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  1. joejoe

    4x4 for £2.5k

    My subaru outback does about 44mpg average according to the trip computer. I mostly do short runs with a little motorway driving. On the motorway it will do about 55mpg. This a 2010 2.0l diesel. I have used it on rough roads but I have only had it a few weeks. The leather seats are nice.
  2. joejoe

    Good Porter Ale

    Although not technically a porter it's a "old English ale" theakson's old puculier takes some beating. There are lots of nice darker ales I'm not sure if it's still on but manchester winter beer festival had loads. I would recommend trying local breweries as they may so one, if not it's not a wasted trip as the other beers are probably good (only one way to find out).
  3. joejoe

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Get a Hetty (pink Henry). Just the same plus you have a good excuse not to do the hovering. Made in England too.
  4. joejoe

    Fuel efficient 4x4? Do they exist?

    I have just bought a Subaru outback with similar needs to your own. I can't comment on how it is yet as I have only collect it tomorrow. My focus only did around 33mpg.
  5. joejoe


    Well that is definitely food. I'll do my best. Just to say I haven't had any problems with him doing this in the last week. I have just been giving him a marrowbone as he gets in. He's not failed any recalls either. He has just stolen a load of salami I bought from one of the contintal markets. But that is my fault for leaving it in reach.
  6. joejoe


    I'm still pretty bad at cleaning my thing a way now at 34. To be fair when I'm practicing he does it great. A little too good as my legs are bruised from him running into me.
  7. joejoe


    Ok cheers. I have also booked him with the dog trainer as I want to be I'm doing it right.
  8. joejoe


    Ok thanks for the help, I will try these methods.
  9. joejoe


    I'm currently training my first gun dog a Labrador. He's 10 months old and he's picking up training very well. However he's has started to actively ignore some commands if he feels he has a better idea. For example after walking he's isn't coming to the car after being called or I use the whistle. Instead he's is trying to get me to chase him, which I won't as he's fast. This is both frustrating and potential dangerous he's he can't be stopped. During he's walks he is fine stopping coming back etc unless he finds some horse manure to eat or another dog. Then I know he knows to come back but instead ignores me. Does anyone have any experience of this and how to deal with it before it gets worse? I understand he's just a puppy but it's still annoying.
  10. joejoe

    3” chambers for fowling?

    Ok I didn't know that it says 3.5mm on the cartridge I just had a look. 3.1mm on the 4's. Its a pitty they are green so you spend ages looking for the empties.
  11. joejoe

    3” chambers for fowling?

    I normally use Fiocchi 2 3/4" 35g in 2's and it works well. I would say better that the Lyalvale Express 3" 36g number 3's, but that might be the pattern as I don't suppose 1g of shot is going to make much difference. Again mostly Canada geese and ducks. Plus the chamber in my Winchester 1500 which I shoot the best with.
  12. joejoe

    Percussion rambouillet trousers

    I have a pair and used them all last season. They are great in the rain whilst out rough shooting on hill sides etc. I found them a little warm during dry weather. Not too heavy of socked through but dry quick anyway.
  13. joejoe

    E-mail ransom demand

    I would recommend you change your password. A different one for each site which I know is a bit of a pain. You can use encrypted password vaults like dashline or something. Funny enough I'm just doing a it security course (certificate in information security management). Dashlane (auto correct)
  14. joejoe

    Sky/free sat boxes

    I have a Freesat humlix had now about 4 years. It rewinds and pauses etc has Netflix and iPlayer. And you can click back though the TV guide and watch a program that you have missed on BBC &itv. No channel 4 HD and it doesn't have their playback too after it was taken off. But I would recommend it.
  15. I have used Fiocchi 35g 2 and 4 and they have been good. Not used the 32g yet. My only problem is the colour is green so are difficult to find after using a semi auto.