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  1. All the syndicate places are now taken. Thank you to those who got in touch and I do apologise for not replying sooner. If any further places become available I will put up a new thread.
  2. Hi Is the 20b still for sale?


  3. Pistol*Pete

    Cheap Quad

    I'm looking for a cheap farm quad. Must be a decent size, i.e engine and frame. IDEALLY in the Middlesbrough area. TIA
  4. Ive not actually seen them as the feeders are in the cover crop, The only thing you can see are holes and runs that they use. I didn't want to use poison as there are birds moving around in the crop. I may have to use a bit of old pipe with a trap in it. Thanks for all the advice.
  5. Whats the best way to deal with Rats getting at the feeders in the cover crop? There is just loads of rat holes around the feeders? If I move the feeders the holes will move? I can't shoot them because I don't see them? Any ideas would be appreciated. TIA
  6. Thank you for all your enquiries. The position has now been taken. Im sorry if i didn't get back to you. Ive been away for the last 3 weeks with work, So i do apologise.
  7. Im looking for a 3-5 gun cabinet with a safe? Ideally in the NE. Will have a 3 gun cabinet to swap if your looking to down size. Thanks in advance. Peter
  8. We have 1 gun left for this season for a lovely, friendly shoot. We operate on a beat one stand one basis, shooting on alternative Saturdays. We aim to put around 6-800 birds down and we shoot over 2 locations. Both have very large woods and offer some good challenging birds. We are a fairly new syndicate and we have guns from all over the NE. Everyone gets on really well, Which in my opinion makes it stand out over a lot of syndicates. The price is £450 and there are some other perks that come along with the syndicate. We don't have a dress code, as long as your warm and dry
  9. I'm looking for a large 4-5 gun/rifle cabinet? Ideally with a ammunition compartment that can be locked. Im in Middlesbrough but I do travel to Reading on a regular basis. Thank you.
  10. So my decoys are looking well used. I was thinking of repainting them, Now I know that Pigeons see in UV. Can you get UV paint? or should I just stick to normal matt paint? Has anyone ever used UV paint?? Would it make any difference? Do you think B&Q would do a paint match if I took a dead bird in? TIA
  11. We are currently looking for new members to join our shooting syndicate for the 2017/18 season. We have had two guns who have had to move on. We shoot every other Saturday over a mixture of wood land and farm land. Its a fairly new syndicate. If you interested please PM me for more details and any questions you may have. The shoot is about 6-7 miles away from Northallerton. Peter
  12. Still for sale? Can i have some close up pictures of the barrels please?
  13. Just tried some Trap Oro 28g 2.2mm. Bloody brilliant. Whats peoples thoughts?
  14. Still looking for guns for a Small friendly DIY shoot just near Thirsk, North Yorkshire. 600-800 Birds Dogs welcome £450 Please message me for any further details.
  15. Hi Can i ask what days you shoot on? And how much is it per gun? Thank you
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