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  1. A pal of mine is looking for a 20g SxS shotgun with approx 14.5" LOP Single trigger would be nice but for the amount he wants to spend it isn't essential. Pre-requisite is that it must be cheap
  2. I have a rottie and he likes to lie about. My lab has endless energy and the rottie might join in for 5 mins but he prefers the slow road They like to lean on you... People cross the road pre-judging the nature of this breed but hes a big softie however also very intelligent so are a pleasure to train but you ave to make sure youre the boss or it may well try for the position and thats never a good thing. Would I have another... without a doubt. Got mine as a rescue and he is cheeky at times but awesome.. he even retrieved a rabbit and brought it back to me lol
  3. My mate has gone through 2 of those lightweight ones and they burnt out very fast.. Not even lasting more than 2 outings. So he has swapped model now to the "pigtele" version from A1 and had no problems yet... My "pigtele" one has been fine too.
  4. Neck shots... Boiler room shots all fine by me.. Head shots on the other hand... not for me thanks..
  5. Started my shotgun shooting on clays 18 months ago and got ok at them with my best result being a 75/100 on a cpsa registered shoot and getting 2nd place and £40 prize money. Also managed a few trophies from a local shoot mainly 2nd places with an odd 1st here of there. Then I spent a few months shooting pigeons... Couldn't hit them at first, nothing like clays then I got ok on them.. Went back to clay shooting a couple of weeks ago and my form had dropped and up until today I had no idea what had gone wrong. I was struggling with what used to be easy targets for me. I booked a lesson at a local(ish) clay ground with John Hall (Lancashire) and straight away he had me hitting clays that I was nowhere near the past couple of weeks. He corrected my stance, hand position on fore-end, target acquisition and gun placement amongst other things. £70 and 108 clays thrown out and now I know where I was going wrong... Couldn't seem to correct it myself by just going shooting... best money I've spent in a while. Hopefully I can make it back in prize money in the coming months.. Onwards & Upwards!
  6. Quick question. If you bought a hide net would you expect it to have loops for attaching to the poles?
  7. I bought some Hermes digital moulded earplugs from Mercury Hearing at a shooting show. http://www.mercuryhearing.com/products/shooting-ear-plugs/ I like them.. the only b@ll@che was the 6 weeks wait for them to arrive. They were up for £375 a set but a bit of bartering got it down to 350 and a set of motorsport plugs for my motorbike which should have been 95 a set so all in all it was a decent deal. My 2 mates got them too and as I pestered them the most I got delivery first. They are always at shows so getting in touch on the phone isn't the easiest probably because they are always at shows and family business means they are all there I bet but I found facebook messenger got a fast reply. Ears never stop growing until you're dead (or they have been cut off haha) so if after a few years they become slack all you need to do is get them to make more moulds and you can reuse the electronics they you already have! I like em anyway but I didn't like the wait.
  8. After I posted that I had another look around and found the matching pants for £135 on their website which went for even less with the discount code for a first purchase from the site. A bit of a gamble on some weird european sizing for short legged people found a 100 euro size being a perfect fit. A great guess on fit. Everything arrived this morning in the post in perfect condition. Great service on products they certainly cannot have made any profit on at all... 10/10 Bushwear!!! Well recomended!
  9. I went out to my local outdoors shop on Saturday for a new jacket since I got my last one ripped up climbing a fence (I wont be doing that again) and spotted a Harkila Pro Hunter jacket which I have seen so many rave reviews about but at £389 it was beyond me so I settled for a £69.99 Seeland one which had been reduced from £129 Got home and have a shifty look about on the net and found that bushwear had some on ebay and one of them didnt have a size against it (some were £419 and others were £232.20). It was one of the lower priced ones that didnt have a size in the title so I took a cheeky chance and clicked buy it now on it and then sent a message saying that I wanted a size 50 (which on their website was showing as £419) and woke up this morning to a despatch email saying they had made the changes as per my request and that my jacket had been despatched... One happy bunny (something you dont see too much of on here because they have mainly been shot ).
  10. Best advice I can give is to get some shooting close by where you live if at all possible. I've tried this "2 hours drive" thing for pigeon and what I have learned is that you need to be looking at the fields on a regular basis to know where the pigeon are or its simply hit and miss. Theres nothing more frustrating than going on a 2 hour drive and almost blanking because you live too far away to do regular recon then face a 2 hour drive back.
  11. Late at night for me... When its as dark as it gets..
  12. Weve got a 2006 3.0 Touareg and I considered the V10 because it pulled a plane on 5th gear... however, I decided Id never really want to tow a passenger jet so opted for the smaller engine... In reality though, I saw the workshop time for changing the turbo should it go and decided I didn't need to have an expense like that. The touareg is comfy and has all the bells but I leave it for the missus purely because I must be wrong in the head and prefer the raw'ness of my defender which I tend to do about 20k a year with
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