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  1. Had one for a few years , sold it to upgrade to a more expensive gun , big mistake and regretted it since . Best of luck with your new purchase
  2. Would have to agree with sabel 25 , purchased a side by side a few years ago for rough shooting and really like it , but swapping over and back to my miroku over and under certainly hasent helped with my shooting ,I'm just a adverage old shot , have been useing a 20 bore over and under on a few outings this year and I'm just about converted , I know of a few guys who would shoot well with either type of gun but not me unfortunately, stick to over and under would be my advice , best of luck and enjoy your sport
  3. Might have a look about for a lightweight 525 , browning / miroku guns seem to fit me that bit better so thanks for replys , failing that going to have a serious look at getting a 20 bore with a decent cart for the coming season , might just be the way to go .
  4. Evening , called back to rfd this afternoon to look at gun again , it seems to be a variant of the 686 that I have not come across before , was made in 2000 , standard scroll on a steel frame , ultralight stamped on barrels and weighing a tad under 7lbs, was looking for a replacement rough shooting gun as I have a mk70 for clays ,dealer though they were rare enough ?
  5. Evening all , called into rfd this evening and came across a oldish beretta game gun ( maybe 15- 20 years ) . Handled very nice 28" barrel multi choke , had typical scroll pattern with beretta 686 stamped under the action, thing was on the barrel it was stamped ultralight , has any one come across this before ? Was very different to any ultralight I'd previously looked at before , thanks
  6. Thanks so far for all replies interesting topic for me will pattern hull cartridge first as local rfd supply's them , will also try a few rc,s because I think there a quality shell . Looking forward to it as its a nice handling gun I'll get the hull 21g for the clay ground
  7. Purchased my first sbs , it's a gorosable de lux in good order,27 inch barrels choked cyl and imp cyl has 70 mm chamber and weighs a tad over 6 and 3/4 lbs . Gun will be used for all my rough/ walked up shooting woodcock,snipe,pheasant . Looking for opinions on a good soft shooting fibre cart to suit. Had being using a 32 gram 7sipe in my miroku would be a bit hard on a sbs methinks. Any suggestions appreciated thanks
  8. He's asking 550 euro and a chance to shoot a round or two of skeet to try it out,my main concern would be the availability of parts if anything should go wrong long term . Other than that i think it's a really nice light handling auto .
  9. Was in local firearms dealer shop the other day and was looking at a very nice handling benelli centro , there was some small scratches on stock but action was spotless. Dealer is a good mate of mine and told me gun was in storage for the last few years as the owner emigrated as is now for sale . I think model is out of production , any one have or had one all info appreciated thanks
  10. Bought a new miroku mk 10 a number of years ago fitted me like a glove,loved it and of course sold it after a few years to "upgrade" to a new browning, disaster is the word that springs to mind after that .
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