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  1. Thank you. That's a very kind offer. I've ordered some new brushes which should arrive Tuesday/Wednesday so I'll report back then 👍
  2. Our covers haven't been drilled yet. They're just maize, nothing else fancy. They've been drilled no later than the 1st week of June in the last few years but still have struggled to produce any ripe cobs in time. Last year they rotted before most ripened and the year before it didn't cob up at all. We start shooting 2nd Saturday in October. I'm getting a bit twitchy that it's been left too late. Opinions?
  3. I was wrong, it is a brushed motor. Not much left on them so worth a punt on several pounds worth of new brushes. This stuff always happens right before the weekend so you have to wait ages for postage!
  4. My drill appears to have died. Freshly charged battery fitted. It started running slowly, then it either would or would not operate when I pulled the trigger if I hold the trigger and shake the drill it cuts in and out which indicates it’s a contact issue. You’d normally presume the brushes need renewing but I’m sure this is brushless? wondering whether it’s worth spending money on repairing….
  5. The ozone tip is a decent one. Oxygen is the key - it needs oxidising. If you can get hold of any liquid hydrogen peroxide around the 6% strength, maybe 9%, that would be ideal. You can get it off the interweb; trying to locate it in stock somewhere locally might be a wild goose chase. Chemists used to stock it but you'd be lucky nowadays. If you know a hairdresser, ask them. Failing that go have a peep under your sink and see if you've got any of that Vanish "oxi-action" stuff. It'll be in a screw-top tub and it is a white granule. Not too expensive from the shops. The active ingredient is sodium percarbonate which, when dissolved in warm water, produces a mild hydrogen peroxide solution. You don't use too hot water or it will fizz off all the oxygen, but too cold and it won't dissolve the product. Time is your best friend with this, apply the solution and give it time. If you can't directly immerse the item in the cleaning solution, I'd wrap the item in plastic or something to prevent drying out but you'll need to keep refreshing the solution regularly because the available oxygen will diminish as the molecules of hydrogen peroxide decompose. Once you've discovered the magic of oxygen you'll be using it on all sorts of stuff: Pre-soaking greasy roasting tins etc before washing up Laundry additive for dirty/smelly loads (great for getting the stink out of towels, best used in conjunction with biological powder though) Getting tea/coffee tarnishing off cups, out of flasks etc (if you've got a flask all tarred up inside from coffee prepare to be amazed when you see what happens) Add it to your car washing suds to cut the grime better Sterilising tupperware etc if you've accidentally let your sarnies go mouldy in there Spray over your block paving/patio, wait a few days and it will kill lichen etc allowing you to power wash it off better, plus it cleans the surface There's probably loads more ways I use it in addition to the original purpose I had for it which is an additive in carpet cleaning pre-treatments to cut through dirt better. It's an excellent red wine remover but on natural fibres it MUST be rinsed out and MUST be neutralised with something acidic afterwards otherwise it will cause permanent brown staining from the alkalinity. "And what do you desire most in life?" "To get my hands on the wire brush before those two dirty *******s get it!" 😅 Classic Connolly!
  6. According to "Picture This" it's a Silky Hakea https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/419656/
  7. If it was such a great idea I think everyone would be doing it Plenty of pitfalls mentioned above, condensation is the absolute biggest deal-breaker. I suspect you'd have to do so much alteration to it the cost and time involved would cancel out the benefit of the "pre-formed" structure. And after all's said and done you're still left with a naff looking metal monstrosity in your garden. Have you ever tried to just casually "cut through" a shipping container?!! I'd get it done properly.
  8. Jim Neal


    They aired a version of the "report" on the news on Radio 2 earlier as well, had my mrs and 5 yr old in the van with me at the time so I only managed to grumble an abridged version of my opinion.
  9. "Furlough" money was not supplied for the self-employed. The self-employed were invited to apply for a different payment called the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS). Many self-employed people are still feeling the pinch from covid now, myself included. There may be many who claimed the SEISS money during 2020-21 and didn't really need it then, but it has helped them through the knock-on effect afterwards. My trade (carpet & upholstery cleaning) is a good example. After the 2007 financial meltdown I was still going great guns in 2009-10 and wondering what all this fuss was about a recession.... but then the hangover of the crash hit many businesses in my sector, as lots of typical customers for my sort of business fell victim to their employers' cost-cutting measures via redundancy. I've always kept my overheads low so I can weather such a storm but many others in my trade fell by the wayside. Don't forget, self-employed people don't get sick pay, holiday pay, statutory sick pay, paternity pay, company-paid pensions, health care perks etc etc etc.... It's as simple as this: when you're not at work you're not earning money to pay today's bills or invest in your future, so you have to make plenty today in order to have security tomorrow. Imagine if your boss called you at 8am on Monday and told you they'd changed their mind about you coming to work today so you can just sit at home earning nothing and there's naff all you can do about it. Welcome to being self-employed. Imagine going to work on Monday, there's some sort of unexpected technical malfunction with an important piece of equipment and you earn no money the whole day and your pay gets docked £500 to sort it out. Welcome to being self-employed. If you think being self-employed is such a doss, give it a go
  10. Maybe edit your post to disable the link to the fraudster's web address??!! Someone on here might not read it properly!
