and orders the defendant to pay up....what if he doesn't cough up? You can apply for judgement to be entered in to, at a further cost. Look at it from his perspective: If he's already in financial ruin he won't care if he has a CCJ added to his problems, he's probably already collected some already. Also, if this is a registered limited company and he's wound up the business or it's owing money left right and centre guess what, go and join the back of the queue and don't hold your breath whilst you're waiting in line. You can then apply, at an even further cost to yourself, for the court to send bailiffs to enforce the judgement. See the trend? More and more unrecoverable costs to yourself if they don't ultimately pay up, so you could end up circa £800 out of pocket instead of £500. This is why our small claims court system is an utter joke. It's far too easy to rip people off in this country and get away with it. I'm speaking with bitterness from personal experience here, as you might detect!! To date I have made 5 claims for unpaid bills to my business and only one was successful, I think I got my £60 back and a tiny bit of interest on top of it as it was a commercial debt. The other unpaid ones racked up over £3k all told, all businesses who disappeared without a trace. Unbelievably I got a CCJ put against a plumber because he refused to pay his bill of £45!! He got himself a CCJ for the sake of 45 quid! (and yes I was justified to do it, he tried to screw me after I saved his backside when he flooded someone's carpet) In all honesty I'd find a debt collector by word of mouth if you have contacts in the know. As long as they get to keep a decent cut of it you'll find that the most likely way of salvaging something. Good luck.
  2. Wow! Maybe they've changed their business model or do lower rates for weekdays. Bargain! Hope you've been enjoying your break
  3. Very fitting on Battle of Britain Day 👍 👍
  4. We tried to get there in the summer holidays with our boy, but ran out of free days, I was really looking forward to it as well! https://www.silverstonemuseum.co.uk/tickets/?gclid=Cj0KCQjws4aKBhDPARIsAIWH0JUegCZUwaDwDOyWcCxYe0QenxFunJ5_cVSdMg4Y46DuvJSCmL3tqAEaAmwSEALw_wcB That's a really good shout, haven't been for ages but it's interesting. The canal (OK, pub) is a very pleasant place to be on these late summer evenings when it stays warm-ish. If you want to cheer yourself up, drive to Corby and park on Elizabeth Street in the town centre. Lock your doors though. Just think, you could be like THEM. It could always be worse. You're staying right next door to a heritage steam railway but it looks like it's closed until Sunday, probably manned by volunteers in their free time I'd guess. You've got the Derngate Theatre in Northampton town centre and loads of eateries nearby. https://www.royalandderngate.co.uk/ There's a National Trust place at Canons Ashby which is worth a look, not too much walking and there's places to sit if needed. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/canons-ashby Over Bedford way there's a clay ground if you think you'd get away with it 😁 https://www.sportingtargets.co.uk/ My sister did her one year work placement as part of her degree course at Sedgebrook, also I went to a wedding reception there a few years back. This'll be costing you a few more quid than a Travelodge! 😱 Have fun both of you
  5. Jim Neal


    Probably well north of the ton at Copse tbh! In answer to your question, it's here at about 2:00
  6. It's been a long time mate, too long But what a comeback, the 2nd and 3rd are brilliant photos but the first is just world class, love it 👍
  7. Jim Neal


    The two situations were massively different. At Silverstone, Lewis was unaware until afterwards that Max had been taken to hospital, whereas at Monza Max walked away, without a care, from another human being trapped in his cockpit by a racing car that landed on his head.
  8. Sorry but rawhide?? You must be kidding. Before I learned my lesson with rawhide I had one dog almost choke to death and the other sitting in a pool of blood with a haemorrhage. That stuff should be banned.
  9. Jim Neal


