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  1. Haveing lived in wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire with a deerstalker I know that shooting is ****** hard to get. But as soon as they know you can deal with there deer problem... You can do what you like (as long as you keep on top of the deer and give them some niceley butchered venison) We used to send a lot of ours off to be smoked, and a smoked haunch and some gusions occasionally work a treat!
  2. Erogon- because the inheritance cycle books where brillant and the **** first film curtailed any subsequent ones. I would like to see a sequel to master and commander (of for that matter the kingdom of heaven)
  3. No I did not think a path was eaither, and by shooting from one you are not obstructing anyone. It is essentially there choice if they find something they dislike! I was always under the impression there was no minimum distance from a footpath (indeed correct me if I am wrong but you can shoot from a footpath). But as with public highways the police have far more 'leverage to get you'... As is there genral want with shooters
  4. Aaa, sorry I saw B1002 and got mixed up thinking I was looking at the wrong part. Thank you
  5. Thank you all, I'll let you know the results in a fortnight. But I cannot find anywhere that sells seals for this gun... (Other than mainspring seal) Could I use a simalar seal from a diffrent gun? If so any suggestions?
  6. Thank you chaps. Just what I needed! I'll get back to you how I get on Also hyflier, what do you mean by be careful of the mainspring especially if replacing? Many Thanks, James
  7. Here is my lovely re-finished forend. And the screws cleaned up nicely with a pin fial and re blued nicely. (They also fit a sensible size screwdriver now!)
  8. Hi there chaps, so am looking at helping a friend do up an air rifle. I have not seen it in person yet. And we know it won't be the best gun In the world... It has sentimental value and is more of a for fun, because we can. So it is a Gamo .177 of some kind. I have got a scope for it, and stock refinishing is no problem. But it seems a tad low on power apparently (could this be perished seals, do they just require some silicone grease? (Or where can I get some suitable new seals) Also apparently it sounded rather loud? Just put a dab of grease in with the spring, or something more comple
  9. In this sense I agree with Scully. Politicians have a reputation for being slippery... Get a straight out yes/ no I would support an overturning of the ban.
  10. Well that is good. Hidi Allen, has not replied to my subsequent email asking why she would keep the act. I stopped buy her offices and was told she will be in contact... I will pop buy again if I don't hear anything in a fortnight!
  11. RSPCA have funded soo many cases against hunters. I have absolutely no time for the b********
  12. What I would like to know is, why do they have the right to use the name: ROYAL society for the protection of birds? Is this because the Queen is a patron? Because the amount of **** they have stirred up! I wish Philip could do more as he liked. In his words, directly after the ban: "they are a load of bloody bunny huggers" EDIT: typo
  13. In which case I would relish giving her a peice of my mind... I recived a derogoratry reply that severel other constituents had also recived, so am popping by her offices in half an hour. I'll keep you guys updated if I catch Hidi Allen.
  14. You could ask to speak to her to person?! I know what I'll be doing...
  15. It's a real shame, because as above. There may well have been the opertunity for an indervidual to pass on knoladge when you got your variation. Which is allways gratifying.
  16. I don't believe I have ever complimented your brillant 'profile picture' Scully! Not that I'm meaning to put any political bias forward
  17. This is rediculous, is there any way one can oppose this? Not fill in that part of the form. Then when they refuse your application, ask why. As I'm sure you chaps are aware you can have the chief of police for your county explain to you in court why a SGC has not been granted! And if it is upon this basis it will not be upheld...
  18. And foot hunts: beagles, basslets (some harrier) ect. They all where banned...
  19. I have found local 'gastro pubs' ect. Will take anything they can through the back door. (Pigeon, rabbit, pheasant, venison) Because whatever they pay us is cheaper than they buy them in at! I have been given £1 per crown! (Undamaged) and plenty of free beer
  20. That is terrable... Good thing it was your aunt! I would say name and shame.
  21. Sorry got the wrong end of the stick... But even so is surprising!
  22. I'm amazed that your brother is a bunny hugger if he owns/ runs a farm! But your quite right, they suddenly change when it starts effecting them.... Does anyone know how to put sound recordings up here on the I-phone? I had a funny incident the other day with my partner... She is not against shooting (else her horses would break legs in rabbit holes) But both her parents are bunny huggers. And are appalled that I hunt, shoot, fish ect. (So I bring it up as much as is humanly possible/ leave carts on the side/ turn up to say hi after hunting in full attire... You get the idea) If
  23. Yes 9/10 was personal experience (but to be honest on reflection I would actually put the fiure at closer to 14/15) I am rather annoyed (to say the least) that it is the general leftist done thing to bee seen to be a bunny hugger! Which is why pepole who have no experince of it almost without fail 'form there own opinion' against hunting! This is the only side the media [feels safe] putting forward. I really think we must support one another as mark my words shooting, fishing ect. will be next!
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