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  1. Without distracting folks from Jims post...here’s my Kenzie Thorpe. Keep a watch on Holts auctions, they have some lovely art work for sale 👍🏻
  2. Hi, is this still available?



    1. cragman


      Yes Mark. Had someone asking earlier but still here 👍🏻

    2. foxshooter69


      Could I have a few more pics please, either to my email or WhatsApp, which ever is easier for yourself


      07989 356809




  3. I’m normally L and it fits me fine
  4. Harkila pro hunter gortex jacket for sale. Excellent condition, worn a few times, £255 posted, size 50, I’m a 42-43” and it fits with room for a fleece underneath. PM please
  5. Creatures of habit normally. A couple of nights doing a recce will give you a good start. See how he moved side to side winding any danger or a chance if a meal. Good, patient shooting 👍🏻
  6. Le chameau chapka fur hat, v good condition Size L 60cm 12£ posted Trek mate gortex gaiters. Size 2 Never worn 12£ posted Wool shooting mitts V good condition 10£ posted North Face goose down gilet, ex condition. Size M, fits me and I’m a 42” black and silver 50£ posted. PM please. More photos can be sent via what’s app. Send me your number
  7. Some great shooting there lads, keep it up. Dropped on a place last week where the farmer has had three large Cubs recently in the trap but the adults wouldn’t go near it, except when the safety was on! What’s all that about? Anyway, I picked out a cub mousing on arrival. Always nice to start with a success. Walked on and sat in amongst the rabbits was a big dog fox. He got the same treatment, the Hornet .22. Hopefully it was one of the trap shy foxes. Spotted another but it knew the script and was off. Love the nights drawing in 👍🏻
  8. Here’s a young cuckoo chick I was watching during the summer. I watch and study cuckoos so have a pretty good idea when the female is due to lay and in what area. This young ‘un fledged but I don’t know how it fared in the big wide world of preditors on the moor. It’s strange to think it could return and parasitise the very birds that reared it 👍🏻
  9. Hilti PM 2-LG laser levelling device for sale. In v good condition, comes with pouch and four new AA batteries. £60 posted. PM please. *SOLD pending payment thanks
  10. Now sold pending the usual. Thanks for the interest 👍🏻
  11. Never used except to try out. See photo for model etc. Will post if buyer covers the cost otherwise drop off within reasonable distance or meet up, north west area, £125 PM please NOW SOLD pending usual
  12. cragman

    Ammo safe

    Comsafe 18lt ammo/personal belongings safe. Electronic keypad entry and keys for emergency opening. 13.75” x 10” x 10.5“. Surplus to requirements, never been fitted, can deliver within reasonable distance or meet up, north west area...£60 PM please
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