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    Member of the Kent Wildfowlers, regular at JJ's in Dartford. Other than that, and running the family about, enjoy TV and drinking too much.

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  1. Went to Bisley yesterday and I'm delighted to say that everything was open. Really good high and driven birds and the grouse butts were fun as promised. Everything worked and very few no birds. If pushed, the worst I could say is that some of the stands were a bit samey (but there are lots of stands and I shot them all) and it's a touch pricey, but I didn't mind paying for a good layout. The natives were very friendly, liberal amounts of hand sanitizer around and I'll definitely be going again. I had to return to the car for more cartridges half way through, so I'll man up and carry a full slab next time. As feared, the debit card took a hammering and I'm glad I don't live a bit nearer.
  2. Townie

    Urban foxes

    Ha ha, yes! Thank you Blackbird, quite right. That's what we've done, but I was out for revenge and chucking stones at them doesn't really do it for me!
  3. Townie

    Urban foxes

    Had a quick look at cage traps and hushpower .410s and I was surprised how expensive. The paving slabs seem to have dealt with them digging up the cat, so I may just stick with the pile of stones by the back door that I use to throw at them.
  4. Townie

    Urban foxes

    I didn’t know that! I may also look into a Hushpower .410.
  5. Townie

    Urban foxes

    Thank you for the responses! Vince has hit the nail on the head. They are youngsters and I’ll think about a cage trap and a trip down the M20. I’m glad no one suggested contacting the Council. They’d probably suggest making friends and trying to be more inclusive.
  6. We have a couple of very bold urban foxes that I suspect are being fed. One was about to walk into our house before I chased it off recently. Final straw last night when they very nearly resurrected our poor old cat who was buried a couple of weeks ago. I've since covered the spot with a few paving slabs we had around. My ideal solution would be lead based, but that's not practical as we live in an urban area. Any ideas to persuade them that they're not welcome?
  7. Thanks all. Really looking forward to it, but I fear that the debit card may get a pounding.
  8. My part time job as Dad taxi driver is taking me to Guildford next month, so I’ve booked a pay and play slot at Bisley so the day’s not entirely wasted. Any thoughts, recommendations, views?
  9. I got his autograph when he was with Leeds. Thoroughly nice man.
  10. Never had one, but the chappie at the gun shop I frequented at the time told me pretty much this.
  11. The Australians do a thing with Timtams (a bit like Penguin biscuits) where they take them from the fridge, nibble off both ends and suck the tea or coffee through the biscuit middle. The cold chocolate keeps it intact and as soon as it starts to melt, you eat the whole thing. One of the best things I’ve eaten. I could fancy one right now...
  12. Townie

    Premium bonds.

    This. The website is very easy to use and you can sell easily. We get £25 most months, £50 regularly and £100+ every now and then. This beats the current rubbish interest rates elsewhere. Our financial advisor recommends as a safe and accessible place for spare cash.
  13. Interesting thing about scrapping guns onThe Gun Shop on YouTube, published a couple of days ago. Worth a watch.
  14. Townie


    I carefully filled up the Sunday before this all started, thereby missing out on cheap fuel.
  15. Townie

    Spitfire & Hurricane

    When I was a young lad, they filmed The Battle of Britain near us in 1968 I think it was. As a 10 year old, it was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen or heard. Not sure that my dad was so keen.
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