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    Member of the Kent Wildfowlers, regular at JJ's in Dartford. Other than that, and running the family about, enjoy TV and drinking too much.

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  1. Visited Ashcombe last Friday. Nice layout, natives were very friendly and the lady in the office was very nice. And there is a hire gun. The stands were very challenging and I didn't dare try their tower. My only criticism would be that I'd have welcomed a couple of easier stands not so much for me (honest) but the chap I went with shoots only occasionally and he hit very few, which is a bit off putting. We also spent a joyful half hour in the Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter and I wish I'd allowed more time for that. Loads of stuff and helpful staff. Great afternoon out, but the traff
  2. Happened to me too. We had a car that was a very distinctive colour. I saw an identical one while on the M25 and you can imagine my surprise when I found it had the same registration number. I called the police, who made a note and told me that it happens more often than you might think. I spoke to the dealer who told me that the registration belonged to mine and that the fault was generally with the guys who make up and attach the plates. And that it happens more often than you might think...
  3. I managed to close a s x s on my thumb once. Didn’t hurt as much as the op’s I’m sure, but it made me squeak.
  4. John Forsey can deliver to your home or local gunshop. They are my local and very helpful, so I’d give them a buzz.
  5. Daughter’s bloke had one that he let me play with. As above: hoot to drive, not terribly practical, heavy on petrol.
  6. Yes, I had a Barbour for years. Finally went modern last season and wished I’d done so years ago.
  7. Thank you both. I did have a quick google, but a bit of local knowledge is always good.
  8. I did a simulated game day a couple of years ago and took along all the fibre wads I had tucked away - 30 and 32 g game, 21, 24 and 28 g clay, four different manufacturers. The thumpiest of the lot by far were the English Sporters.
  9. Daughter and partner now in Exeter and he enjoys a bang at the clays with me. Any suggestions? Must be open mid-week and ideally have loan guns.
  10. Me too and I’ve been waiting for someone to say that you should never use it. Works a treat and I’m forever tightening my chokes up.
  11. Embarrassed to confess that I’ve watched all of the series mentioned. I can recommend them all.
  12. At the first renewal I call and tell them it’s too much and they reduce. At the second renewal, I change. I’ve bounced between Direct Line and Admiral for several years. Thieves, all of them.
  13. I was a fan of The Avengers as a small child. It was only when I grew up that I could see the special appeal of Diana Rigg in a leather catsuit.
  14. We had one in our London garden. Never seen any here before.
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