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  1. guzzicat

    Richard Scudamore.

    I had two old uncles, between the wars one was a mine under manager (pit deputy) the other a pro footballer, he thought it great he was on the same money for playing football.
  2. guzzicat

    14 million in poverty

    Yes If you (or the country)can,t feed them, don,t breed them.
  3. guzzicat


    Just watching cenotaph, as every year, this time there was Jeremy Corbyn in his second best hooded car coat (Tesco £19.99?) he looked a sight, shades of Michael Foot.
  4. guzzicat

    Standards - what happened to them?

    If they did pass atest, there are probably still drivers who were driving before driving test requirement
  5. guzzicat

    Shotgun cleaning

    I use Edds red as it is better than other now available products, as it contains additives (that work )that are not now used, as original Youngs 303, old superglue (remember when you needed A&E if it bonded your skin) Etc., cost doesn.t come into it.
  6. guzzicat

    Canada goose

    Quite common in scotland but the shot part is mixed swede & carrot mashed Bit rough on the dog just coz it didn,t like the food.
  7. guzzicat

    Importing parts from USA

    +1 Superglue together & use to copy via lost wax casting.
  8. guzzicat

    Future of shooting sports?

    What is needed is unity, whether you shoot clays, game,practical or a 50 cal,no negative digs at other peoples idea of sport , there lies our best chance of our sport surviving.
  9. guzzicat

    Shotgun cleaning

    Save your wallet & make up some Red,s oil,equal parts power steering fluid ,diesel & acetone (oily polish remover from cheap shop)
  10. guzzicat

    Barrel blues

    +1 for Bamfords, did an outstanding job on my Kirk sidelock.
  11. guzzicat

    Wanted, 12g side by side, home counties

    i have several box & sidelocks, all English from £200-700 but too far from you!
  12. guzzicat

    Debenhams now!

    Commented to a pal last week,I could not remember the last time I spent "money" (no jokes about tight Scots please I am a Geordie) on line or card is the norm now.
  13. guzzicat

    Closing a gun.

    As I have said before closing a gun metal to wood must bring the muzzles up to waist level,a discharge into the ground could cause possible injury, if anyone was in range, a discharge at waist level would be sure to, where you have your fingers in the event of a discharge is irrelevant
  14. guzzicat

    Closing a gun.

    No thanks, saw Steve McQueen do it though