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  1. guzzicat

    Alan Myers

    just tried to look at his site, flagged "Permanently closed" Anyone know anything?
  2. guzzicat

    Gunmate Gun Clamp

    If this is the 2 part type, where one part goes through trigger guard & a "Stirrup" holds muzzle, i use on to secure a ten bore to my cabinet door as it is too long to fit inside
  3. guzzicat

    Hatsan Escort not cycling

    +1 Also, only lube with graphite, not oil
  4. guzzicat

    Cheap flight to Berlin?

    I bought a pre war, German motorcycle that came in in the hold of one of the Berlin airlift planes in boxes, this was it assembled
  5. Or maybe those great lyrics by that well known wordsmith George Michael "Wake me up before you go go "WOW
  6. So what music does float your boat?
  7. guzzicat

    Rag and Bone Men

    +1, Give them nowt, sell them nowt,whenever they leave a spot, they leave loads of tree prunings, garden rubbish Etc.So some people think it;s O/K to use their "services"
  8. guzzicat

    Receiving shotguns

    Why no plasma cutter? I cut two holes in the back of an empty one without any drama
  9. guzzicat

    Receiving shotguns

    +1 for that found my FLO good to deal with when I lost my pal as for lost keys, drill unless you have access to a plasma cutter.
  10. guzzicat

    1st sept

    Yes, lost last season due to a broken ankle on Nov 5Th, survived a heart attack 6 weeks ago,travelling light,8 shells & a 12 bore, the ten might try & grab my hand as i open cabinet though!
  11. guzzicat


    Yes when I was younger I didn't care about the acces of old fowlers in their seventies
  12. guzzicat


    My teeth are so long now i can't travel light enough!
  13. guzzicat


    Anyone else contacted B.A.S.C. over this,This was a used road & right of way since WW2,?How about the other road on "his "land down to foreshore at Tarbat house?
  14. guzzicat

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Seems our esteemed sharers of the channel are not happy with EU rules,maybe they should have a Frexit instead of a wet hissy fit.