  11. That's a return in the region of 30% which would be a roaring success for a DIY syndicate releasing ex-layers. If they're full or part-time keepered releasing poults I'd be seriously investigating where the problem lies if I ran that shoot! Not sure it justifies £70 plus per bird (presuming 10 guns in syndicate) if you average it out! Some people are just on the make, and that's the problem with game shooting. The temptation of greed overpowers many people. We are somewhat lucky/privileged in our syndicate to have what we've got for the price it costs us, which I fully recognise..... and bearing in mind, without being big-headed, I'm amongst some of the better shots in the syndicate..... my shooting worked out at less than £10 a bird last year. Keep looking until you find what fits you.
  12. There was a jackdaw with lots of brown feathers on its wings this morning sat on a roundabout near town. Could have picked it off with a spud gun it was that close!
  13. "Loan". You don't need to do anything to his certificate.
  14. There's a couple of small towns local to me where everyone is each other's cousin or uncle!
  15. I would write the guns down onto your certificate, then email your FLO with the details to get them added at their end.
  16. TBH I was under the impression a dealer is the last place to go! OK thanks I'll maybe give them a shout if all else fails. Since I posted this I have put the disc in my PC's DVD drive and it read it - came up with the file directories etc so looks like it might be possible to duplicate it to a fresh disc. I've got a mate who does that sort of stuff for a living so I'll pop it round to him and see...
  17. I can't justify paying the extortionate fees to watch F1 on Sky (and I've tried the hooky methods which I just can't seem to make work!). So I'm stuck with what C4 can do for me. On the whole it's pretty good but this evening I'm absolutely fuming! I wasn't going to stay up until 2am on a Sunday night to see the broadcast on air so I did my usual thing - complete media blackout with the intention of watching the show on All4 this evening, after I've got the rug rat into bed. Now I've found that the race highlights haven't been put on All4! So of course, if you do a bit of googling or try to look on Facebook, guess what happens..... you stumble across the race result I still can't find out why the race highlights aren't on All4. I've had to watch F1's own "highlights" at just under 8 minutes long already knowing the result From the limited footage I saw, it didn't look like Max actually had to display too many heroics - the Red Bull simply looked the faster package at the Miami track. By all accounts it was an absolute horror of a track for the drivers to race on. The lack of overtaking and "proper" racing was quite evident. I guess this is a modern Monaco - all about the glitz and glamour of the "event" rather than providing proper racing action for the fans. As I understand it, during the safety car period Lewis stayed out on old tyres and George pitted for fresh ones, thus allowing him to pass Lewis and finish one place ahead. I think if they were on equal tyres they would have held station the way they were. I wouldn't be counting any chickens just yet. I think Lewis is the car they're trying different things with to dig themselves out of the hole they're in, and so far it's often meant he's not come out favourably compared to George. As and when they do get the car talking to them properly I still think Lewis has a trick or two to teach George.
  18. I've found if you don't moisten it they just chuck it all over the floor and don't eat it.
  19. On that subject: I tried various means of nourishment for call birds in my first couple of years of trapping but regularly lost the birds. Carrion is definitely not a goer. By far the best solution I've arrived at is to use a small handful of dry dog food in the feed cup. You just splash a bit of water on it so it softens up. If I protect the birds from weather and vermin they will last indefinitely.
  20. This is a bit of a long shot but does anyone have a Honda satnav disc they could either sell for a reasonable amount or lend me for a day or two? Or make me a copy of? My car is an ‘06 CR-V but I’d presume it’s not model-specific. The release version is 2.05. I’ve recently bought the car, the included copy of the disc looks like it has been used to test sandpaper on! I’d be grateful if anyone could help..
  21. Legs?! 🤔 The danger of incorrect tick removal is that the mouthpart remains tapped in to the blood vessel, with a certain amount of the rest of the tick's body attached to it. If the tick contains pathogens these can then get introduced to the host's bloodstream. Tick removal tools cost only a few pounds and they are virtually 100% effective if used correctly.
  22. Hi Dave, I recently pensioned off my '03 Grand Vitara after six and a half years. It was the 2.0TD 5-door so not exactly the same as you're looking at. However, it's the same chassis type. What finished mine off was the corrosion "within X mm of a structural point" criteria of the MOT. The plan to fix it would have been to cut a hole in the floor to weld it up, but I called time on it and stuck the car on eBay with a very honest advert. Some **** came and relieved himself of £250 to take it off my hands! If you're shopping in that market I wouldn't look at anything else about the car except the rot underneath. Get under there with a headtorch on and screwdriver and give it a good old poke. If it's flaky, walk away. In terms of performance off-road I would only mark the Vitara down on its ground clearance. Fitted with proper tyres (Insa Turbo Dakars on mine) it would literally go through anything. I had complete confidence in it. Until the front diff and one of the driveshafts failed. I think it might have been partly my fault for not respecting the possibility of drivetrain wind-up, which will break the diff and/or driveshafts if you use it in 4WD on surfaces where the wheels aren't slipping. Abusing the car off road, it developed loads of squeaks/rattles etc and bits of the car fell off or stopped working... but it still soldiered on, I ran it for the last 18 months with only the rears driving it, with 6 year old worn-down mud tyres and I still squelched in and out of the woods OK. Just had to know my limits. I loved my Suki, whenever I see a similar one now I shed a little tear.....
  23. The vets have to get rid of them somewhere you know!! 😁😅
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