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  1. guzzicat


    Just saw a news clip shot outside Westminster, how refreshing not to hear that obnoxious **** with the loud voice shouting "STOP BREXIT" .
  2. +1 For this, keep plugging away,it will klick,like sea trout fishing used to be (when we had fish!)
  3. guzzicat


    I remember last year at the Cenotaph, him wearing his second best "George" car coat in honour of our fallen, this year he looked a bit tidier, but still barely dipped his head, but then he was not vote hunting last year. The head of the labour party, his work record?Unpaid teaching of Geography (In the Bahamas i think.)
  4. Anthrax island off west coast of Scotland springs to mind
  5. Indian police seem to have the answer four rapists "shot while trying to escape" none wounded?
  6. guzzicat


    Just heard from AA, they have admitted call handler was wrong & have refunded all my expenses (following my wifes work) hope the call handler who was an alligator (all mouth & no ears)sees the inside of his local jobcentre.Thanks to Blackbird for e/mail address.
  7. Just had a quick look,plainly visible sleeved barrels, yet no mention of this in description.
  8. He can count on her full support, she just can;t count
  9. Elgin couple called local council emergency hot line, reason ? the female saw a wait for it MOUSE! they could have been nibbled in their beds! do these people think the world revolves around them ?the local B&Q would have sold them a handful of their excellent rodent destruction devices (mousetraps to you & I ) But no doubpt about it easier to phone the hot line after all that is why their housing benefit gets paid ! Pre xmas rant over.
  10. guzzicat

    Climate Change

    Maybe the weather change has washed away all the acid rain they used to scare us with,& before that "Boney will come & get you"
  11. Well once she was broad minded & narrow waisted
  12. At the time she had other, more important qualities.
  13. I asked wife to boil me a couple of eggs for breakfast, she waid "I don,t have time, i will do you one", I asked for it in a sandwich as i was running late, she asked if i wanted the shell off.
  14. Probably still will not get the attention of the mobile phone addicts.
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