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  1. slaphead

    Brand New - 2018 Version ShotKam with WiFi

    Hi John, Sorry Ive only just seen this. All mine have now been sold but, the good news is that Shotkam now have an online shop specifically for the uk which means you wont pay any VAT or Duty on arrival even though it still ships from the USA. The online shop is found by CLICKING HERE and then scrolling to the bottom and clicking UK Online Store. That will then allow you to buy one for £595 delivered with no extra costs. Hope this helps pal. Cheers, Keith
  2. slaphead

    Delta or Minox

    I bought the Minox but I bought it from the USA where its much cheaper. Scopeslist I think I used.
  3. slaphead

    Shotkam 2018 model for sale

    Itll sell fast on ebay but they will skin you for 10% plus whatever paypal bums you for too ?
  4. slaphead

    Hushpower 12g Screw on Silencer

    Is it similar to the Atec A12? or a big tube looking thing like the rest of the hushpower type?
  5. slaphead

    Shotkam 2018

    Join this group on facebook and ask people who have them. https://www.facebook.com/groups/190793041566865/ Ive got one, found it invaluable. I went out a few weeks ago and lost the plot with my shooting, couldnt work out why I was missing so many so 2 days later I went out in the field with it strapped onto my semi auto and I must have shot something like 12 for 67 shots!! Got home, watched the footage and realised that I was shooting in front and over the top. What I also notice was that on every shot I was lifting the gun ever so slightly just before I took the shot (nobody would have noticed that if it wasnt for the footage) which was making me miss over the top. Went out again after with the info in mind and I was 7 birds for 8 shots. BTW. I sell them too and have a few remaining from a batch Ive just brought over from the US. PM me for info if you're interested.
  6. slaphead

    Brand New - 2018 Version ShotKam with WiFi

    Only 3 remaining now from this batch. If youre wanting one then dont leave it too long.
  7. slaphead

    Brand New - 2018 Version ShotKam with WiFi

    Probably but it wont make you look any better ??
  8. slaphead

    Brand New - 2018 Version ShotKam with WiFi

    Thanks for letting me know Glyn
  9. slaphead

    Brand New - 2018 Version ShotKam with WiFi

    Sorry lads, bloody hell... I thought Id put the price in there. I also thought Id set up for notifications on replies... I hate computers lol!!! I cant edit the main post to put it all in there either now unless a mod/admin can add it? They are brand fire new and £600 a unit Theres also a facebook group for people with them or considering them.. its all shotkam related and only just been started up: https://www.facebook.com/groups/190793041566865/
  10. This is a brand new 2018 ShotKam with WiFi Comes with a full 12 months manufacturers warranty which is transferable to you. Price is not negotiable. It is already at second hand UK prices. There are a few main points which you should be aware of. 1. The warranty is a manufacturers warranty which means that if chat/email support cannot fix the issue then you would be required to send the unit back to Shotkam in the USA which would probably cost around £15 and they will send it back to you at their cost. If you are outside the warranty period then you would need to pay for shipping both ways for a repair. 2. The battery in the Shotkam would probably require changing after 2-3 years use which would entail getting it back to Shotkam for them to change it. That said, Shotkam have said they expect to have a UK service centre in place by 2020 which would make the process faster. 3. I only accept payment by cash or bank transfer. You can use paypal if you wish but you would be responsible for any fees incurred unless you use friends and family feature. 4. The cameras come with a 12 Ga Over Under/Semi Auto mount as standard. 410 Ga, 20 Ga mounts and 12 Ga SxS mounts are available. price is £600 per unit. New not used
  11. slaphead


    Price Drop £500 Collected or plus post
  12. slaphead

    Brand New - 2018 Version ShotKam

    Hi, Im in Burnley but work in Darwen
  13. I bought 4 ShotKams from the US to get a better price (although I still paid VAT and DUTY). I have kept one myself and 2 others have been sold on via facebook marketplace leaving just this one left. Someone else has just sold one on ebay for £600 plus £15 post for a USED one. You can see why I bought 4 eh Its £562 posted. Bank transfer pref. Postage is Royal Mail Special Delivery unless you want to collect it then its £550 flat! Any takers?