    In terms of penalties applied, no. The stewards' mission briefing is strictly to make their judgements solely based on the incident, and only the incident - their decision should not be influenced by the outcome of the incident, which explains.... ...according to how the stewards view events, it was worse, hence the penalties. At Monza, Max had no track in front of him upon which to race when he arrived at the chicane but he still tried to go through it anyway. The escape route was there but he chose not to use it. At Silverstone, Lewis was between Max's car and a barrier and although he was very optimistic to think he could make it stick, he was at least looking at some empty race track in front of him and that was the only way he could point his car, even if it was understeering away from the apex and shutting down Max's line. I personally think both cases should have been judged as a "racing incident" and we let them do their jobs - drive the fastest racing cars in the world to the absolute limit - without too much nannying. The stewards judged Max as "predominantly" to blame, thus implying there was some fault on Lewis' part. I think, in a nutshell, their view was that Lewis had the right to take his line due to the relative positions of the two cars, he knew Max was there and closed the door... however Max had the option of backing out but chose not to, hence the collision occurred. Lewis was unaware until after the podium celebrations that Max had been taken for check-ups. When he found out, he also found out at the same time that Max was OK so really that story is a storm in a teacup. Incorrect. Firstly, in any situation the compassionate thing to do if you've just parked your car on someone's head is to check if they're OK and try to assist them in any way you can. Watch the clip again. Max has already walked past Lewis' entire car before he glances backwards over his shoulder for a fraction of a second. There is no concern showed in his body language, he is obviously in a rage and the turn of his head was, in all probability, whilst launching a volley of swear words in Lewis' direction. Let's compare this with Vettel during qualifying at Spa. Norris has just crashed out spectacularly in front of him and is sat stationary in the remains of his smashed up car, in the run-off with no marshalls or medical staff yet to arrive at the scene. Seb does what any decent human being would do and pulls over next to Norris' car to check he is OK, gets the thumbs up and then continues on his way satisfied Lando's not dead or injured. That's what a decent human being does. Verstappen hasn't done himself any favours at Monza. This season is most certainly only going to get spicier and I can see them clashing again... I bet the viewing figures are going to be the biggest for quite some time. I'm enjoying it Spa '98 in a wet race, Schumacher is about to lap Coulthard, who is informed of this by his team over the radio. Unfortunately David made a bit of a whoopsie and lifted off the throttle without really moving off the racing line, the result being with very limited visibility Michael clattered into the McLaren's back left wheel, completely removing the front right wheel of the Ferrari. Afterwards, Schumacher stormed down the pitlane to the McLaren garage, trying to swing punches at David whilst screaming "Are you trying to *****g kill me?!" but the sheer number of people involved holding him back managed to just about avoid any fisticuffs. A classic F1 incident that will be remembered for years to come no doubt! Just being pedantic it was a couple of pushes to the chest, not a punch Why do you "hate" Lewis? did he do something horrible to you personally?!!
  10. So where's the video evidence??
  11. Don't worry, it's only temporary 😱 No apologies needed, it's always interesting to hear accounts of other peoples' exploits. I haven't fired a shot for 6 months; in recent years my path has taken me away from pigeons more towards involvement in my game syndicate. My only pigeon shooting now is a bit of roost shooting and the odd time I'm lucky enough to get invited out decoying, I wish I could do it more! Keep up the reports 👍
  12. I think Graham's forgotten about the topic he started!
  13. Mel, some great advice given above. I don't want to devalue any of it as it's obviously given through first hand experience. However if, when the time comes, you can't remember anything you've been advised then just don't worry. You did exactly the right thing the first time, so just do the same again. Your heart is in the right place and your instincts have already guided you correctly. I think the biggest obstacle in your way is the label placed on the kid of "special needs". You don't need to acknowledge that label, just treat the lad as any other lad - with respect and trust, but always within reach to correct anything that might be contrary to safety. Don't over-think it, you'll be fine
  14. I'll have a look at that, cheers 👍
  15. OK I'll just post a link instead, might be useful to someone.... https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-paint-varnish-stripper-2-5ltr/724GT?tc=AT1&ds_kid=92700052138701509&ds_rl=1243321&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1245250&gclid=Cj0KCQjwm9yJBhDTARIsABKIcGZgg35EV6K1fbZPdzy6N-KOe1kymcWH1q3DYACOTiakkuQdkUMMWTUaApnwEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  16. Late spring/early summer they were rampant around these parts but mercifully they seem to have not liked the cool/cloudy/damp weather we've experienced in my neck of the woods in the latter part of summer. They always go for my shoulders for some reason. By the way insect repellent does nothing against horse flies - it's designed for mosquitoes which don't like the ingredient called "Deet" whatever that is.....
  17. Jim Neal

