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  1. Romes


    I have the .410 version, looks nice, feels solid and a good price, only time will tell i suppose.
  2. I would like to be, my Father was and used to shoot in competitions (local). The aim is to get my Section 1 in the next year so I can do target as well as clays. Will have a look now at " artillery hold " Thanks
  3. No scope on it, just iron sights but they are aligned properly now, was thinking about a scope but not sure it will take one without modification. Will be practicing first as stated above with paper targets, corks etc. There is wall all around my property with shrubs so no stray pellets I will try your suggestions and let you know how i get on, thank you.
  4. Thank you all for your input and advice, the rifle has been tested by my local gun shop and they say that its suitable for purpose. Domed pellets purchased as also recommended above. Now to get my eye in and once I feel i can achieve a clean kill..... bye bye bunny. Failing that i have a brand new over and under .410 by Kofs that will more than take care of the little blighters. Thanks again all
  5. The problem is leaving with just the one! 😂😂
  6. Thanks 243deer, I will see if my father is up for it too.... Hopefully the weather will be nice.
  7. I have a 3 seat leather sofa in good condition (one cushion has a repair patch). The leather is Brown and in good condition. Dimensions: 190cm (over 6ft) long, 86cm deep at bottom, 105cm at the top, 84cm high. Currently located in London (N8), free to a good home, needs to go asap though please. Smoke free home.
  8. Could you do £30 posted please?
  9. What's the chest measurements please?
  10. Romes


    What's the pit to pit length please?
  11. Agree and the longer they are open the more established it will get. They are still a newish ground. The range of stages is good and the ground has a lot more to give. It's my local ground as only 20 mins up the road, i will be there next Sat trying to hit clays
  12. It's not as nicely put together as high lodge but the stands are good. There is a ground at woolpit too, haven't been but heard some good things.... It's in my list to have a nosey round.
  13. I like this ground, good layout and various disciplines available although quite open so the wind cuts through the ground quite a bit. High Lodge is really nice, wooded, great stands etc and multiple clays on each (up to 7 on one), if you haven't tried it i would suggest going and having a look.
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