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  1. So I have had it in the back of my mind for a while that it would be nice to get into reloading, but have really been looking for somone who is giving up of the like so I can get a full set up for a reasonable price. So I thaught I would ask PW for advice So I have seen this for sale and have no idea if this will be ok, ie. if it will be up to date, data avalable ect. and also if it is a good price?! (I have abosulutly no idea, but looks like it could get me started) So the ad is as follows: "Redding loader old model but ok ,20kgs shot mainly 6,s 2,000 primers,qty 1oz plswads tin nob
  2. Have you got any idea what thats called? and if you need an aquire and kee to get it. As I only have an aquire but would like to give hunting a go with my musket... Cheers, J
  3. Thanks, did not think of that, but in speaking to FEO I was double checking law and as far as I could see the train operator had no problem as tha staff I spoke to where shooters and where more than amicable. With hindsight the worst that they could have done is asked me to get off the train... a pain in the **** but not the end of the world! Very funny!
  4. I agree with your point about assumption, buts that’s where it stops. Firstly despite recommending a shooter knowing the intricacies of gun law. It really should not be incumbent upon shooters because of the misconceptions of the public at large and ineptitude of our police force to know the law. Further to this, and onto my main point if its in the slip take it to church for all I care. Your being hypocritical, you are making an assumption that he did not have good reason to have it there (again not that this is required). 'Perhaps' he waked to and from his shooting permission and wan
  5. Thanks I had already read the lower one and am sure one could become a hoast but just take some pills if you noticed anything. I know my grandfater got a tapeworm when posted in Somalia (not sure what type) but even back then it was a simple take a pill for a few days... Cheers, J
  6. I would put you off it for life if I had thaught to take a picture before chucking it!
  7. I know that they are somewht conservative with there use before dates on issue food... that is pushing it a bit though! But as above if you have the stomach for it and it smells/ looks ok why not... Hell I now realise that there is a good chance I ate tapeworm infested Rabbit thisevening! J
  8. Mmm after doing a little more recearch I am fairly sure that it is a tapeworm cyst. I am not sure weather to chuck the rest of the rabbit or not and just check it thoroughley (and stew it)... reading up on it rarley shows any signs beyond the cysts (and if there not there it dosent mean its not infected with an egg or two). More to the point, do I just keep an eye on my poop for little white riggaly things? (if thats indeed how one would spot it) Any more opinyons/ advice on the matter would be gratly apreceated.
  9. I decided last night that I would have Rabbit Burgers at some point today. So I took three rabbit legs out of the freezer and put them in salt water to defrost over night. This morning I proceded to cut the meat off the bone and within the muscle of one of the legs there was what lloked like a spotty white sack. I poped said sack (rouhghley the size of the end of ones thum) and out came a frog spawn like clear goo suspended in which was little white dots (I presume eggs of some kind). So I chucked this leg and made my burgers with the other two... which I have now eaten. So my quest
  10. mmm, I am even more bummed about missing this after reading your above great post! This would have been perfect for the bunnies as intended, make sure it leaves the cabinbet Great write up. Many Thanks, James
  11. OK thanks mate. I am in north Wales at the moment, and somehow had the preasance of mind to take my cert with me! (although I dont know if you can see from my profile I live in Cambridge). I shall be returning in a couple of weeks so will check back on this thread then and see if they have gone then. Many Thanks, James
  12. Hi David, thank you for getting onto this, but i fear that the problem is that many new shooters or those who are not confident with the system do not want to kick up a fuss (scared of impact upon aplication) and so do not. Sorry David I did not mean for you to see this last night, but was asking if there was any way of 'tagging' you in the post to bring it to your attention. Thanks again for all of your help. Thanks Again, James
  13. HI is this still for sale? If it is I will have. Many Thanks, J
  14. Can David BASC's comment on this? (OR is there any way of bringing it to his attention?)
  15. Very good offer, and would have jumped at it as only live at Cambridge. But **** law am in north wales atm. Brillant offer
  16. Im from Comberton, and go out with the Trinity at the end of the range! I can well belive it...
  17. I know its not a multi tool, but if you are looking for a (no excuse needed) 'uk legal' blade this is the best I have got: http://sportingcutlery.co.uk/b260.html I have re finished the handle as the varnish/ genral finish was not perfect (but not bad). Also ground off a coupple of mill at the base to be sure its under 3in. But for the cheap price and the fantasic quality of the steel which holds a fantastic edge its great. When im using it i honestly forget that its not a sheath knife its soo secure and gives you soo much edge to work with. Cheeres, J
  18. Fantastic offer, hope somone gets some use out of it
  19. Deffernatly sear off the meat before you put it in as it tastes better and dosent look so aneamic. Bacon is good A bit of bacon is nice as is a couple is teaspons of demearer sugar as the rabbit tastes all honey like Onion, carrot and a stock cube is all good. I have left it for three days on low before (just being buisy) and was beautiful.
  20. Fantastic, I have a doglock musket and really must take it out at some point.
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