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    Member of the Kent Wildfowlers, regular at JJ's in Dartford. Other than that, and running the family about, enjoy TV and drinking too much.

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  1. Definitely 21g. Anything more will hurt after a bit (and I’m not particularly recoil sensitive).
  2. Do like a drop of Ballantine’s, but not seen the 12 year old. My brother gave me a Welsh whisky (Penderyn) which is lovely and a bit different. He told me it was villainously expensive, but I’m worth it.
  3. Has everyone seen the news item about Tesco Christmas card supplier in China using prison labour? Provided the conditions are humane, I really can’t see the problem. It’s hardly chain gang stuff. Have I missed something? Any contrary opinions?
  4. If they put a red rosette on my wheelie bin it would be elected down our way, so a couple of half-hearted ones from Labour and one from the teenage Conservative hopeful.
  5. I have a pretty much identical one in 20b. Mine is early 1920s.
  6. Really enjoyed that, thank you for posting. You don’t miss many!
  7. Thanks for taking the time to post. It must be lovely to own guns with a personal connection like that.
  8. I’ve got some tung oil. The instructions talk about removing previous finishes. Is that necessary? My stock is oiled and I used CCL a couple of years ago.
  9. I had the pleasure of a trip for work to Lagos in Nigeria a few years ago. I was picked up each morning and evening to join a practically stationary queue of cars, all maintained as well as you might imagine judging by the exhaust fumes. It struck me that it was one road in one city in one country in the entire developing world, so anything we do about the environment is practically meaningless. I was feeling guilty at the time about having a car with a 2 litre engine too.
  10. The Gun Shop channel on YouTube has reviewed them and compared to other makes. Worth a watch.
  11. I was in a gunshop one day when they were stripping a semi that had packed up. The trigger mechanism was solid with muck. They squirted with a degreaser and most of it fell off immediately. A quick job that’s well worth doing.
  12. My father served in Europe 1944 - 46. He always left the room or hid behind his newspaper when anything about Remembrance Day came up. He never really talked about it, but I think his view was that he’d spent enough time thinking about it and would rather forget. I have every respect for the feelings of those involved in war and always observe the 2 minutes silence somewhere quiet.
  13. Not the same thing, but we have been booking properties for a short stay in southern Spain. One place in the old town in Cadiz received good reviews except for one from a chap in Indiana, who gave it one star because there was no parking and it was difficult to find, even with satnav. Errr... I don’t think they’d thought of cars in the 16th century. With apologies to our many friends from the US who would never say anything so daft.
  14. Many years ago, Eley did the same thing with a pyrotechnic thingy in the wad. V expensive and if I remember correctly, not that helpful because the wad is slower than the shot. Never bought any, so feel free to ignore!
  15. Thanks everyone. Plenty to think about!
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