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  1. guzzicat


    There was also the other (possibly most dangerous) factor to consider,other vehicle contained two women, 😲
  2. guzzicat

    Gillette ad

    No I think it is inside building looking out.
  3. guzzicat

    Gillette ad

    Female then?
  4. guzzicat

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    I just keep buying ,em, last was a nice 20 bore boxlock N/EJ by Cogswell & Harrison on Holts sealed bid auction,listed as "Missing forend", must have been lost at a very early age as it is mint,a call to the Bosher of rabbits resulted in 5 forends, a lot of hand engineering later & following gifts of proper files from forestred & pigeon shredder I fitted a modified forend &used it on the last two pheasant days, shoots (& kills) very well & a joy to carry,( cartridge bag is so much lighter) the cost £80.00 +RFD charge, so just over £100.
  5. guzzicat

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    Any old Geordies remember "Dickmans" pies? nowt better.
  6. guzzicat


    Found a rather nice double pinfire shotgun, would be a lovely gun for boxing days, but it is in 13 bore,I know pinfire cases can be reloaded, but is there anywhere I could find cases (or ammo), in this bore? or anyone who could make me a few brass cases? Or the feasability of having chamber opened to12 bore & re/ black powder proof?
  7. guzzicat

    son of abu hamza

    I don,t think he wielded the knife,3 of the gang had attacked a doorman, he had crowned one of them, then the doorman who died had gone to his aid & been stabbed, the gang had all been refused entry.
  8. guzzicat

    son of abu hamza

    Of course it is not a legal defence,(He had a lifetime ban anyway)but his defence team will try any method to lessen his sentence, (that is their job) just like the "mental health problems "cited to stop the hacker who got into USA computers being extradited there for trial.
  9. guzzicat

    Help Required!

    I would say also, turning up at a farmers door dressed in full cammo gear is not a good idea, smart casual is a better bet.
  10. guzzicat

    son of abu hamza

    This piece of vermin, currently being questioned over the death of a doorman, is also charged with posession of a firearm with intent to endanger life & while under a lifetime posession ban.Douptless he will claim he carried a gun for protection due to his parentage, some legal shyster will make all sorts of claims & he will get off with a slapped wrist. I will watch the outcome of this, & I bet the harshest sentence will NOT be handed down
  11. guzzicat

    Channel Migrants

    Seemed to pretty well blame the U.K
  12. guzzicat

    Molly 2010-2019

    I feel for your loss, never goes it just gets a bit easier., I still miss my cocker from 5 years sgo, & I have another ,arguably " better" but not the character he was.
  13. guzzicat

    Channel Migrants

    Better still!
  14. guzzicat

    Channel Migrants

    Tow them back to France, wreck the boat & engine, only have to do it thirty of so times & smugglers would get the hint.
  15. guzzicat

    Wisdom required

    Change my pub! Happy New Year though.