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  1. Winning a goldfish at the Toon Moor, it either died next day, or lived for ten years in a glass sweet jar, cadged from shop, water changed once a year & fed on Armitages "Gussie "ant eggs.
  2. Our first house cost £150.00 more than my last dog!
  3. And fireworks were only heard over a couple of weeks & weren,t powerful enough to kill by their explosion, ( they were mostly made in Scotland not imported from China.)
  4. or just add a couple of gallons of unleaded to a tank of deisel
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    top gear

    Never a fan before, did not like the wrecking of the Reliant Robin, but watched the Nepal show last night, brilliant! the driving by bigger vehicles in Nepal was harrowing. Now a convert.
  6. Go for it big time, you are only here once, you will now never think, "I wish I had" enjoy it.
  7. Best of to you all, shoot straight & safe
  8. guzzicat


    Maybe sussing you out to see if you hav e anything worth nicking, get one yourself & play the red baron card.
  9. Me too a great curtain raiser for new year.
  10. A couple in USA charged over childs murder after it died after a fruit only diet diet. Two sibling taken into care in a malnourished state, home birth & un registered.
  11. I had this problem twice,I stopped locking it & not had problem since,also try swithcing off, turning back on (not using starter )& then switch off.
  12. At the start of Barbarrossa the russian army would have sided with Hitler after the mass shootings of their officers, by Stalin, but Hitler regarded them as Untermenchen, had them shot or sent back to camps & death,this +SS attrocities turned a potential ally into mass hatred.
  13. A Tyneside council voted a few years ago to fell aline of Horse Chestnut trees IN CASE a child fell & was injured, gathering conkers, & down they came. also took a market trader to court as he was still selling tatties to pensioners by the pound (at the same time Chinese markets on Stowell Street in Newcastle had all of their goods priced in YEN.The old saying "give a man a fish & he will feed his family " Call some people a councillor & power goes to their head.
  14. Spain will allways veto Scotlands membership, it can hardly do otherwise with it;s treatment of Basque separatists,& Scotland really kissed them off by holding onto the lady Spain wants in court over Basque independance.
  15. Why,? I have access to Crown foreshore, club members have no more rights than I
  16. I tried, to join, but I lived "outwith their catchment area "? I still shoot there,if you avoid the village area you should have no trouble, ( I have had none in 5 years anyway)
  17. And all who chose to retire here & brought their wealth with them would not?
  18. guzzicat


    Just saw a news clip shot outside Westminster, how refreshing not to hear that obnoxious **** with the loud voice shouting "STOP BREXIT" .
  19. +1 For this, keep plugging away,it will klick,like sea trout fishing used to be (when we had fish!)
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    I remember last year at the Cenotaph, him wearing his second best "George" car coat in honour of our fallen, this year he looked a bit tidier, but still barely dipped his head, but then he was not vote hunting last year. The head of the labour party, his work record?Unpaid teaching of Geography (In the Bahamas i think.)
  21. Anthrax island off west coast of Scotland springs to mind
  22. Indian police seem to have the answer four rapists "shot while trying to escape" none wounded?
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