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  1. guzzicat


    Peter Fonda rode into the sunset yesterday.
  2. Body, identified as Nora Quorin found, naked, cause of death internal bleeding, autopsy reveals "no foul play"???
  3. guzzicat

    Sinn Fein

    Changed your bank yet? & sent a letter to head office giving your reason?
  4. I think any vet would be loth to guarantee any results, I personaly would go for removal, give the dog it;s best shot at life.
  5. Try for a right & left at Forget me nots.🤭
  6. guzzicat

    Jeffery Epstein

    In the bedroom, with a candlestick.
  7. guzzicat


    That was when I loved my old Longshoreman, no zips to fumble with when wearing my "MILLARMITS" there is another blast from the past, freezing finger ends & the string on the palms caked with Solway mud.I gave my longshoreman away in the Nith hotel Glencaple on the last night of one season in the seventies! Alchohol fuelled generosity again.
  8. Save it Please,you will never regret it, if you get rid you surely will. My grandfather had a 28 bore Bonehill hammergun, that should have come to me, but his brother took & sold it. I would give anything in my cabinet for one, that is why I keep scanning auction sites & online,I still have the last box of Eley 28 bore shells he bought in the fifties, with 5 fired, his last ever shots.
  9. guzzicat


    They were good when there was nowt better,used to go for a week at a time to Solway,after second day it was like putting a hardboard coat on, I had an old Longshoreman, with big buttons instead of a zip & a Solway zipper,even alternating them I still felt like tinman
  10. Needed to stand on patio steps for height to take pics, put down with care!
  11. This was my last purchase from Holt,s ,a C. Boswell from1896? sold as " The major parts of a Boswell ,some in a bag" now ready for birds, had the lockwork rebuilt locally, barrels re/blued same & did stock myself, it was a bit of a tip but Trade secrets stock kit did the jpb, re/barreled by Gallyons, it came for the price of a decent catapult. Ejector by the way. I meant to put this in SBS club, could it be moved ?
  12. guzzicat

    Expensive cat.

    Look at the prices cross breeds go for (usualy ending in poo) dearer than true breeds, still just posh mongrels.
  13. As the final destination seems to be Dublin, why not add terrorism charges?
  14. Slightly plump fair skinned female ( youngish if possible) I prefer ginger, get her slightly out of breath (use your favourite method, ) then remove all her clothing & stand her a few yards away ,never fails.
  15. guzzicat

    Butterflies !

    Used to see a lot of painted ladies Doon the Quay on Tyneside.
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