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  1. let us know HOWA get on with it
  2. hello steve, that builders foam in a spray can then can cut off surplus can be used but i did my 455 with shredded paper ( am a tight **** ) and pushed in with a bit of dowel then screwed back stock cap. cheers
  3. hello, can you put a link up to ones looked at?
  4. i have used a piece of old bike inner tube to hold sticks together wrapped around 2/3 times and put about 10 inch below top or to suite yourself, i can recommend MEL Bs leather yoke.
  5. hello, i have a 455 L/R and easy to make some shooting sticks with 2 x 15mm 5ft garden green poles from home base cut down to suite and i bought a nice leather slip over to make the top rest from MEL B off the forum, also use a deben tripod.
  6. hello, if you get one try smoking at nice big rainbow trout, very tasty
  7. hello, if it were me and depending how long to retirement? if just a few years and you have enough money in your investment to buy that cottage now, but it always pays to seek professional advice on these matters and someone who is recommended by a friend or ? that has had good service.
  8. hello, i find the liquid brown polish works well on my oldy dealer boots as gets in all the creases and thread leave to dry and polish off
  9. hello, i would still consider if you like the gun just ask for a price reduction on the safety catch issue, after getting an idea of cost from your local gunsmith.
  10. hello george, thanks for PM ok how much are 1000 5 shot/ fibre 28 gram carts for an oldy pensioner if you stop off abingdon on the way to ALTON as i suggested am sure other PW members who live in area might be interested to buy some carts. cheers
  11. hello george, do you sell any 28 gram game cartridge suitable for my browning 525 light weight O/U?
  12. hello, any PW member with some of the above they have spare and could sell me and post to sign for in case i am out would be appreciate. Paypal payment
  13. hello, thanks to reply, no they are LYALVALE EXPRESS PIGEON POWER. cheers
  14. hello, going to try out tomorrow (pigeon shooting) so what cartridge do PW members suggest to use, checked barrel markings at 2 3/4 and 3 inch chamber so would a 70 mm x 29g 6 shot be okay ? i do realize due to the guns weight (6llb.10oz) will be more kick but the last time i shot an O/U (lamber sporter) it was 2 1/2 inch eley impacts 1 oz load and eley game 1 1/16 oz load, cheers for replies
  15. hello, when i purchased my 22LR and this scope i went to a proper range and zero at 9 mag @50yrds using RWS, the 100yrds target there were not all in zero by 1inch but well within limits. RWS were the best all round ammo in my CZ. you might find eley subs better as i believe faster burning powder and when i tried shot high.
  16. hello, i use a large fishing bass bag made of green mesh with strong handle,
  17. hello. looks very nice JD
  18. hello, how about coming down to oxfordshire/ berkshire/hampshire
  19. hello, years ago 1980s i use to shoot on a small farm in south oxon that had a lot of prize chickens and bantams that the farming family loved to take to shows but as chrispainters post even with fencing a fox got in and killed all but a few, they asked me to try and sort it as other near farming friends had chickens so i tracked it back to a long deep dry ditch from further afield and waited above the ditch sitting safe and quite with shotgun and heavy load (BBs i think then) for a few nights and sure enough it came back just before dark but enough light to see it creeping forwards me so i gave it about 20yards and shot it much to a the farmers delight, he then sorted the fence and got lots more birds and had no problem after.
  20. hello, try the airgun doctor but i expect it will cost a few bob to do.my first PCP was a FN
  21. hello, what a D***K HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot understand why anyone needs this sort of motor car when we have 70 MPH on motorways and even less on A and B roads 20 mph in built up areas, but then our roads are so busy with jams from accidents/road works/etc you have a job to go 30;40. you can guess i do not like driving ha ha,
  22. hello, just to clarify it is not me but a fellow shooter who is going from sub 12 ft llb PCP with very good experience on rifles but never used a shotgun and yes i have mentioned videos/u tube/he just txt to say booked a lesson i shall try and get a manual. cheers oh i shall try get him join PW
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