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  1. I got some skellerup quatro for Christmas, so I haven't had them that long. So I can't comments on how long they last but they pretty comfortable and warm. A little heavy but the grip is great. I have agiles too but unlined and the my have lasted about 3 years moderate use and still look like they have a lot of life in then.
  2. joejoe

    Nissan Note

    My partner has a 2006 1.6 auto and loves it, as it meets all her needs and just goes. It is nippy for what it is and had lots of room.
  3. I thought they are mainly Catholic, why is the Church of England setting it up.
  4. Got a pair of skellerup quatro sports for Christmas and they feel good. Grip well as and are warm but it's not been cold enough to properly tell. They got good reviews. Used the rough shooting, wildfowling and dog walking.
  5. It is possible but I would think some one has clicked a setting by mistake. You can always run a antivirus or window defender check and make sure the windows updates are applied and up-to-date. The link problem to the Microsoft help page just takes you to the Microsoft store which is for laptops and games etc.
  6. Steps to Reset Internet Explorer in Windows 10 1. Right click on the Start Button (Ctrl+X) and click on Control Panel. 2. Tap on Network and Internet. 3. Click on Internet Options. 4. Now tap on Advanced tab and go to Reset. 5. If you want to reset Internet Explorer without deleting personal information, then tap Reset. 6. You can also check the option Delete personal Information and then click click Reset. 7. Tap on close.
  7. I have a Subaru outback for similar reasons. But I thought the a6 was too big for my parking space at home. Still lots of room in the Subaru.
  8. Aldi do 100% merino wool for about £15 sometimes. I have a Rab on too which is pretty good. Costco polyester ones are ok for the price. Norgi is good for wildfowling with a thin on underneath and a jacket on.
  9. joejoe

    Canada goose

    I tend to brine them a bit like the salt beef and that works well for pastrami or mince etc. Some times I casserole them in the slow cooker. That's the breast meat. I give the legs to my dog, he's a Labrador so will eat anything.
  10. Got a Austrian army surplus jacket with a gortex lining it seems to do the job. It's in plain green too. The German army jacket is uninsulated but brilliant in the rain.
  11. My subaru outback does about 44mpg average according to the trip computer. I mostly do short runs with a little motorway driving. On the motorway it will do about 55mpg. This a 2010 2.0l diesel. I have used it on rough roads but I have only had it a few weeks. The leather seats are nice.
  12. Although not technically a porter it's a "old English ale" theakson's old puculier takes some beating. There are lots of nice darker ales I'm not sure if it's still on but manchester winter beer festival had loads. I would recommend trying local breweries as they may so one, if not it's not a wasted trip as the other beers are probably good (only one way to find out).
  13. Get a Hetty (pink Henry). Just the same plus you have a good excuse not to do the hovering. Made in England too.
  14. I have just bought a Subaru outback with similar needs to your own. I can't comment on how it is yet as I have only collect it tomorrow. My focus only did around 33mpg.
  15. Well that is definitely food. I'll do my best. Just to say I haven't had any problems with him doing this in the last week. I have just been giving him a marrowbone as he gets in. He's not failed any recalls either. He has just stolen a load of salami I bought from one of the contintal markets. But that is my fault for leaving it in reach.
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