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  1. Also been wondering same. Got the gun out the cabinet for first time in over a year and went out for a practice at weekend to make sure I can still hit at least one in preparation for it.
  2. Thanks and hope you have a good time at shooting show.
  3. Excellent thanks hoping to get couple hours free this Sunday and have a nip down. Not had the shotgun out for a while so hopefully can hit at least one. Still best parking at the top this time of year?
  4. Where have you been going @Jacko3275?
  5. Does anyone know if they are still going on sundays?
  6. Excellent write up and pictures and memories you can both share forever.
  7. @Danger-Mouse Is Braithwell still going? Not been there for ages! Really need to get the gun back out might take a trip to ease back into it.
  8. Shame it won't be on this year but understand the reasoning. I haven't managed to get out and do any shooting for a couple of month now so was looking forward to getting out to get some practice in so I didn't totally show myself up at this years charity event but at least I got another year to practice now so no excuses. Orston would be a great venue for 2019
  9. Love these gun slips they are on my shopping list. Too much expense at the minute with moving house but once that's sorted I am going to be in touch.
  10. SFS... would be willing to take 400 for it.
  11. This is my gun. Any questions just let me know.
  12. Hi, Sorry had a long day yesterday when I posted so missed a few of the details. It's an f4 however I am looking to sell as a job lot for now. I may consider splitting in the near future.
  13. I am looking to sell all my camera equipment as its just sat around unused at the minute and its a real shame to see it in the camera bag not getting used. I have the following items in my bag: Canon 6D Canon 24-105 L Lens Canon 70-200 L Lens (Non IS) 50 Lens Yongnuo 568EX II Flash Yongnuo 560III Flash Yongnuo Wireless Flash Triggers YN622C-TX & 2x YN662C Lowpro Flipside 400AW backpack Multiple SD cards Multiple Camera Batters Lots of rechargeable AA batteries Over £2000 worth of gear in a ready to go bag perfect for someone wanting to upgrade their camera .
  14. My local shop has cartridges set at same price per slab no matter how many you buy. Think they also one of cheaper ones around at the minute plus it's only one minute down road so gets my custom.
  15. Emly moor... only been once but was a nice little shoot. Google should give you more details and shoot dates.
  16. They said it was 8 officers who shot off 50 rounds. To me that isn't many. They all decided to pull the trigger for a reason and I suspect it will be beacuse they saw what looked like suicide vests and will of had a fraction of a second to react as they most likely won't of complied with any request from the armed officers. If someone was coming at me with what looked like a suicide bomb strapped to them I would take as many shots as needed to protect myself / colleagues and members of public. I can't fault the police actions or response to this event and feel sorry for the armed officers
  17. Good Luck to the north today. Sorry can't make this year but I will be there next year adding zero points for the north.
  18. Which seeland did you get? They any good?
  19. Has anyone tried any of these clothing recently and can give any feedback?
  20. Haha I think you was distracted on Sunday.....
  21. Sounds like I could be missing a good one DM. If you go enjoy
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