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  1. You have 181 sleeps to get sorted (not that I am counting) 🙄
  2. I hope that is on the way out, & not in!
  3. High time someone signed it. (her death warrant)
  4. That's fine as long as she is in it.
  5. Not my cup of tea, I left Mallard & Teal alone before inland season ended as they were obviously paired up.Srange weather here, buds early too .
  6. Why not tell him she is Jewish, ? that will put him off.
  7. Hope you used black powder shells, looks non nitro.
  8. Read about the "Princess Alice" disater, 650+ Londoners drowned in apool of untreated sewage on the Thames as sewer gates opened at the top of the tide to allow it all to go out with the ebb tide.
  9. guzzicat

    Omega or Rolex

    A Baikal will kill partridges,a halfords "Snap off" socket set will loosen nuts,& an old nissan micra will get you from AtoB, just some people prefer an English sidelock, snap on tools & a better car ( self included) it,s human nature, I personally have never watched a football match, as i can,t seee the entertainment value, each to his own.
  10. My missus regularly puts TV remote on top of set !
  11. Give me heaven for the climate, but hell for the company.
  12. OK. Here is a more than likely scenario, " I lost 2 kids, a friend & a husband & I blame the U/K for all of this & now they have the temerity to say they don,t want me back, wait until I do get back I WILL SHOW THEM!
  13. Did she not flee the country using her sisters passport? if so does she have one now.?
  14. Give her the choice, if she returns, LIFE in jail & kids in care.
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