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  1. hello, i have been trying to find out some details on the gopro 4 not to buy but an idea i have for a shooting, i need the diameter of the front lens (in mm) or does it have a filter thread if so what size or do the adapters you see on ebay from china just push fit on. cheers
  2. hello, made mine from same vid a 5ft and 4 ft about a fiver each and very handy and use mine a lot, recommended
  3. hawke do a nice rimfire scope now!!!!!!
  4. hello, i use to like barbel fishing in the 60s on the thames so good luck with your venture, i bought a old cane barbel rod and lovely centrepin made in weymouth a few years back for my fishy son who fishes the kennet a few times a year. NOTE !!!!!!the EA electro fished the thames recently a up came a 20llb barbel!!!!!!
  5. hello, having just missed a sale on here with a T20 TORCH and fitted upgrade lens 20X60? as i know many of you use with red/IR leds etc i decided to see if other lenses might fit and adapters to suite. the 60mm i am sure would make this a fairly heavy unit so i have found a 37mm 2 X front lens by Neewer and and adapter to suite on Aliexpress those interest could have a look and let me know if suitable. the lens no is 32311647864 and adapter 32226837820. let me know what you think.? cheers
  6. oooopppppsssss missed this one!!! where can you buy these T20s fitted with the telephoto lens and I/R led?
  7. hello, just an update reference the above, well a kind PW member steve came to my rescue being local kindly offered to be a mentor to get my FAC, now this has been done and with the land check this week my application for FAC and shotty permits has been granted and now it is just a wait until i get them posted. thanks to all concerned and a big thanks to steve. cheers
  8. hello, i reside in abingdon south oxon off A34
  9. hello, i have a CZ SLAVIA 634 with scope and silencer??
  10. yukon warranty should take care of that as i think 3 years? and thomas jacks have some in stock for just such as you mention, first call is your supplier who might say return to T/J although they should do and pay post cost. i bought a n/v scope off S/C a few years back and it went faulty and was sent a new one. i hope you get sorted. cheers
  11. well done!!! i only have the land check to do and hope all will be well for my permits, rifle and shotty waiting in the RFDs
  12. hello, just though to ask forum members what your thoughts on the above with the farms you shoot on be it a small family farm/ large estate etc, i have known the family who let me shoot for 30 years and 6 years for the small farm and have seen many changes in those years, the large farm packed up milking 10 years ago the smaller now has a caravan park to make some money. i often hear comments like rich farmers well in land prices yes and a lot is being sold for house building/ and those dreaded solar panels but for those who are farmers and not interested in selling here is a thought, at the farm i go shooting they lost 40% of the rape crop and that gave no profit so what is going on with your perms? thanks for looking
  13. hello, thats a good alternative then get a butt pad to make up and difference even one of those rubber slip on ones.
  14. hello, i use to put in a small slow cooker with oxo cube mushrooms a few rashers and sweed/carrot/ or fine chopped white cabbage not for the dog!!!!!!!! me!!!!!
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