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  1. Fiocchi 35g are 70mm I have used the no2 quite a bit. they are supposed to be used in a steel proof gun, but that is your choice. I used them in a 3” chambered basque sxs and a 2 3/4” Winchester auto.
  2. I will confess I have put a metal snap cap in my Winchester semi auto and broke the extractor claw. I was seeing how to safely unload the gun as I wanted to familiarise myself before taking it out.
  3. My vet recommended not have my Labrador neutered for reasons highlighted above in the paper. She did recommend if I really wanted to is to trial the implant which I did. For the first 6 weeks I thought it did nothing but when it kicked in he is a lot calmer and no longer jumping on ever bitch he sees. Did make he’s balls smaller though. That was about 6 months ago so time will tell with him.
  4. Subaru Outback. Mine does 45mpg average with mostly small runs. Pretty comfy too.
  5. I keep a can of butcher tripe in my car for my lab, when we go rough shooting. I feed him when I have my soup.
  6. Are they better than the 70mm 35g steel? As they where £76 for a slab of 250 when I bought them in September. I can’t complain about them. Again if they work well it is worth it.
  7. I Saw one walking my dog in near Wigan yesterday morning.
  8. The Aldi ones are very good and cheap, I normally use that wildfowling. Got a rab one that’s a merino blend and not as warm but better for most of the winter when active.
  9. I will recommend skellerup quatro sports. A bit on the heavy side but good ankle support. Been great on hills rough shooting and on the marshes as they are warm. Not very stylish though.
  10. joejoe


    I got maxxis ap2 on my Subaru Outback. Fitted last October and I have done about 8k on them. They are ok for normal driving conditions and motorways etc. I made a point of testing them the one day I had snow last winter and I could get up my local hills and stop no problem. The treads is still ok after summer driving. And seem ok for £95 per tyre on 225/60/17. Much better than the cheap all season I had on my old Ford Focus I got from Asda tyres.
  11. I just bought some Saucony Gore-Tex trail running shoes from go outdoors for £60. They are comfortable but a little warm when running. Not a problem in colder weather. If it is particularly wet and muddy it’s better just to wear my non waterproof my inov8 as you feet get wet anyway as the shoe is only below the ankles.
  12. Perhaps he meant 10 kilometres. Plus the point was you don’t know where the bullet will land.
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