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    Member of the Kent Wildfowlers, regular at JJ's in Dartford. Other than that, and running the family about, enjoy TV and drinking too much.

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  1. Happened to me in Tesco on Saturday. I set off the alarm and after a while, an overweight guard ambled out. Told him it was me and I’d paid, and he puffed and panted his way back into the store.
  2. This. We get a higher return than most savings accounts and there’s the chance of a big win. You do need a fair amount in bonds though.
  3. Happened to me in the US. I was in my mid-50s, bald and what hair I had was grey. On the plus side, I got reduced entry into some places as an over-50 without having to provide evidence. Funny lot.
  4. Thank you chaps. I’ll go away and think about it and then in spite of good intentions most probably do nothing about it until after Christmas.
  5. My ancient German army surplus Gore-tex over trousers have started letting a bit of moisture through. The Gore-tex website advises washing and ironing to wake the waterproofing up and if that doesn’t work (it didn’t) to apply durable water repellent. Anyone got any recommendations for a suitable product? There seems to be plenty about at varying prices.
  6. I shoot an ancient 16b sxs on walked up days and the occasional box of cartridges at clays. The cartridges cost a fortune which is fine for the odd slab here and there, but would be costly at clay quantities.
  7. I’ve got the same gun and same problem. I thought the Ultralight felt barrel heavy, so not keen. I now use an 8kg weight and do 3 lots of 10 bicep curls (I think it’s called) for both arms a few nights a week. It takes 5 minutes and sorted the problem. May not work for everyone, but I have arms like pipe cleaners after a lifetime of pen pushing.
  8. Absolutely right, of course. The book also mentions that older shots who moved to hammerless guns later in life thought that the safety uncocked the gun when applied, which probably explains much. Yes, hadn’t considered that. I had a tenant farmer great uncle. He had an ancient hammer gun propped against a wall (proper old farm gun, absolutely filthy) which I was allowed to play with as a child. I assume it was unloaded!
  9. My bedtime reading at the moment is The young shot by N M Sedgwick, published 1940. I’ve just finished the chapter about gun safety. Most of it is very familiar, but some of the anecdotes! A close friend killed when being passed a loaded gun from a car, another acquaintance who shot someone while ferreting, a loaded gun left propped against a wall in a pub which was picked up and fired by accident, a paragraph about witnessing several dogs shot and others of the sort. He also said that if the ground was easy, he saw nothing wrong with carrying a gun with the safety off. There’s a photogra
  10. A friend introduced me many years ago to a pickled egg in a packet of salt and vinegar crisps as a pub snack. Nothing more gorgeous with a pint or six.
  11. Turning point for me was when I was being witty and charming with a woman at work, she laughed a bit politely and said ‘yes, my dad says that too’. Oh well...
  12. Just heard that my place is running a couple of mid week days in December. They’re thinking about what to do about those who can only do weekends.
  13. I was thinking this morning that it’s astonishing that these two candidates are the best that a great nation like the USA can come up with and that a country that put men on the moon half a century ago takes weeks to count votes.
  14. Always enjoy looking at other people’s guns, so here are mine. The hammer gun is a Midland Gun Company 20b from the 1920s and the box lock is a McCririck 16b also from the 20s. I shoot much better with the o/u, but I don’t have to explain to this group why these two feel special.
  15. Visited Ashcombe last Friday. Nice layout, natives were very friendly and the lady in the office was very nice. And there is a hire gun. The stands were very challenging and I didn't dare try their tower. My only criticism would be that I'd have welcomed a couple of easier stands not so much for me (honest) but the chap I went with shoots only occasionally and he hit very few, which is a bit off putting. We also spent a joyful half hour in the Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter and I wish I'd allowed more time for that. Loads of stuff and helpful staff. Great afternoon out, but the traff
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