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  1. Young corncrakes imprint on the first night sky they see as "home", to which they will eventually return, so rearing and releasing them has to take account of this. There has been a programme on the Nene Washes but I don't know how successful they have been.
  2. So people can not identify with Keir Starmer as he reached the top of his profession. A quick google shows his background to be : skilled working class parents living in a semi, scholarship to Reigate Grammar, law degree at Leeds. Did a year at Oxford as a post-grad. Evidently not a man of the people like Johnson ! I don't understand but then I gave up caring about politics many years ago as it's like complaining about the weather.
  3. Be aware that some NE consents are for wildfowling "by traditional means" and that clubs might take a dim view of you doing something different. Probably best to check on this before making an investment.
  4. If it's pinkfeet you are after, then the Broads area is the place to be rather than further south.
  5. I think that there will be an answer to your question in a month or two Alan. We are at the start of the renewal window and a number of clubs have not yet even sent out the renewal letter (or email) to members.
  6. A while ago I lost the magazine spring from an AV (don't ask) and asked Riflecraft for help. I eventually got one and not expensive. Apparently they literally have to get someone to go through the parts bins at the old factory.
  7. Wildfowling is heading for real problems over the issue of consents by NE. Few of the folk on Council seem to be concerned, as they like senior BASC staff are more concerned with the difficulties of the game shooting industry. Electing Chris barker to Council might just move this matter up the list of priorities.
  8. A very capable and committed man. Please support him.
  9. Just realise, OP, that you could end up with an 80 lb Jack Russell with a bad attitude and a bad smell.........
  10. Eley Maximum were originally a heavy load in a 21/2" case : originally 11/4oz, later 13/16". Following the company's tradition, this "new" brand might be designated Hymax or Alphamax (longer brass). However Eley today can not even produce paper case Grand Prix in orange any more.
  11. Broadland fresh grazing marshes are messy places, but not as hazardous as tidal salt marshes. On some ungrazed salt marshes such as "the camp" on the Wash the dead vegetation can conceal deep narrow little gutters which you can plunge a leg into very easily when off the regular paths.
  12. On certain marshes you will be shouted at by folk a long distance off for using a torch at all - which is just daft. As you get older, night vision gets poorer and the consequences of tripping or falling get worse, so cautious use of a torch becomes more important. Some club risk assessments will recognise this.
  13. The legislation (WCA) is specific to birds : ".......it is an offence to use as a decoy to kill or take any wild bird, any sound recording......"
  14. Quote from "Fair Game" by Parkes and Thornley : Section 10 of the Protection of Animals Act 1911 and Section 9 of the Protection of Animals (Scotland) Act 1912 require that where spring traps are used, they should be inspected at reasonable intervals and at least once every day between sunrise and sunset. Failure to do so is an offence.
  15. Manish, it is I think 55 years since I first shot the marsh you refer to - i didn't have a dog then either. Just be sensible and crack on.
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