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    Member of the Kent Wildfowlers, regular at JJ's in Dartford. Other than that, and running the family about, enjoy TV and drinking too much.

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  1. Thank you Saltings. There’s a modern version from Ikea and I think I’ll be looking for something like that. I don’t visit the attic that often, so I don’t need a high tech solution. It’s just a matter of advancing years meaning that I can no longer jump into the attic with one step.
  2. Thanks for finding. That sort of thing is in reserve if the steps are too expensive!
  3. Our attic is accessed through a small door in the wall. I’m thinking about getting a set of steps made with a hinge at the top so the steps can be pulled out to get into the attic and then folded away behind the door when not in use. Any thoughts on how much? The steps will be a maximum of 2 feet wide. The door is 2 feet from the floor, so I’d imagine we’re looking at 3 risers. Any suggestions for a likely carpenter is SE London also gratefully received.
  4. Townie

    Bearded tits.

    Completely with you on this. I’m not a twitcher, but I’m always on the lookout for interesting birds. The best spot was a pair of tree creepers in Sussex. Also delighted to see a pair of great crested grebes doing that thing with their necks in London docklands recently and a pair of hoopoes in France this year. I’m gradually winning Mrs T over.
  5. Since retiring a couple of years ago, I call at every renewal. They generally reduce at the first renewal and I go elsewhere after the second year. Something I didn’t have time for when I was working that now gives me great pleasure. Worth signing up with one of the outfits that will change your energy suppliers too. Thieves, all of them.
  6. No problem! My downfall is posting after a drink or several while half watching the TV.
  7. Don’t get me wrong - I agree with you! I’ve shot plenty of ducks with the third cartridge from my semi and more than a few pheasants with the second barrel after the neighbouring gun missed. And then there was the bird that flew down the line and was missed by five guns. I wouldn’t take a semi to a driven shoot for the same reasons (don’t ask me what they are) that I wear a suit and black tie to a funeral and polish my shoes. But I wouldn’t object if others did.
  8. I’m sure I was told many years ago in the days when we had 4+1 autos that they were frowned on because the possibility of 5 goes at a bird was considered deeply unsporting.
  9. Ha ha well done. She doesn’t know about one and thinks the other two cost a couple of hundred each.
  10. Told Mrs T yesterday that the 4 slabs of cartridges unloaded from the car cost £100. She was unpleasantly surprised. I also told her that 100 clays cost £10. This was in response to my constantly raised eyebrows at the price of her hobbies. I’m in favour of keeping the little lady in gentle ignorance. Any other views?
  11. Scully’s advice for right handers to put cartridges in the left pocket is brilliant. I’ve never thought to do that, but I will this season. In response to the original point, I’ve seen everything from 28g of 7s. to 34g of 4s in the empties bin and I don’t think anyone will notice or care much (although I did think the 4s a bit of a stiff load).
  12. A doctor of my acquaintance told me of a patient he referred to a plastic surgeon. She had ‘Gary’s pussy’ tattooed on her lower abdomen shall we say, a little above the welcome mat. She had parted company with Gary and wanted rid of the tattoo. The surgeon agreed only to remove ‘Gary’s’, leaving her with ‘pussy’, which is sort of obvious. Still makes me laugh.
  13. All my least favourite things in one place! Well done ditchman.
  14. I love aeroplanes. Thank you for posting.
  15. Simulated game day in Sussex on Saturday. Touching any metal bit of the gun was a serious risk and I felt sorry for the chap with a s/s. Then home for a big dinner with too much to drink and a sore shoulder.
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