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  1. You sir have "hit the nail on the head" 👍
  2. I agree almost, I have found very little difference between the 20 and the 28. I still use my 12 sxs. However the 28 holds nostalgic memory's for me, as it was the fist cartridge I used through a battered old single barrel hammer gun.
  3. I use a max load of 25grm 5s on a driven day and 21grm 6 for walk up
  4. Coombe Farm Sporting in Somerset have a S/H Lincoln premier gold excellent condition
  5. I to am the proud owner of a B525l in a 28 bore. From the moment I found it nestled on the rack at my local gun shop, I knew it was a 'good un'. I have been down the local clay club and my scores have improved. The gun feels like a natural extention to my arms. Looking forward season to start. I have a day on walked up partridge which I think will be this guns perfect test
  6. 686 sporter multi choke doubled woodcock with that gun and it fitted like a glove, God I miss that gun. Had to sell it to pay the rent (£150). Went to a friend he had 30 years of good use from it. I am still searching for another that comes close to that one
  7. Esca


    Why can I say. Luv em great grip for my loading and for using with the sxs
  8. 1896 Riley, wonderful gun used it all season got my average down to 3 to 1 very happy. Now seriously selling some of my o/u.
  9. Seen more this year on one day than I have seen in the last 5 years.
  10. Couldn't agree more Clive I use a Lincoln choked 1/4 & 1/2 bought it about 4 years back. Brilliant gun took it out yesterday and got remarks from the neighbouring guns on how effective it was. May have even converted a few.
  11. The Regal are a very nice and they work very well on the woodies.
  12. Lincoln premier gold 1/4&1/2 use eithe RC 21g or Regal 25grm.
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