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  1. Twistedsanity... Your name certainly fits! You are missing something, as when hunts could hunt. The fox got away 9/10 and the ones that where caught where sick or injured. It also puts ALOT of money into the countryside. The number of nice little jobs (for local lads/ old chaps) that where lost was terrible. (I know of several such cases personally) May I add that if my claim to fame is marching into parliament square during a 'demonstration' in full hunting attire. Then I will be one very happy bunny! But I maintain my point that we must stand together. That's if we ever want
  2. You would not change my mind, but that I because I have hunted my whole life and feel very strongly about it. I happen to know that Hidi does not have a strong opinion on the matter and Prier to the election had not expressed an opinion. (from a very nice local farmer who is a conservative member) I know it is slim but if I can do my bit and change her opinion... That's one good thing! Further to this, what about another march to parliament square in full hunting attire?!
  3. Thank you I had not thaught of welding, and blueing is not a problem... I'll let you chaps know. Many thanks as allways.
  4. I had already sent an email before reading this post. But I recived exactly the same derogatory reply as above! Dear James, Thank you for your email. Although it is likely to be a free vote (should it be bought before Parliament), please be assured I would not vote to repeal the Hunting Act. I trust that puts your mind at rest. Heidi Allen MP Member of Parliament for South Cambridgeshire And my further reply: Dear Heidi, I'm afraid this does not put my mind at rest. I would urge you to reflect upon the largely rural demographic of your constituency, and vote to repeal the
  5. I'm also very glad to see you followed this up Please do let us know the outcome. I personally have only ever experinced common sense with the police. (I'm supprised as well!) In fact I have on numerous occasions traveled across London on the trains with a SG in a gun bag (it was ovbious what it was). I consulted my FEO before the first time I ever did I case there was some kind of 'bylaw' for London public transport! He said "in a bag, no problem, I'd reccomend you take your ticket" I have never been stopped in London for it. The only time I have been asked is by the public. And t
  6. Thank you both, Spandit and welshworrior. I do have a dremmel, but I think I'll try the pin fial first, because I'll have more controll. And when I sanded the faces off the screws this evening to get the burrs off they seemed very soft! I do have a pair of electronic calipers at but not with me for a cupple of weeks (other house) I'll see how I get on tomorow, and post the result. It may well help opening them up, because the slots where far too thin for a normal screwdriver anyway. James
  7. Thank you, I'll take a pin file to the screws tomorow... And post the result. But thank you for the suggestion, I did not think of that. I'll have to do it in a week or so because it's a little way to a 'proper' gunsmith for me.
  8. The only time I have shot foxes what's when my chickens where being taken. It was a vixen with two cubs. But it was safely and easily done. With her first and then her two cubs (I have been present on many occasion, and in my experience cubs will hang around for long enough if the vixen drops). There where several other foxes around my land/ house [i could tell you which ones would be where at what times. But they either where not coming out so early as to get my chickens before they went in or did not have cubs dependent so did not need to take chickens in an aria that they would have
  9. It's alright I have other guns I can fall back on. I am going to try and fix the screws... I just may need to source some more.
  10. Thank you Gordon R... I did not refresh the page. I will try that, but they are not in a good way! Would they not be any kind of standardised size... Or should I write to the maker and ask for some?
  11. Thank you fenboy. Does anyone else have any idea? As having them made sounds expensive!...
  12. I am currently re- finishing the fore end of my gun. (Boiled linseed oil, and it is turning out a million times better than the spray on laquer it had before. I'll do the stock next.) But in thanking the mechanism out of the fire end (to re blue it) I have really knarled up the screws... (They where loctited in) Can anyone tell me what they are/ where I can get new ones (as I fear the state they are in, if I put them back in I'll never get them out again) Many Thanks, James [now that I have written all of this I can put the photos in... How do I do I add them?!]
  13. Certainly looks functional and good to me. I might give this a go with some old cameras lying around myself
  14. Hi there, good to see another from Cambridge! Where abouts are you? (I'm Comberton & Hardwick aria)
  15. I'll ask someone in the know about this and get back to you... (My father owns an estate agency and lettings company) so should know if they are just money grabbing or have come under some kind of pressure from above themselves?!
  16. I cannot reccomend Wabbitbosher highly enough. I baught for the first time from him this week, picked the gun up from the gun shop this afternoon. He is brillant at keeping in contact, verry honest, reliable and resonable prices. My bank account will rue the day I am close enough to 'pop in'
  17. I have a 12G doglock musket and just use paper cartridges in bag. Although I am yet to find a close to 12G ball mould.
  18. Thank you, better to check... I allways go overkill 12B 40g #3
  19. Can I ask what load you use for foxes in the .410? As the only larger shot sizes I could find where 3in (and the W & S are 2.5in)
  20. Could I have some advice please... (Although I'm pretty sure of the answer) The mini magnum 40g #3 will be fine for Foxes right? What kind of range, or just so I'm confident of the shot? I have only ever done overkill 50g+ loads but mainly rifles on foxes. And what do you think to those cartridges!
  21. Not too far then , Thanks. I'll let you guys know how I get on with the gun once I have taken it out.
  22. I am sure of it! I have already said that I'll be back for more... I think a nice old SxS would be good If I'm ever in his aria (if anyone knows where that is?) I would love to pop buy and empty my bank account (although at his prices I might need a lorry )
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