    Big Ben

    The thing about publicly spent money is that we all look at it from a perspective relative to our own wallets and bank accounts. We scale it versus the value of our house, what we earn in a year, etc etc.... but really it's absolutely irrelevant to look at it like that. If you look at it from the other end, £80M is loose change lost down the back of the sofa. The UK's GDP in the last "normal" financial year we've had (2019) was just short of three trillion pounds. I might have got the decimal point in the wrong place, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but £80M is 0.00026% of the UK's 2019 GDP. To put that in perspective, if you earned £30k a year and you treated yourself to fish & chips on your way home from work, you've spent roughly the equivalent that the UK have done on the clock tower. This is yet another example of tabloid newspaper fodder, designed to pull peoples' puppet strings. And it works every time!
  18. Welcome to the forum I've no personal experience breeding from a bitch, but know plenty who have. Spaniels aren't renowned for problems breeding at that age as far as I'm aware, but the best thing to do is have a chat with your vet. My cocker pup's dam was just short of her 8th birthday when she whelped, all OK, no problems, just not a massive litter which I think is common as bitches get older. The kennel club won't register litters from a dam over 8 years of age, presumably to discourage people from breeding the doo-dahs out of them up to an age when it's more likely the dam and/or pups will have problems. However, 8 is elderly for a Great Dane but a Jack Russel may be only half way through its life! Also the kennel club won't register more than three litters from a dam, presumably to discourage puppy farming.
  19. I'm a great believer in fate when it comes to things like buying dogs. At some point, the stars will align, an opportunity will present itself and you'll find yourself with that inner feeling that you know it's right. The rest just follows naturally
  20. Jim Neal

    Big Ben

    It does bug me a bit how the clock is wrongly referred to as "Big Ben", which is in fact the nickname of the largest of the bells within the tower. But I suppose the whole thing has never really had a catchy name for people to call it. "The four-faced striking clock in a tower at the north end of Westminster Palace" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it 😂
  21. He's a chunky little chap, is he from pure working lines? I'd be considering the full tail as a slight disadvantage but not a deal-breaker, just have to hope he wouldn't smash it to bits on door frames, kitchen cupboards etc plus the issue of getting snagged up in heavy cover but that can be mitigated against by keeping it trimmed. He's a busy little fella!
  22. Hi mate, further to our exchanges of messages today I'm afraid I don't have the required techno-whatsittery to reduce the file size and upload it to the forum. So I've stuck it on a sharing platform, not sure if I can embed it to play in my post but can link to it at least. Maybe someone with more skills than I in the computer department could do it... https://imgur.com/a/S49JuuA
  23. Gorgeous looking lad, big old chunk of muscle!! Kind of got the floppy ears but without the long hair on them.
  24. That's a big old bunny!!! RE the dog....turkeys.... I'm dying to make a gobble joke but I just can't think one up....
  25. Nature vs Nurture is something I don't think we'll ever fully understand. If a creature such as a partridge displays instinctive behaviour to do one thing, such as go to stubbles to forage, then why is it devoid of another type of instinctive behaviour, namely to do all the right things to bring off a brood? I think there are more complicated matters involved such as changes in predators, food chain, farming practices, gamekeeping practices.... despite all the research nobody's got a clue, otherwise the country would be teeming with them? Or the truth might be obvious but nobody dare say it? Glad you saw them @JDog, it really does lift your spirits 👍
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