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  1. I'm all for innovation and trying new things. Which I feel is often prohibited too much in this country, by helth and safety ect. BUT natural selection has not been on the ball there!!!
  2. aah, have just seen this. a long way for me, but thank you mate
  3. Hi mate, sorry to hear that you have given up shooting. If i might ask. What size is your cabinet, and is it for sale? Im looking to get a bigger one, many thanks, J
  4. Looking for a slightly larger cabinet, close to cambridge. (Or Colchester) Please post/ PM what you have. Not looking to spend mega bucks. Thanks, J
  5. The very best kind of shooting in my opinion
  6. I would also like to know where you buy rejects from (not bothered if not black gold) Cheers, J
  7. Either way mate, a nice video Looks like you had some fun there!
  8. Hi mate, I could not see his comments, maby he removed them?
  9. Very nice bag. That's by far my favorate kind of shooting, can't beat a nice mooch!
  10. Thank you, I'll do that tomorrow. I think my best bet might still be private if anyone has any for sale?
  11. Does anyone have a cabinet for sale anywhere reasonably en route between Bangor (north wales) and Cambridge. (I am doing the journey this weekend) (Preferably a scoped cabinet/ 5+, but not essential. All depends upon price, but must be BS. There must be someone!) Cheers, J
  12. Nice cabinet, but your a little way out for me. Thank you, but no tank you
  13. Also pending photo and location I would take the 6 gun cabinet (top one £75)
  14. Thank you, yes it does. As I said, with these thing it is often more who you know than what you know. I shall be moving to North Wales soon so I'll be on the lookout for clubs there. Thanks, J
  15. Something I would really like to get into, I have read up on in the past but never known anyone to sort out questions ect. I have just seen this on Ebay and I think it looks like a pretty good deal... (The chap did not choose a very good title, so perhaps gone unnoticed?) Anyone in the know, is this any good? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221861530374&globalID=EBAY-GB If it is, either what else would I need to get set up? Or if someone on here in the know will now buy it! Can I in turn buy one off you if you'll help me get set up? Many T
  16. What are you charging? And what's the expected bag? Thanks, J
  17. Thanks, No harm in trying to get my foot in the door before I arrive Do you know of any rough shooting near Bangor? Thanks, J
  18. Hi Eccles, I'm moving to Bangor in September and so am looking to find some shooting there. Do you think you could possibly help on this, was the farm you are referring to needing any vermin control? If not do you know of any other farms in the aria you could put me in contact with? I grew up on a farm, so not totally devoid of common sense! (And am BASC insured) Many Thanks, James
  19. Yep Webley single shot .410. I also got ~90 .410 cartridges for £20
  20. Pretty chuffed I will have some fun with this
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