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  1. Also been wondering same. Got the gun out the cabinet for first time in over a year and went out for a practice at weekend to make sure I can still hit at least one in preparation for it.
  2. Thanks and hope you have a good time at shooting show.
  3. Excellent thanks hoping to get couple hours free this Sunday and have a nip down. Not had the shotgun out for a while so hopefully can hit at least one. Still best parking at the top this time of year?
  4. Where have you been going @Jacko3275?
  5. Does anyone know if they are still going on sundays?
  6. Excellent write up and pictures and memories you can both share forever.
  7. @Danger-Mouse Is Braithwell still going? Not been there for ages! Really need to get the gun back out might take a trip to ease back into it.
  8. Shame it won't be on this year but understand the reasoning. I haven't managed to get out and do any shooting for a couple of month now so was looking forward to getting out to get some practice in so I didn't totally show myself up at this years charity event but at least I got another year to practice now so no excuses. Orston would be a great venue for 2019
  9. Love these gun slips they are on my shopping list. Too much expense at the minute with moving house but once that's sorted I am going to be in touch.
  10. SFS... would be willing to take 400 for it.
  11. This is my gun. Any questions just let me know.
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