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  1. guzzicat


    Sat 19 Th Bedford auction centre ,contents of Kentons army surplus, Dartford to be auctioned,Army surplus clothing footwear & camping. Looks big
  2. An evening of passion at a party with a gorgeous blonde girl, she kept playing "Losing You" by Dusty Springfield, on the record player.I never saw her again, but still that tune !
  3. Well she must wear them out quick skipping all the way to the bank.
  4. Stick them all on busses, & take them to various courts, Dover, Manchester Etc., fine them & show them the door , walk home, phone mummy to come & collect them or let them use public transport to get home. take & crush a few vehicles.
  5. guzzicat

    post charges

    Bought the Lymans book instead, post free from Amazon.
  6. guzzicat

    post charges

    I would they will not.
  7. guzzicat

    post charges

    I know it is my choice to live in Highlands BUT! I went onto Clay & Game to buy the book "The might ten bore" as I plan to reload for mine, looked good & free post 'til I logged in my postcode it then had a Parcelforce £16.95 loading for del. to me.Hermes would charge £2.95.
  8. Surely she proved that by fleeing after giving her word to stay
  9. I am afraid you are assuming she has the same honour/honesty ethic as yourself, I bet this will just fade away & she will forget/ be forgotten.
  10. Did not the U/S twice try to have this revoked for a middle eastern diplomat?
  11. There is one on E/Bay, auction ending in 6days
  12. The name says it , he is the man
  13. On open gun (no matter how many barrels)is visibly safe an outo is never so.
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