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  1. joejoe

    3” chambers for fowling?

    Ok I didn't know that it says 3.5mm on the cartridge I just had a look. 3.1mm on the 4's. Its a pitty they are green so you spend ages looking for the empties.
  2. joejoe

    3” chambers for fowling?

    I normally use Fiocchi 2 3/4" 35g in 2's and it works well. I would say better that the Lyalvale Express 3" 36g number 3's, but that might be the pattern as I don't suppose 1g of shot is going to make much difference. Again mostly Canada geese and ducks. Plus the chamber in my Winchester 1500 which I shoot the best with.
  3. joejoe

    Percussion rambouillet trousers

    I have a pair and used them all last season. They are great in the rain whilst out rough shooting on hill sides etc. I found them a little warm during dry weather. Not too heavy of socked through but dry quick anyway.
  4. joejoe

    E-mail ransom demand

    I would recommend you change your password. A different one for each site which I know is a bit of a pain. You can use encrypted password vaults like dashline or something. Funny enough I'm just doing a it security course (certificate in information security management). Dashlane (auto correct)
  5. joejoe

    Sky/free sat boxes

    I have a Freesat humlix had now about 4 years. It rewinds and pauses etc has Netflix and iPlayer. And you can click back though the TV guide and watch a program that you have missed on BBC &itv. No channel 4 HD and it doesn't have their playback too after it was taken off. But I would recommend it.
  6. I have used Fiocchi 35g 2 and 4 and they have been good. Not used the 32g yet. My only problem is the colour is green so are difficult to find after using a semi auto.
  7. Bushnell h20 are what I use for wildfowling. Well looking around at things when no geese or ducks are around.
  8. joejoe


    It took about 4 months for me, that was 2 years ago and when they had some problems in the department.
  9. joejoe

    Annoying TV Advertisements

    Maltesers adverts, seems like tokenism to me
  10. joejoe

    rugged phone

    I had a blackview bv6000 it meets all the requirements. I lost it last Wednesday on the beach but that wasn't the phones fault. Battery was great and it was bomb proof.
  11. joejoe

    Came home with a semi

    I have a Winchester 1500 European cost me £275 two years ago. Been a great gun, used it for clays, wildfowling and rough shooting. £50 is a steal.
  12. joejoe

    Petrol chainsaw

    I have 2, a ryobi rc4040ca which is **** and a craftsman 16" 36cc which I believe is made by poulan pro in the USA and is excellent for its size as a home user. It cost £30 second hand.
  13. Station garage 3A Station Rd, Rainhill, Prescot L35 0LL Might have them. Open Friday and Saturday.
  14. joejoe

    Windows 7

    Or if you get a new laptop with window 10 pro you can have downgrade rights. Like this https://www.ebuyer.com/737420-lenovo-thinkpad-l460-laptop-20fu0007uk
  15. joejoe

    Windows 7

    You may be able to use window 10 with Compatibility Mode. https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/set-compatibility-mode-windows-10