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  1. cragman

    Fox club

    Good going there Foxhunter. I dropped on a place last night where I was a fortnight since when I managed to shoit a vixen. I called last night for 30 mins but nothing showed. I was just about to leave when I flicked the lamp in one last time and two pairs of eyes looked backed at me. Obviously a pair running together, which I think is quite late, I normally have them paired up December time. They certainly didn’t come to my squeak looking at their behaviour, they both didn’t seem too bothered with the lamp as well. I dropped the vixen and left her where she fell hoping to get her mate to return. He did but stayed behind cover, just offering me the odd eye shine. Never seen him after that. .22 Hornet did the job again 👍🏻
  2. cragman

    Fox club

    Called a vixen in ‘tother night, 80 yards and she dropped to the Hornet Last week the keeper shot what turned out to be a dog fox, which ran on 50 yards but I couldn’t find it ‘til the next day. It had made it to a rabbit hole 👍🏻
  3. Le chameau chapka fur hat, Size L £18 posted v good condition Berghaus paclite gortex over trousers, size L, leg 29”. Never been worn, full leg zip and comes with stuff sack. £48 posted. Photo on request but mint condition. PM please
  4. cragman

    Head torch

    LED Lenser H7R2 rechargeable headtorch, boxed. £34 posted. PM please
  5. Meindl Burma gortex boots for sale. Excellent condition, size 8 (42) £140 posted
  6. BNWT so mint condition. RAB Bergen e-vent jacket, black, size L. Reduced price £130 posted
  7. cragman

    Fox club

    Managed to catch up with this fella at last. He’d been sitting out of range for my last two visits (.22Hornet) but the .222 sorted that out. Same area, 180 yards, boom! Ran for ten yards then fell, I watched him all the way. There’s another on this place that moves as soon as the lamp goes on him, (I’m old school 😄) so thermal would be the answer, but I don’t have it so I’ll have to sit out at dusk and watch for its movements 👍🏻
  8. If it’s a Halcon, it’s a great jacket 👍🏻
  9. It is new, worn once 😄
  10. cragman

    Fox club

    Aye, I spotted it with the lamp, got my sticks up and flicked on the white light mounted on the scope 👍🏻
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