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  1. Hi there .My pigeonwatch hasnt been working for a while so just testing. Could you acknowledge?
  2. Yes Bless em, they are strange creatures, believe all the drivell about products to stop their skin ageing, & diets to make em, slim again.As an aside have any of you noticed ladies deodorant containers tend to look like mens appendages, & mens deodorants look like grenades?
  3. Still the same from March 29th,I can not stay on PW for more than a couple of hours before I am kicked out, & have to submit forgotten pass word application as my password will not be accepted. HELP!!
  4. Still having same trouble?
  5. guzzicat

    British rail

    I love train travel, just not in the U/K! took train Chicago to San Francisco,little cabinette, nice food, friendly attendants,& train arrived20 Minutes late.Scotrail can,t manage that Huntly to Aberdeen!
  6. It is the country we have become,I was hopitalised in the Canaries recently,expected 3 day stay,at release time I was told in no uncertain words I could not leave until I paid, would not even remove the canular,had adequate insurance but they were very firm you pay or you stay & the bill (2.900Euro then)will get bigger! Here we just shrug our shoulders at "NHS Tousrists". Just another example of our lack of will.
  7. +1 for cartridge belt (I hate them ) as marks are all on left hand side.
  8. Still the same, I can;t stay logged on for more than a couple of hours?
  9. Still the same,have to use "lost password" regularly
  10. Hook a large salmon on a big pool & play it for an hour or so, job done.
  11. Have not had a payment reminder, & it is still the same HELP!!!
  12. Still the same exorciscm perchance???
  13. Yes log in, then shortly after, I am no longer logged in & have to do a forgotten password renew.
  14. Back after3 weeks abroad,the site keeps kicking me out, I re/set password & a few hours later the same thing happens ?
  15. You have 181 sleeps to get sorted (not that I am counting) 🙄
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