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  1. I'll call them. The next stage is scrapping it and I'd rather give it away than do that.
  2. Thank you Holloway. This is my gun. Gunshop advised me to put up at £300 or £350 and accept £250, but I'm not very good at playing games. Probably explains why I've not got further in life. Happy to respond to any questions.
  3. Just to wrap this up, having looked at gloves from just about every sport and activity going, including all those mentioned here, I bought a pair of the Sealskinz Solo, which were indeed on sale at £10 plus postage. I used them (one of them anyway) on a sim game day yesterday and they worked very well. Good fit and feel, not sweaty and good heat resistance. Thanks again to everyone for the advice.
  4. That's very helpful, thank you Dave. Our house certainly isn't a higher end build!
  5. Brilliant idea. Thank you John.
  6. Thank you all. Never simple is it?
  7. Chaps Towel rail in the bathroom heated by the central heating system that we’re thinking about having replaced by an electric one with a timer. Is this a job for a spark because it involves (presumably) running a spur from a nearby plug (other side of a stud wall) or for a plumber because the water supply for the existing rail will need capping off? Or for a plumber who specialises in bathrooms? Any guidance welcome, although correct answers do not include ‘do it yourself’.
  8. Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ll go away and have a big think.
  9. Thank God no, but still pretty awful. I wouldn’t have minded if he was good.
  10. Read with interest because I shoot gun down. It makes my mount and swing far more fluid whereas I tend to poke if gun up. To avoid that, I sometimes shoot gun in shoulder but face off stock, moving my head to the stock as I swing. As people have said, it’s what works best for the individual.
  11. Behind a chap a while ago who, after each pair, shuffled forward a couple of paces to the bin, turned the gun round so the rib was facing away, ejected the empties into the bin (awkward manoeuvre with the muzzles pointing up), shuffled back into position, reset his feet, tried a couple of practice mounts and then reloaded. I ended up wishing he’d just let em fly.
  12. Already got one, but it slides a bit when hot and when opening , fingertips touch the barrels. Plus it makes me a bit nervous in case I burn myself. I shoot clays midweek and usually stay on a stand (provided no one else waiting) until I’m hitting consistently or it’s a waste of cartridges, which leads to a hot gun. And then there’s the odd sim day. I think I’ll look at a left hand golf glove which may work. Or I could man up and not have hands like a girl.
  13. Chaps! CHAPS! Stop shouting at each other. I’ve got an o/u, but I’m old enough to prefer a s/s. And I shoot a bit better with it too.
  14. That’s what started me off on this! They seem a very good thing, but not cheap.
  15. I’ve thought about a golf glove, but are they thick enough to cope with very hot barrels? Any golfists on here?
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